17 Useful Tips to Avoid Credit Card Fraud in your online life! Criminal Cry after Reading This


In my previous Article I told about how my father lost Rs-40,000 on Credit card fraud. Hope you learn a lot of think on “How does a Credit Card Fraud happen in India?” I promise to share couple of Tips to Avoid Credit Card Fraud in India. So here we go…

17 Smart Tips to Avoid Credit Card fraud Online:

Check https:// before use your Credit Card:


Are you an online User? I too, well make sure that all payment through Credit card or debit card is in secure environment. Always look for https:// here “S” stand for secure line. Also make sure you are making payment on SSL line, you can see a green tab with SSL line information. Also you can see and lock Symbol that’s means the line is locked from other insecure http lines.

Phishing mails:


Criminal try to theft your sensitive information like bank account details , credit card related information or any secure information like Username , password , call in PIN etc. They send email that looks like so professional and most of the time they use Deferent bank name to distract your attention. Remember don’t reply on any email that asking sensitive information. Double sure it by visiting your bank or credit card service provider. Most of the bank never sends any email to their client or asking any sensitive information from their client.

Verified by Visa:

After unpacking your Credit card first secure it by registering your card on verified by visa service. Its help you to protect credit card fraud by adding a double layer of security.

Here is the link and all other instruction on how to make your credit card Verified by Visa:

Look Interesting? know more on Verified by Visa Service?

Use OTP Password:

Always asked your Bank or credit card provider to add another security layer of OTP password. While you make any online transaction a One Time Password will be Generated by Credit card provider and send your register mobile number. Without providing any OTP no online transaction will be happen.

Active Mobile and Email Alert:

Are you in habit of changing your active mobile number and email address very often? Stop your habit and always use a unique number to avoid your credit card data sharing to other. If you need to change your mobile number or email address you first inform it to your credit card provider. Else your OTP password or important email will be lost.

Security certificates on the payment gateways sites:

Check Security certificates on the payment gateways sites. You can see a green bar before URL and lock symbol.

Virtual credit card instead of real credit card:

If possible use Virtual credit card instead of real credit card. This type of card cant me compromised or cracked. After making any payment all data like card number , card Pin , password will be deleted and nothing to wary if someone manage to save your Virtual credit card information. Many online blogger make payment in unsecure environment I think it’s best to protect from Credit card fraud.

Never set Auto payment option:

Some of websites has Auto payment option. Some lazy people forgot to renew their order or pay bills, so they are very comfortable to set auto payment. But it’s too dangers if any problem detect on billing cycle or service provider may charge you extra without period notice.

Two level authentication for online transactions:

Use two level authentication for online transactions. Request your bank to provider security code and PIN code to protect illegal use of your card.

Issuance of EMV Chip & PIN enabled Credit Cards:

Some of Credit card provider offer EMV clip and PIN to make any transaction. It’s pretty good to secure your Credit card from Criminal. I recommend you to always use credit card from a standard provider with EMV Chip & PIN enabled feature.

Data Security standards for POS Terminals:

POS Equipment can be used to stolen your credit card information. So keep your eye on while using any POS Terminals. You can get a full case study on Data Security standards for POS Terminals. Also beware from Credit Card Skimmer while you shopping.

Never Store Credit Card information online:

Some websites or payment get offer to store your card information online. Next time you don’t need to type it again. I recommend you don’t trust anyone by offering an opportunity for illegal use of your card information. Next time if any website offer to save your data Simple say “NO” them!

Avoid International Transactions, Avoid Credit Card Fraud:

Some of international transaction may not be secure for your credit card. Try to avoid them , if not possible then use Virtual Credit card.

RL in Browser:

Recently Google Change many thing in Google chrome browser. Most of the people love to use Google chrome and it has more security than others. So try to make a habit to use Google chrome every day.

Reputed SSL Seals & Trust Seals:

Ready to make payment? See Reputed SSL Seals and Trust Seals websites before process to your Password. You can search for review of any website for recent credit card fraud issue or any complaints.

Use of Credit Card on Public Computer:

Are you traveling too much? Did you have habit to using public computer for online transaction? Stop this habit right now. Look, public computer are not save, after using it your history are accessible to everyone. Try to carry your laptop while traveling or use your own PC while making any online transaction through credit card.

Credit Card payment through Mobile / Mobile Apps:

If you using tablets or mobile phone for online transaction they you can use those app are provided from your bank only. Some of third party app are now available to make online payment but I recommend you to not use them. Contact your branch for user guide to access apps.

That it for now … Hope you fill improved on how to Avoid Credit Card Fraud in India. We limited our article for only online transaction tips. But there is lots of possibility of Credit card fraud in offline life transaction. You Can read How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud in your offline life.

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