20 Awesome Blog Niche to Getting Started a Profitable Blog


Thinking to start blogging? Searching the best niche for your blog? Then this post is for you.

Although there are scores of hot topics to start a blog with, but experts would always advise to select the most comfortable and interesting topic. Selecting a niche for blogging differs from person to person as each individual has different interest and passion. However, most to-be bloggers find the niche of their interest among the top 20 most popular topics for blogging.

Best 20 Awesome Blog Niche to Getting Started today:

Here I am going to show you some of best Blog Niche for your profitable blog , hope you will find your desired niche. in the the end of each topic i have add some of sample for check how much success is waiting for you in future.

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1. Technology:


This is one of the best niche and among the most popular topics for bloggers. No doubt, our society has become too technology-oriented. Also new technologies are coming up day-by-day. For a blogger to write on technologies is easy as there are no dearth of products on technology. A tech-blog may contain anything from a new Android update, PHP programs, WordPress widgets to the Mars mission of NASA or self-driven cars by Google. However, there is a lot of competition as well as lots of visitors on this niche.

The top tech-blogs which eat-up most of the competitions are:

techcrunch.com     huffingtonpost.com     mashable.com/tech     theverge.com      wired.com

arstechnica.com       labnol.org       makeuseof.com      techspot.com      lifehacker.com

askvg.com  chandoo.org

2. Blogging:

Awesome blog-niche by scamdesk


Writing blogs on blogging may sound ironical but is a hit among bloggers. Even new bloggers, who are themselves learning to blog are writing posts on “Blogging tips for beginners.”

As the number of bloggers are increasing day-by-day, therefore blogging is a pretty good niche for blogging. (Ironical..!)

Some of the reputed blogs on blogging are:

problogger.net              shoutmeloud.com               copyblogger.com              johnchow.com

dailyblogtips.com          bloggingpro.com

3. Gadgets:


Writing a blog on gadgets and maintaining it is not as easy as it may seem. A gadget blogger needs to update his/her blog at least once in a day to beat the competition. Gadgets may include Mobile phones, Tablets, Computers, Laptops, Peripherals, Smart watches and a wide variety of other products. Quite a large number of gadgets are getting released each week. Therefore, keeping in touch with all the new releases would be a challenge to those who have selected gadgets as their niche for blogging.

A large number of traffic follows this niche of blogging. The main blogs on gadgets differ from country to country. Here is a list of few of them:

engadget.com            gizmodo.com            techcrunch.com/gadgets           slashgear.com

gizmag.com              technologytell.com           ubergizmo.com              geeky-gadgets.com


4. Science:


Science can be a very hot topic to write a blog on as it gets quite a good number of searches as compared to the moderate number of quality blogs we are having on it.

Articles for this niche can be anything from the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), Big Bang Theory, ISS to updates on new vaccines and scientific researches. These are some good blogs on science, which can be followed by a new blogger choosing Science as a niche:

popsci.com             realclearscience.com              scienceblogs.com

5. Health:


No doubt, this niche is one of the most successful for blogging. It can include a wide range of topics including body-building, pregnancy, hair-fall, child-care, skin-care, etc. Health blogs are often very helpful in real life and a large number of people follows them for getting tit-bits on specific issues, knowing symptoms of diseases, home-made remedies, preventives to be taken, etc. Writing a health blog is very beneficial, as in the process the blogger accumulates huge knowledge on health, fitness, diseases, etc which proves to be very useful in his/her real-life.

The most successful health blogs are:

zenhabits.net               everydayhealth.com                 time.com/health               blisstree.com

medicalnewstoday.com                prevention.com

 6. Automobiles:


People who have enthusiasm and interest for Cars, bikes etc, can write a blog on automobiles. To maintain a blog on automobile, frequent updating with new posts is required. Automobile blogs can be separately a car blog. a bike blog or both. Each month some new automobiles are getting added to the industry, which needs to be tracked and updated. Also an automobile blog can write reviews, compare different vehicles, give ratings etc.

The top automobile blogs to get inspired from are:

autoblog.com           jalopnik.com         blogs.cars.com        thetruthaboutcars.com

indianautosblog.com           carblogindia.com

7. Jobs & Career:


A blog on jobs is really a helpful niche to write on. It may include various on-going recruitment process along with application details, number of vacancies, company profile, etc. Job blogs are always in demand as unemployed and freshers frequently visit these sites. Also employees of various companies are in search of switching their jobs for better remuneration, experience, perks, job role and working conditions.

A blog on job is something which needs to be updated with new vacancies, maybe multiple times a day. Here are a few top blogs on job:

sarkarinaukriblog.com           bankexamsindia.com          jagranjosh.com

8. Education:


This niche can be safely considered among the top 20 topics to write a blog on. There comes a time in everyone’s life when a proper guidance is required while opting for higher studies, selecting colleges and courses. Informative blogs on education fills this void. These days almost all the youngsters search over the internet for information on colleges and their courses, fee structure, placement scenario, admission procedure, etc. Whether you are taking the GMAT, SAT, GRE or any other tests, one needs the materials, tips & tricks for clearing them. This is where blogs on education comes to help.

