Copy paste Jobs? Is It a Scam or Legitimate System? Ultimate Guide:

After having a horrible experience with SMS Sending jobs I have started searching Copy paste jobs! If you are a regular reader of my blog then you probable knew that almost 90% of online jobs are scam. But when I start searching genuine copy paste jobs I found some website as paid their members. So today I going to share you some of my experience while I searching genuine copy paste jobs- have fun while reading…

What is Copy Paste Jobs?

You probable knew what is a copy paste jobs but still I want to introduce once again how the jobs actually. I have very few works about it – “Copy Paste Jobs” It is the simplest Jobs in the earth on computer, , you don’t need any keyboard to work and just use mouse to copy data from one fields to another.”

Little Brief Description about copy paste jobs:

First you need to sing in into your member panel.

Now copy subject data by hovering your mouse and paste eventing into the given fields. The number of fields that you suppose to copy and paste may be depend on Jobs Provider, hence as per my experience I fund 5-10 fields in average work.

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Who can Work in Copy Paste Jobs?

Copy paste work is one of the ultimate jobs where anyone can work. No need any experience to start, now a day anyone own a computer has inbuilt knowledge to copy cut , you guys reading this and plan to get started a simple online jobs , I suggest you to start this jobs.


How to Find Copy Paste Jobs?

Finding a genuine copy paste jobs is a combination of good observation and interactive, I use the following trick that help me to find the genuine online copy paste work.

  1. The company must be an MCA register with ISO certified.
  2. The company need to have customer care number, make sure the number is switch on and each time they are answering your calls.
  3. Asked lot of question and confused then by blaming that you know they are scam!
  4. Check website age and page rank.
  5. Check Review into consumer forums as well as into our Scam question answer forums.
  6. Try to work as demo member , I mean to say asked for to trail jobs for 30 day after make ensure about payment surety you can move to the next level by paying the registration fees.
  7. Some website Offer ad posting jobs instead of copy paste jobs. I recommend to frankly avoiding them, I have tried to post few ads and comparing to the copy paste jobs it’s a little bit hard to work. So while making inquiry about copy paste jobs don’t confused yourself about ad posting jobs and simple skips those website are offering ad posting jobs.

Copy paste Jobs? Is It a Scam or Legitimate System? Ultimate Guide:

Is Copy paste Jobs is a Scam or Legitimate System?

No doubt there is lots of scam website is waiting to scrap your money, but still there is some opportunity to get real copy paste work. Make sure to not get engaged by get rich quick scheme or fly by night program. I saw a lot of website offer to earn thousands of money in day; well it’s a nothing but a trap to scam you. So be honest and try to make inquiry on those websites are not offer to earn a hulk money by spending few time.

Another thing you need to consider that there is some website offering ad posting jobs instead of copy paste work. It’s another scam because ad posting and copy post are deference  and earning money from ad posting jobs is not complicated. So avoided that ad posting jobs provider website.

Now review the rest of the website and sing up a website that has no scam reviews and most the people marks as good to get started online jobs.

You lilted scared about how you are going to choose a genuine online copy paste work from and find my information to short ,but don’t worry you can comment any website name that look like offer real copy paste jobs we will review it for you are discuss their scam or  Legitimate into our comment sections.

How to find copy paste jobs without investment!

Few days back I have published an article on how to start SMS sending jobs without investment ,  now you may asked is there any way to get free copy paste jobs without investment? The answer is yes, you have to work in affiliate marketing in order to get copy paste work without investment, read more here to get secrete.

How much money I can earn with copy paste jobs?

The average earning that you can expect by doing copy paste jobs is up to 3,000.00-8,000.00 per month , but this calculation made on the base of genuine online jobs provider with professional online jobs seeker. Many time people submit their complains that they are earning nothing from reputed copy paste jobs websites and got scammed by losing money.  So work at your own risk and for making double sure you may discuss about any website by commenting below.

Difference between Copy Paste jobs and ad posting jobs? (Optional to Read)

This part of article is an optional, while we searching for copy paste jobs we realized that many website chit people by offering ad posting jobs instead of copy paste work so beware from those websites and make sure to join only copy-paste work.

Some Awesome Feature of Copy paste Jobs:

  1. You can work from anywhere any time.
  2. You are boss of yours.
  3. You need to know nothing about advice computing.
  4. Anyone owns a computer and internet connecting can start these jobs.
  5. Very popular jobs for India people. Also a good way to earn money online.
  6. Give more time to your friend and family.


  1. Stop don’t dream about big house and car , instead of focused about how you are going to manage a genuine copy paste jobs that pay you properly with regular way. Here some final trick to keep-
  2. Never pay any without verifying their website Legitimate.
  3. Join on Paste and Copy Jobs That Pay Daily to your bank account.
  4. Always pay using PayPal account as PayPal offer refund on customer dissatisfaction.
  5. The awesome websites look like a genuine one! but most of them are fake. So double sure again and again before making any payment.

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  1. I am I terested in SMS sending job or copy peast job with out any Inveatment so pls send yrs com,s contact details.

  2. Hello,
    First of all please don’t publish my email
    My name is Nishant, I am 37 year old. I am bedridden scenes last 18 years because of arthritis. I completed my high school in science. Because of my health I am not able to do any job. Now my health stable and now I wanted to look forward,. I wanted to do something so that I gain some respect in my eyes.

    I read your blog. Please send me list of some good copy paste job provider sites.

    And once again don’t publish my mail.

