10 Reason why I hate BSNL Broadband Service?


Cable is breakdown, the remote computer does not respond, error loading page, connecting time out, download failed, this are the common term of a BSNL broadband user! One of the largest Government Internet service providers of India is now staring killing their own service for some old uncle age employee! At a time BSNL Internet Service is the only way that we could enjoy high speed internet service. Now Reliance and TATA photon plus win people heart by offering more than excellent service! Few days back I am a regular BSNL broadband customer but there is at most 10 reasons to buy a new TATA photon plus for my work and finally I surrender/Quite my 7 year old BSNL Land line service.

1. I have big people with BSNL Employee:

I really, really hates those guys working in BSNL , There is lot of uncle and most of the are unprofessional and untrained for Problem troubleshooting. Whenever I see my BSNL Broadband is down, I try to call those uncle and 99% time they not answer my phone or asked me to submit an application. Well it’s a log process as I don’t have any printer into my home. My 1 days was wasted for submit a fault booking. After than its take 2 more day to start inspection by local exchange and finally its take 3-5 days to resolved any fault in broadband service. Each month I have to make at list 2 complaint and I can’t use internet for 5-8 days per month. There is no billing consider for that. Most of the old BSNL employee visit their subscriber home/office not to resolve their problem but to having some free food and coffee.

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10 Reason why I hate BSNL Broadband Service

2. Asking tips each time:

Each time BSNL line man asked tips for tea bills. This is ridiculers man. BSNL waste millions of money into broadband service but I don’t why the line man is still poor handed.

3. 5 days off each month:

Think how much money you have loss if your internet off for 5 days of every month. Almost We have to pay 2 month bill extra without using internet in a year. I asked many time to BSNL Authority uncle to give me some bills rebate but it’s like asking something to the Woolf.

4. Page loading slow:

What BSNL tries to hide with their broadband subscriber? Is it low bandwidth problem into their server? Everyone facing “Page lading slow” problem with BSNL broadband. When they promised to allow committed of excellent speed then why they are not fixing their server issue to ensure maximum speed as per traffic plan.

5. Cable is breakdown:

Almost in every city BSNL broadband cable are breakdown numbers of time. As it’s a government property so no one take any responsible to take care of this valuable resource of our internet connection. The central govt employee should be more concuss about their duty.


6. Download failed:

Did you face this “Download failed, Try again! I don’t know why BSNL broadband not so comfortable with larges files download. Lots of people like me need some time to download larges sized files, so it’s so unpredictable when people failed to download desired files. I need backups of my websites data so I used some plug in to download everything from my hosting account. Still I never get any success from BSNL but after using TATA Photon plus I download my entire server data (660MB) in half an hour.

7. No Phone support in BSNL Broadband Service:

Think suddenly your BSNL broadband is down and you don’t have any phone support to resolve your problem. Either you need to go BSNL old uncle and wait for 2-3 days to expecting someone for troubleshot.

8. Too much Link failures in BSNL Broadband Service:

For 24 hours of internet service I measure 10-15 times links failure and get disconnected. Its does not affect too much but its slow down your working speed.

9. BSNL Broadband Customer Service missing:

Is 1501 death? I can’t connect my phone call here if any one let me in comment section!

10. Self-care Online Complaint service down:

selfcare.sdc.bsnl.co.in Check Self-care (service are showing Error: 503 Service Unavailable )

Do you know BSNL introduce online Self-care service to manage your account. You can download bills , change plan, view usages and raised a BSNL Broadband Complaint Online to get resolved, Very funny , My question is if my BSNL broadband service is down they how can I raised my complaints online into self-care? Well, let’s take help from friend Internet and raised my complaints. Its alert me that the complaints will be get resolved within 72 hours but they are not responding even its 7 days post.

So how you manage to migrate from BSNL to other 3G service provider. Let me know if you similar complaints against BSNL broadband? Comment below!

9 thoughts on “10 Reason why I hate BSNL Broadband Service?”

  1. That is nothing. They have created much bigger problem. Now a days, instead of connecting the user to internet, they send them first to their scam site http://www.mail.bsnl.in. Only after this they allow user to proceed. They do this often, some time back to back URL request. In the process, they have completely spoiled what litte service they used to provide. The page http://www.mail.bsnl.in is a web mail service for BSNL broadband users. But, this is actually done using a private company product. This in itself a scam which should be exposed.

    1. Such a poor service by BSNL , I have now TATA photon plus and i Stop useing BSNL for for 3 month. I request everyone to complaints against this auto redirection. We all paid so much money to see our desired web page. Every one hates see ton of ads on mail.bsnl.in , I have suggesction that why not use ads blocker and block those ads, Also you can add http://www.mail.bnsl.in to your host file in your computer. the Next time its will blog automatically. Good luck with BSNL.

  2. bsnl is one of worst service provider in india. I have been using this service for 5 years because of no other broadband service provider in our area.
    now i quit their bsnl service due to very low speed,sometimes in my modem internet indicate redlight for 30 mini’s, periodically they redirect to bsnl mail page. Now i use airtel 3g service on my mobile.

    I requested to bsnl ,pls disconnect my broadband connection.But they did not respond to my request. after this , i send request to bsnl high auth’ties. no reply yet. Bsnl staff’s reveals unproffessional attitude.that is why they are in 10000 cr loss.

  3. During 1975 to 1980 and some more years P&T department absorbed employees who has passed with distinction (say 95% marks and more ). Then P&T becomes two divisions one postal and another telephones. All the employees are now 55 to 60 years of age. BSNL tries to send them out but they comfortably stitched to their seats. Management goes to extreme by giving promotion and send them to other states. Some people as they cannot eat puttu in kerala and chappaththi in karnataka and andhra come out. Still the staff are in excess. One reason for the loss.

  4. Such a worst network and pathetic customer care service. I took BSNL connection as a part of my patriotism and the result is waste of time (lots of) and money . They dont value our time.

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