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Official ClixSense survey Tricks to earn Rs-30,000 monthly. [With Proof]


Low earning from Clixsense Survey? here are 8 Secret Clixsense Survey Tricks that most people do not know. And Yes, It’s Official Clixsense survey Tricks, we don’t recommend any bot or software that terminate your Clixsense account.

What a changes by Clixsense in 2016

  • At the beginning of 2016- Clixsense lost PayPal at their global payment method and introduce Payoneer as a primary payment method.

  • At the Middle of 2016 – Clixsense declared that Clixsense will not more a PTC sites instead of its turn as an online paid survey sites. And the commission has been increased to 20%, Great!

When I saw the notification first time from Clixsense I was shocked. I thought earning money from Clixsense will now be difficult.

But from last month I saw significant increases of earning into my Clixsense account and refocused to new Clixsense survey jobs. The result was awesome and I found there is a way to earn $500 from Clixsense using my 5 secret Clixsense survey Tricks. Let’s get started.

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Ultimate-Clixsense-Strategy-to make money with scamdesk

8 Secret Clixsense Survey Tricks that most people do not know:

1. Complete Your Survey Profile: Update it:

There is myth behind Clixsense Survey profile. Few of belief that is not updating any thing in Survey Profile will make you anonymous in Clixsense and more chance gets a survey from all over the country. This is a completely false myth.

Clixsense makes this thing clear that once you complete your Clixsesne survey profile you above to unlock more relevant surveys.

Alos you should update your Clixsene profile very often like- back there you don’t have any car and a few days back you have purchased a new car and while doing a new survey you have mentioned that you have your car.

Here Clixsesen gets confused and may be screen out or banned your account due mismatch into your information. So be updated before you hit the new survey.

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PayPal alternate in Clixsense: Get your payment in Payoneer account

2. Install Clixsese Extension:

Don’t you believe or not but you can be a loyal member of Clixsene by adding Clixsese Extension to your browser. There is a dozen of benefits of Clixsese Extension. Such as you will receive desktop notification about all of your Clixsense survey activity. You can check you’re earning from the browser menu and much more.

I don’t know why but after installing Clixsese Extension I have been sent 3-5 more daily survey opportunity from Clixsense. let’s install Clixsese Extension from here.

3. Complete your first 100 task:

You might be thinking why I am taking about Clixsense task over here? The reason is after completing 100 task you will start receiving more survey offer than previous. All the task in Clixsense is an offer by CrowdFlower, a crowdsourcing service that enables you to work on small tasks giving the opportunity to earn some extra cash. This the unforgettable Clixsense survey tips that most people do not know.

And again, after completing 1000 Clixsense Crowdflower tasks you can unlock lots of new survey into your profile.

4. Do not wait for Surveys Invitation:

Do not wait for Survey Invitation in Clixsense, get a habit to login into your Clixsens multiple time every day. Go to your Clixsense survey directly and complete all of the available surveys. Once you finished waiting for few times and recheck whether there is a new survey available or not. Another thinks that you should make a habit is to Check surveys every time you log in and just before you are going to log out.

This way you will start receiving more high payment surveys into your profile and earn more money.Let’s see how many surveys I am doing daily from Clixsens after doing those Clixsense tricks and tips.

5. Change Geographical Location: (may be Risky)

Clixsense pay better to the riches country like USA, UK, Canada, Spain etc. So if you are not from that rich country you should use a VPN Extension to Hide your IP address. I have never tested it out this tricks. But as a beginner, you can try this hack.

6.Show yourself as rich but to be honest:

Do you know why lots of company spend millions of dollar on paid survey jobs? Because they try to sell something to their customer and want to know the option before they launch the products. So basically they target for a rich man who purchases more.

So, all each survey on Clixsense is targeted for rich people. Next time you are updating your survey profile show your self as rich people. When you riched such question like

  1. Do you have a card?
  2. Don’t you have a credit card?
  3. Own any apartment? Etc. , Just answer positively.

7. crack Samplicio.us surveys in Clixsense:

If you are familiar with Clixsense survey network then you probably know about Samplicio.us.Sometimes you may screen out from Samplicio.us survey as you are not fit to the category. Most of the Survey from Samplicio.us is from IT industry so may be your profile does not match to the same. My recommendation is to skip this survey network instead of crack it out by providing false information that does not match with your previous answer.

8. Clixsense is smarter than you:

I am talking about honest! Keep in mind that the company pays you for doing survey will be the beneficiary from your opinion. That’s why they are paying money. Most of the people get terminated from Clixsense by providing false information like Do you buy grocery for your house? You answer Yes in few of your survey and NO to other surveys.

Few common Question and There best Answer to earn more and not be screen out:

Things to Avoid on Clixsense:

  1. Yes, we all know there are lots of programs are there on the internet can do an auto survey. Clixsense also knows this. So don’t use them at all.
  2. Don’t provide fake information at all.
  3. Do not change your IP very often.
  4. Stop using the multiple Clix sense account for yourself.
  5. never use any black hat tricks, its would not and make your Clix sense survey account terminated permanently.

Now it’s your turn! Let me know which Clix sense tricks and tips you like most. How many Survey are you getting daily after applying our hack? Do comment! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. 🙂

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  1. when we are doing the surveys ,all are getting the failure or un successful .please can please let me know how we need to give the surveys ,meaning on what basis we need to give ???

  2. Hi which browser fits to clixsense jobs like survey, tasks, and more for a android smartphone or Android tablet…send full information about browser which u used??

  3. how do indian’s get their payment? mode of payment? directly to our bank account or else do we need to install any payment app?

  4. Never ever use VPN or Proxy for taking surveys. The reason these companies pays you is for your valuable insight and by providing false information you will only dismantle the equilibrium of market research. Using proxy/VPN will get you banned. Analytical software will catch you the moment you use vpn/proxy and if not banned clixsense will ask you to provide details to let you go through. Don’t go for tricks/hacks to earn some extra money and always Be what you are.

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