7 best internet security software to protect your Online Life


How much time did you spend online? Almost 3-10 Hours! But did you think about Internet security? Each day we are sharing dozens of data over internet. But we are very careless to be securing in online. I use Internet 12 hours per day and since last 5 year I have no issue or any security beach into my laptop and home PC. So today I am going to share some useful tips and best Internet securely suites that help your to avoid any type of viruses, malware or other security attack. Let me explain…

List of 7 best internet security software for your PC:

Kaspersky Internet Security:

As we all know after 2009 Internet security takes place of antivirus. In my IT career I use various PC Antivirus and found Kaspersky has best performance rate. You can easily purchase Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet Security for virus protection into your PC. As we spend a lot of time online so it’s recommended to buy Kaspersky Internet Security which came with everything to protect your digital life online. With Kaspersky Internet security you can protect your PC from Anti-spyware, anti-spam anti-rootkit, anti-banner, two way firewall, webcam protection, Wi-Fi- security protection and many more. Hopefully Kaspersky Internet Security protect your digital life from any type of network base attract with antivirus protection.

Malware bytes Anti malware:

We can’t risk our digital life isn’t it? If you carrying sensitive data like credit card information, bank transaction or sever data then malware bytes will be a strong choice to protect your PC from malware attach by blocking malicious websites while you are accessing browser.

Download a Free Trail From Here

USB Disk Security:

Who doesn’t use USB Flash Drive? But it’s too risky while you are using any untrusted USB Drive for data transfer. Some Trojan and Auto run group virus attack your NTFS and FAT Files system by escaping Antivirus or Internet security scanner. These types of Program slow your system and crash your file system. It’s may cause loss of data from your hard drive. Well the smartest solution is USB Disk Security. It’s not an Antivirus but sometime more than an Antivirus.

Download USB Disk Security (Paid)

Microsoft security essentials:

If you looking for an additionally Antivirus program into your PC, I recommend you to use Microsoft security essentials. It’s a Free Tools from Microsoft Corporation specially designed for New Generation Windows Protection. It’s a best guard for your Windows operating system against viruses and other malware. As we all know you installing more than one antivirus program is not a good habit, so don’t worry Microsoft security essentials never slow your PC or you don’t need to install it. Just download Microsoft security essentials and run files. It start scanning your Pc without be installed into hard drive. Even some of old user who currently using Microsoft windows XP or 7 also welcomed by Microsoft corporation to use them.

Download Microsoft security essentials Now

best internet security software to protect your Online Life

Dr Web cure it:

It’s a similar tools like Microsoft security essentials. Dr Web has both Cure it PC virus scanner of Home user and Business user. You can use cure it as a Home User on Free. Only you have to download it from Dr Web Website by registering your email address. It does not require install it into your PC. Just run and enjoy scanning your PC for viruses and other malware. More over to level up your PC security I recommend to download this free virus scanner once a month and run full system scan.

Download Dr Web Cure it~!

Auto Run remover:

Its help you stop and program or device to run automatic. Some of Trojan has programmed to destroy your computer by accessing your NTFS and FAT Files system. After plugin any Flash drive to untrusted apps Trojan attacks Internet security and stop them to start quick or advance scan. In the Meantime your PC may be infected. So you can add an extra protection by installing Auto Run remover. This program is free on Internet and very help full than a regular Antivirus or Internet security.

Download AutoRun remover.



I don’t like any third party Firewall into my PC instead of I use default firewall by Microsoft windows. It’s enough, strong and its work to block unrequested incoming connections. If you don’t use windows Server then forget to buy an advance firewall from market. What I advise configure your Firewall into smart way.

That’s it for now! Hope your PC is now safe from any Internet trade. I pen down the most used Internet security software. Most of the people vote it as a best internet security software combination. What do think about it? Let me know in comment section.

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