Akosha.com is now helpchat: Ultimate way to solve any Complaints Online


No Doubt akosha.com is one of the best online business forums to solve consumer complaint. I am so excited to share such a useful website to you. Before I start a brief review here you may like check out some of awesome fact that make akosha.com tremendous to both consumer and business owner.

  1. You can make any online complaints and lets akosha.com Handel this for you.
  2. You can get live chat support against your problem.
  3. Add a topic to akosha.com’s discussing forum and get expert advice.
  4. Consumer tadka , This one is my favourite you can get latest update on consumer related issue.
  5. Thousands of review from different product and service from all over the India.
  6. If you are business owner you add your company profile here and resolve all complaints against your bran and get 5 start reviews. I believe it’s defiantly helping you to sales increment and consumer satisfaction.

How akosha.com work?

Akosha is an online platform to resolve your online complaints. We all know now days submitting any complaints and get resolved not an easy task. Well, Akosha has everything that helps you to raised online complaints. If you have any complaints that not yet resolved by your service provider like – banks, shopping website, mobile or DTH recharge you can use Akosha.com to get resolved quickly.

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Akosha helpchat awesome apps for phone:

Akosha is now helpchat, personal assistant apps that help more things to done. You can download their apps from android phone and install akosha helpchat into your phone. Its work like a virtual assistant and you can asked any consumer complaints related query here. Everything will be free any you can make live chat to their consumer forum executive directly.

My experience with akosha.com?

Few days back I have a problem with ICICI Bank internet banking, surprisingly I found Rs- 3699 missing from my account without my notice. I submit complaints on bank and still after 3 days I don’t find any resolved. So what I try to do, Search for any way to get back my money that wrongly debited from my account. I found akosha.com, and contact them to resolved my problem. Akosha asked to send all related document scan copy with bank mini statement. After sending all those document its take 2 more days to credit my lost fund again into my ICICI bank account. akosha.com demand that they are now solving 70% of their complaints and almost 1958 plus query are answer each day. Also you can check the gross amount that akosha save by solving ton of complaints online.

Can I use akosha.com to solved Online Jobs scam problem?

After solving my ICICI bank problem I give a try to solved online jobs scam problem by akosha.com , I call them and told them everything about how online jobs scam happen! How people lost money here etc. They asked me to subscribe for a gold account in akosha.com. I thought it will be a good punishment for online jobs scammer, but this time akosha.com is failed. I make complaints against bharatonlinework.com that is big scammer on internet in the name of online jobs. But the send me some interesting fact that my complaints could not be processed against bharatonlinejobs.com , first there is some dangers term of service in almost every online jobs provider company. So we can’t do anything as there is so much foundation of term and condition. Most of the online jobs put such a term and conduction like there is no granted of your earning ,as usual people failed to read and understand their term and after losing money their

Final word: I am a great fan of Akosha help chat I use 3-5 time in day and make my clarification into their helpchat, the customer executive are too friendly that sometime I thought I talk to a lower friend. Akosha You guys going to be rocks in India.

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    Dear team i rupesh Sharma faced cooling issue in my samsung double door refrigerator in last month as i launched a complaint and engineer visited my place and refilled the gas bt i faced the same issue with in next 3 days as I launched a complaint again then engineer visited my place and advise me that there is gas issue again as they will send some to refill the gas again, but no body’s turned up as now, even i made a call to customer care sarval of times but no action taken as of now and my complaint still open since last month as i request you to take necessary action.

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