How to start captcha typing jobs Business to earn 50K/monthly

Since after working in a captcha typing jobs the payment is worst but it has been a good idea if you can utilize you’re your earning by starting a  captcha typing jobs as well as begaining your first step to start a genuine work from jobs provider company in India. So let’s read and I will drive you the systematic procedure.

What is online captcha typing jobs?

There is a vast requirement for solving the captcha. So on worlds wide thousands of people are now inviting to doing online captcha typing jobs. The work is vast simple and everyone has few experience to do this. Take an example – when we create a new email account google asked you to prove you are human beining and you have been asked to resolve a captcha as like below picture. This the job fundamental when you will be paid for solving 1000-2000 captcha (Don’t worry we have software to make it happen faster)

How much profit can you earn by staring your own captcha typing jobs business?

Earning money by doing captcha entry jobs individually is not so easy task. Somehow people can manage 2000-3000 INR in the month after doing a lot of hard work. So instead of this, you be relux by starting your own captcha business. And Guess what if you can generate a sales lead of 3-5 member each day you would earn 50K-100K per month. Ultimately a way to get set and relax life.

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Online-Captcha-Typing-Jobs-Business in India

The requirement to start captcha typing jobs business in India?

  1. A Websites for New customer Management and information exchange.
  2. Live Chat support and email and phone support set up.
  3. LLP or Private Limited Registration for company/farm(MCA registration)
  4. Trade Licence & ISO Certificate.
  5. Trade mark registration.
  6. Brand name, Brand value and Brand marketing with press relise.
  7. Captcha software Multiuser on proxy base.
  8. net application licence.
  9. Office set up with 3-5 PC.
  10. Customer Support team Ste up.
  11. Marketing Tools.
  12. Email Marketing.
  13. SMS Marketing.
  14. Good SEO for organic Traffic.

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How to start setting up your captcha typing jobs business with in 7 days?

Create your websites:

You need a website first, let’s create it by yourself using wordpress (How to Create a website using wordpress) or hire someone to designee an awesome looking website with in 10K bugdets. This website will be your platform to manage all your new customer inquiry and support service. People will search for your website in order to get an inquiry on captcha job and join to your website.

Creata a member portal:

pixprofit and kolotibablo are the captcha servers from which we get captchas flow. So register you company id to pixprofit and kolotibablo and once you get your captcha server id connect it to your server using a proxy. Make sure your member portal being used as a middle object between your members and pixprofit and kolotibablo captchas flow server. (This part is so complicated, I will update a new article about how to use pixprofit and kolotibablo captchas flow into your own website using proxy server or API. But for now better to take help from a website developer engineer.)


Don’t forget about support:

See, your business will be standing along if you have awesome support for you customer. I have seen there is so many India website offering such captcha typing jobs but the support quality is really poor and sucks. So be careful with your support system. Use Proper phone number for customer telephonic inquiry. Use live chat support and email support interaction into your website.

LLP or Private Limited Registration for company/farm(MCA registration):

In India, you must have to register your business and farm name in MCA. We understand you have limited budgets and liability so it’s been a good way to register with LLP business ownership.

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Trade Licence & ISO Certificate with Trade mark registration:

Create an eye catching logo and register your business trade mark. Also follow ISO stranded and make sure your farm is ISO certified. This is the legal term that’s help to win custom trust more than legal logical explanation.

Off Page SEO:

Brand name, Brand value and Brand marketing with press relise this are inportent things that most of the marketers does not know. You can hire any of expert of Off page SEO and shine your brand name on all over the internet including SMO.

Getting start with few new member into your business:


Hope after few month you are start getting few loyal customer into your company. Now you have to use Captcha software Multiuser on proxy base. You can buy it from the internet (Read- Should I buy captcha typing software from the internet?)remember to buy the multpul licence version software so that you can distribet it freely to your new members.

Also Read: application licence:

The way you can connect captcha typing software and pixprofit and kolotibablo captchas flow server is to by using application. So take a licensee in order to enjoy the latest update into your server mamangment.

Office set up with 3-5 PC & Customer Support team Ste up:

No company runs successfully without awesome support. As soon as your start growing your business make sure to set up your office with 3-5 PC and utilized your customer support. Here are three root support system that you should consider – a. Life chat support, b. phone support (you can use hot line phone number) c. email support.

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Marketing Tools:

The biggest challenge for growing any business is marketing, getting sales lead is not an easy task. So you have to concentrate on the deferent types of internet base marketing like Email Marketing, SMS Marketing and Good SEO for organic Traffic.

:Legal Alert:

If you even search the purpose of captcha typing jobs on ineternet you may found an horlable answer. Many of blogger and community says that scammer, hacker, and spammer want to bypass such captcha security test, this why they use a particular proxy server that help to invite captcha typing worker to resolve the captcha code. So its look like you earning a little bit money by doing this captcha job but your effort has been used for illegal work like sending spam email to test black hat hacking ect. I am not sure about this fact as I don’t find any proof on the internet. So if you thik embrass then don’t start this captcha typing jobs business.

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  1. Which one is trusted “captcha” to work in home? Pls help. Am a house wife many online jobs makes me confusion.

    1. Hi

      I will advice you to work with Megatypers and 2 captcha. Pl keep in mind Captcha typing work is laborious job and can’t make you rich overnight. But if you are looking for work from home without investment in terms of security deposit/joining fees/registration charges then these sites are good option. I am using these sites and they are legit site and have received payments from both sites.

      You can click on following links for joining these sites
      Megatypers -
      You need to enter Invitation code -DARH
      FOR receiving payments you can register with Paypal or Payza
      to join Paypal copy following link

      to join Payza copy following link and paste in address bar


      All the best.

  2. Monday Kudevi

    Hello please I need to know which if these offers here are meant for Nigerians cos it seems to be difficult to get jobs here…pls reply. Thanks.

  3. Please can any one help me in finding the truth about “type star system solutions” is it a fraud company providing offline data entry Jobs
    I am going to put my money in for registration before I do that please help me

  4. i need job data entry from type
    already worked but not get pleasure
    send me web sites which r not scam r fraud

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