The top blogs on education are:

9. Travel blogs:


If you love to travel and have an inclination for writing, then ‘travelling’ would be an appropriate niche for your blog. There are very few travel writers in the market. Travel blogs prove to be helpful to those who are planning for a trip. Travel blogs may provide valuable insights on a particular tourist attraction, hotels nearby it, means of transportation, availability of guides, etc. Bloggers willing to take ‘travelling’ as their niche for blogging, must be travelers themselves. A  blog on traveling should look beautiful and rich with quality original pictures. Travel bloggers must try to indulge writing their own experiences rather than copying anyone else’s.

The following are some good travel blogs doing rounds on the internet:

gadling.com            travelpod.com

10. Sports:


Sports blog are entertaining and informative blogs which can sometimes earn very good revenue on peak seasons like the FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon, T-20, IPL, etc. People interested in sports may choose this whole big topic as their niche or may be specific to a particular sport like Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, etc.

The top inspirational sports blog are:

sportingnews.com           grantland.com            deadspin.com

11). Politics:


Surprisingly, these days more and more people are choosing politics as their niche. Politics is no more a subject and has become more open, participative and interesting even for the young generation. People have started involving themselves and showing interest in the day-to-day running of their government and political figures of their country. It is just the right time to start a blog on politics. A blog on politics may include  a wide area of subjects varying from international relations, defence set-up, home affairs, delegations and meetings, speeches by public figures, etc. A blog on politics is almost a news blog and is difficult to keep updated for a solo blogger. Politics blog have huge potential to attract traffic and generate revenue if a group of people works on the same blog. Top politics blogs are:


12). Movies and celebrities:


Entertainment is one of the top priorities for everyone these days. Often, people search for reviews and celebrity news. A blog on movies and celebrities is a good idea as writing articles on this topic would be fun and entertaining. The top movies and celebrities blogs are:

13). Humour:


This niche is a new entrant among hot topics for blogging. Viral jokes and fun pics/videos are bringing success to their creator within very short time with the help of social media. Therefore, a blog on such humorous and funny pictures, videos, one-liners, etc has great potential to attract traffic. The top blogs which have selected humour to be its theme for blogging are:

14). Finance:


It is true that “money attracts money”. Therefore, that blog would be very successful which can provide appropriate and detailed information on investments, tax-filing, shares, mutual funds, credit cards, etc. There are a very few bloggers who would write on this niche as it requires in-depth knowledge of markets, currencies, personal finance, etc. Experts and specialists on finance are expected to fare well with this niche of blogging.

Some top blogs on this niche are:

15). Fashion & Lifestyle:


If you are a fashionista in your own eyes, wait eagerly for the latest edition of your lifestyle magazine, laugh alone at weird dressing sense of others, then its time for you to start writing a blog on Fashion & Lifestyle. A niche on fashion and lifestyle may further contain micro-niche like hairdressing, manicure/pedicure, footwear, jewelleries, beauty-tips, personality development, etc.

The top blogs on fashion and lifestyle includes:

16). Food & Cooking:


Writing a blog on food & cooking can be comfortable to those who love to eat, cook and are in search of new dishes and cuisines. Sharing and collecting recipes forms a major chunk of a food blog. Food blogs turn out to be very helpful to newbie cooks who search the internet for help. The major food blogs are:

17). Family & Relationships:


There are a very few blogs on this niche. Therefore, it can be profitable to write some quality content on this niche, as the competition for this is quite low. An ideal blog on Family & Relationship may contain tips on parenting, love, behaviour, happiness, time-management, love-making, gift ideas and a variety of other domains. A few good blogs on family and relationships are:

18). Sex:

This niche may be included as a micro-niche under Health & Fitness. But, it would be better if a blogger can dedicate a whole blog to the topic. Writing a separate blog on Sex is advised because there are too many traffic on this niche desperately searching the internet to resolve their personal issues. A blog on sex should be very informative and to-the-point. It can include topics like premature ejaculation, menstrual problems, love-making tips, lasting longer on bed, etc. The top blogs on sex are:

19). Astrology:


This is such a niche which can be approached through experts or astrologers. This niche for blogging is gaining momentum and more people are writing such blogs. The competition is low and traffic are moderate who search for their sunshine, zodiac, numerology, etc. A blog on astrology can be written and maintained after remaining in consultation with an astrologer. Top blogs on astrology are:

20). Gardening/Farming:



This niche of blogging has low traffic and negligible competition. But blogs on gardening/farming has good potential in the coming future as more and more agricultural country would get proper internet connectivity. A gardening blog today can bring a good amount of traffic in a couple of years and can contribute in online revenue generation.

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