10 reason why I Hate Copy Paste Work? SCAM REVIEW

So many time I have been asked by many of people that Dear Ram why you are not doing any copy paste work at online? So in this article, I am going to discuss 10 dangerous portions of copy paste work that always sucks and  finally the result always seem to be a waste of money (copy paste work review) , time and your effort.

Warning- Many of new online jobs seeker may think instead of copy paste work there is no way to earn money online! But it’s not true , just take this article as online scam safety education purpose and move yourself to start new online jobs like Clixsense , YouTube channel or Google AdSense. At the end of this article, I will out all the necessary like to getting started a genuine online job without investment.

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So, here is the reason that will suck me and I hate copy paste work online-

SCAM copy paste work review

1. Copy paste work Job CD never Work:

Out of 10 of 7 websites that demand to have genuine copy paste work are the scam as they are sending fake job CD. It’s the same CD that used to is sent to thousands of innocent people who paid Rs-300 to Rs-1400 with a hope of in return of their registration fees than can earn some money. But all are the waste of money. The CD content fake data and few website list (the website list are also fake) , you can download few tutorial into CD content that actually taking about scam website and money of people are got trapped again to a new scammer. So keep away from such copy paste work provider Job CD.

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2. Getting genuine copy paste works free registration is so hard:

The only way that can lead you to genuine copy paste work is to try to find copy paste work without registration fees. But after trying this for last 7 days I was failed and realised that no almost each and every online jobs website is demanding much or fewer registration fees. This one of the reasons that make me a big hater of this job.


3. 99.99% No payment for your work:

So you have started your work and after the end of the month, you thought you will get paid a big amount. But there is another story  here, actually, you can’t earn a single penny as it’s a fake work. 99.99% people can’t earn a single rupee after completing hard work into copy paste work. As a proof, I am attaching a ULR of all complaints listed on the internet so far against fake work and not being paid for hard work.

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4. Why paid for ad posting job – waste of time!

Some of the copy paste work website show demo for ad posting jobs and people join them as blindly and work hard to complete ad posting jobs target. But this total unfair as doing ad posting jobs and doing copy paste jobs has so much deference. It takes only 1 minutes time to complete one entry of copy paste but its take 5-10 minutes for posting a single ad. So why get paid for ad posting? Give up.

5. Fake Cheque Payment Proof & Fake ISO Certificate:

You can’t believe that all payment that shown on copy paste work website are actually fake. Never trust any website if they showing bank cheque’s scan copy as payment proof. Also, I have seen so many fake ISO Certificate and scam MCA registration that taking advantages by winning the trust of innocent people.

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6. Never approved your work as much as the effort you use:

And finally, you have completed the entire project and submitted your work. The most painful part is your entire word will be rejected. It looks like so simple copy paste jobs but the company will find a way to give stupid reason in order to cancel your work. The reason is very clear , as they have no out-sourcing projects that’s way they can’t make any payment in any way. This is another way that makes me fell crazy about online copy paste jobs.

7.Waste of registration fees.

All of the website offer online copy paste work are each one is the new type of trap. Innocent and guide people get scammed and waste their registration fees with the fake hope of earning thousands of money with a short period of time. So don’t be so stupid by paying your hard earning money as copy paste jobs registration fees.

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8. Make you fool by providing fake online form to fill out with fake data.

People think that copy paste work is nothing but copy paste from one document to another form , but they never thought how they going to do the payment. It’s not about how the work is process but the most impotent think that people always forgot to ask is how does they make payment. Most of the time copy paste work provider create fake data and fake form on internet and provide it to their members. When it’s time to payment , they ship and denied to make payment as there is not reality behind their project. Hate it.

9. No email support , phone support or live chat support.

After starting your work if you expecting any email support or phone support then please forgot it. No online jobs company every provide your any tech support like email , phone or live chat. So if you stuck while doing copy paste work you have no way to find a resolved. Either you have to wok with your own experience or work in wring way so that it would be very easy for them to cancel your work.

10. So many completes to kill your hope:

  1. Copy paste Jobs Complaints
  2. Copy Paste work Complaints
  3. Fake Copy Paste work Complaints
  4. Why Copy Paste work is scam
  5. India complaints against copy paste jobs in 2016

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Let Google it! And you will surprised that almost 1600 plus complaints is listed on Internet about this fake. It’s very hard to count how many people are lost their money so far but the 1600 plus wood not be warning. By the way if you are already victim of this scam copy paste work here is few way to submit and refund your money , finally if you are still think that earning money from internet is possible (as I am doing from last 1 year) why not let me guide you here how to earning money with Clixsense and Google AdSense.

3 thoughts on “10 reason why I Hate Copy Paste Work? SCAM REVIEW”

  1. http://www.easyearnmoney.in This is a fake company providing typing work, but actually they dont. They will ask you for money (500 Initially & 3000 later on)and later on not providing you any work. Please check the attachments also.
    People who can contact you are fake people. They will tell you that its a kanpur based comapny but they are working from delhi.
    Pooja +919958532359 (idiot girl)
    Heena 82857 59289
    Shivani 7834800410
    Bhavana Chaudahri 7838423767
    Siddhi Rajput : 9205640685
    Fake ID : [email protected]

    I have also complained about it in consumer court & cyber crime, All are such companies are fake
    Dont waste your time and money and spread this as much as you can

  2. Please can anyone guide on how Mydrim Pvt Ltd Company is in data entry and copy paste jobs? Any one knows about its authenticity/reliability..

    Thank You

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