    1. Hello , Nishant I am search for real copy paste jobs for last 6 month and still now – I AM FAILED to find that. ALL the website are on Internet for copy paste jobs are scam. Right now the best decision would be don’t join any copy paste job. If i found something helpful on later i will informe over here in my blog. still now keep visiting my blog. Thanks for your time. Good luck.

      1. Hi

        Thanks for your replay
        One thing i want to know i just joined clixsence, before saw your blog.
        How can i earn more out of it as a standard account, and is it possible to upgrade using your link


      2. thank you very much sir keep me informed so do i if i find a non fraud website i shall inform you please
        Thanks Once again

  3. Hi sri ram sir I’m a poor girl I don’t have father and mother but my grandmother is there…. I’m completed 2nd PUC now not able to study because of money problem…. I have to work something to get money to look after my grandmother please sujjest me
    Thank u

    1. Better to avoid dreaming about earning from Online Jobs. Try started self-motivated business or find a part time job into your local. Thanks for being reader here. Hope my tips will help you.

      1. Sir, your suggestion is 100% correct and highly valuable. It could be foolishness to believe and get trapped in online data entry jobs and lose not only money and valuable time. Better do farming if one has agriculture land and be his own boss and make progress not only of himself but also contribute to India’s progress.

    2. Please review this wibsite as i think that it is a scam because they do not have any customer care number and not seems to be certified . They are asking for 599 rs payment which they offer to be refundanle please help me should i take a chance

  4. Hi, realdataentryjobsinus. com is froud or real?
    they have offices in India and New York and are offering 1$ per copy paste job

  5. Sir Sir,
    My name is sandeep and, I am impressed your suggestion, I want to work ad posting, plz sir tell about the right website’s name, who’s provided ad posting work without investment.
    Plz, sir tell me.

  6. Is website fraud or not?
    Owner of this dataentry career is Greentech Solutions ,Rain bow complex New No:14, PT Rajan Road, Narimedu, Madurai,Tamil Nadu.

    This company is asking me to pay regisrtation fees for copy paste job which is 100% refundable as per his claim.It is cash on delivery. He said Password and Id will be sent by courier through India post. So I am confused please help me.

  7. Is website fraud or not?
    Owner of this dataentry career is Greentech Solutions ,Rain bow complex New No:14, PT Rajan Road, Narimedu, Madurai,Tamil Nadu.

    This company is asking me to pay regisrtation fees for copy paste job which is 100% refundable as per his claim.It is cash on delivery. He said Password and Id will be sent by courier through India post. So I am confused please help me.

    1. Hey.. is that company a fraud .I have registered in that..they are asking me to pay 1100 on cod..can I or not?

  8. I found another job similar to copy paste

    these are the things which they provide
    –> 100% Guaranteed for fix payment cycle by government side.
    –> Payment will be provide as per given time by our company commitment.
    –> Company Will Provide JPEG IMAGE Data You Just Have To TYPE THAT Data INTO Ms EXCEL(TYPE) Data.
    –> Customer Can Use Computer Do The Work
    –> Company Will Provide Fix Payment For This Job

    Is is this job ligitimate to take or is it scam

    please help me

  9. Lakshmi Seshadri

    Dear Sriram
    Please give me some genuine copy paste websites which is accepted worldwide. I am settled in Muscat.

  10. Hello All,

    I recently paid Rs 500 for They said they will be sending the user information and password, still haven’t received yet. Already seen on the above article, seems most of the people / friends were lost their money on this. To be on secure, please do not invest anything on these areas.
    Below is the company address

    Elements Data Solutions
    No.21, Padasalai Street, ,
    Chennai – 600 062
    Tamil Nadu

    Email : [email protected]

    1. What Greentech Solutions claim does not make any sense. They are true frauds. They are doing it from Madurai now and earlier from Kovai and they are making millions from this initial amount which they collect. I have tried all these and now I am studying about them and till now I didn’t find any trustworthy company offering such jobs.

  11. Regarding the Data Entry Job offered by GreenTech Solutions,
    1)They have registered their domain name in September 2017 for one year. Usually an establishment which is planning to do business on a long term basis will register the domain for at least 02 years.
    2)They have given their state as Andaman & Nicobar whereas their address is Madurai based which is in Tamilnadu. The registrant’s email is [email protected].
    3) Also, the name says that it is not a company but a proprietary or partnership firm and if that is the constitution of the establishment, who will give them such bulk data entry jobs?
    4) They have claimed in their website that already 20,000+ persons have joined their establishment.
    a) That means they have collected 20,000 X 1,100 = 2.20 Crores
    b) If what they claim is true they will be paying 20,000/ X 15,000 = 30.00 crores per month as
    data entry charges. is Rs. 360.00 Crores per annum. Which company will give them that much data entry work.
    c) They are still canvassing people saying that they need more persons. So what will be the volume of work they have?
    5) They have given payment proof (HDFC Bank Cheque after erasing the IFSC & Branch name) but the cheque says that it is a new Regular Current Account. Also, the cheques were drawn with the same pen and by the same person (From the handwriting) for small amounts.. If they are paying Rs. 30.00 crores per month they may need a cart full of cheque leaves.

    From the above you decide whether what they claim is correct or not. Actually the bank (HDFC) should take action against these people. Please don’t waste your time and money for such frauds.

  12. I have gone through the article and found it to be informative but to my surprise the author of the article ha not bothered to answer some of the reader’s answer nor has he said anything about any trusty worthy sites or companies that really offers copy past jobs. It seems to me that there exists no companies that offer real jobs.

  13. Hallo sir,
    recently i had contacted Ivyline data entry (IDE). Are they real or fake.?
    They attended my calls however. Their registration fee is 1180. Also asking for id proof. Please do respond.

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