12 Tips to Detect Fake iPhone? The Indian way!!


Finally I got the most popular gadgets of the market (Apple iPhone 5S), yes its iPhones! But I was wandering that whether its fake iPhones or real one? So I research a lot and got 10 inserting trick that help you to determine your newly purchased iPhones is fake or real. Very simple to diagnose but too much helpful to save your money to be invest into a fake iPhone.

Delhi Guys Note it: Exclusive: Fake iPhones being sold in popular Delhi markets

1. Check the serial number:

There will be too much smart Guys to fake iPhones but they are failed each time to beat serial number verification into iPhones server. So after getting your phone on hand, first go to “Setting”, then go to “General”, and Tap about button. Now you can scroll down and look for device’s 11 digit Serial number. The serial number made with format of “AABCCDDDEEF” The 11 digit serial carry some quick information as bellow-

AA – This pertains to the machine and factory ID.

B – Manufacturing date. (Ex- 2010 is 0 and 2014 is 4)

CC – Production week.

DDD – This specifies the unique number identification.

EE – colour of the Device.

F – Internal Memory Size.

Now Visit https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do and enter your 11 digit serial number of your hardware and see what ping back came from apple.com, if you getting an error to retrieve your Service and Support Coverage data then you are a victim of fake iPhone.

Also you can verify International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) can be found engraved right at the back metal case. You can match both IMEI and MEID form package printed barcode.

fake-iPhone in India

2. Memory capacity:

The Real iPhone has fixed capacity socket of 16GB/32GB or 64GB, but the fake one required one or more SD slot to increases the internet memory. So open the back cover of your iPhone and see is there any fixed capacity socket to prove the reality?

3. Welcome screen:

Real iPhone has apple logo with store links into their welcome screen, when your turn your iPhone power on make sure to check the logo , sometime fake logo may be installed using Google play store to double sure just click on the logo and see where its redirect? If you see Google play store or any other apps then you got a fake one.

4. Install Siri Apps:

Try to get Siri Apps from your iPhone. If you unable to see or access Siri apps that means you are using a fake iPhone. Fake iPhone has no digital authenticate to launch Siri Apps. So it’s a quick idea to check out fake iPhone.

5. Check Operating System:

The real iPhone should have iOS operating system. Instead of iOS if you found any other operating system like Android they you iPhone is fake one.

6. Connect to iTunes Syncing:

Open your iPhone and connect to iTunes using your PC and see what happen, if you unable to launch iTunes or their ware any errors to sync your device music they you have a fake one.

7. Check the font:

Is it some Chinese character while your boot your new iPhone or any message appearing to set language of Chinese character or English? It’s very funny that that beginning with fake iPhone.

8. SIM Card slot:

Does phone dealer over confidence with two or more SIM enable in iPhone? Then surely it’s a clone one, the real IPhone has labelled of designed by Apple California and assembled in China. And never allow more than one SIM card to use. So watch out man!

9. Check Built-in Applications:

The real iPhone build with some of common apps like Compact, Compass, Settings, Calculator, Music and Photos. If you detect any apps missing or getting any error to get more default apps then its smells like fake one. For smarter diagnostic you can try to restate your entire iPhone to factory firmware and see whether all built-in applications are working fine or not! Still if you are unsuccessful then you may have a fake iPhone into your hand!

10. Look for Warranty:

Sellers of fake iPhones will not give you a warranty to a certified iPhone service centre.

11. Pay attention to the price:

Does iPhone dealer please with some discount or price is down than regular iPhone. It’s a big sing of scam. Avoid such a mobile shop and look for some apple authorised dealer’s shop.

12. iPhone store:

Why not visit nearby iPhone store to buy or check out your existing iPhone is a fake or genuine device. Asked iPhone technician to pass your iPhone with standard diagnostic tools and ensure you are using a genuine iPhone.

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My Review: I spend Rs. 82,822.00 to buy my new smart phone and it’s has awesome performance. Also help me too much to get update with my blog. But the battery performance doesn’t meat my satisfaction, well that’s it for now let me know how you guys manage to check your iPhone is real or not? If I missed any tricks or if you have some advice or query to discuss then comment below to chat with me 🙂

5 thoughts on “12 Tips to Detect Fake iPhone? The Indian way!!”

  1. Hi, Good post, Sri ram. Could you tell me something. There is this website called shopmonk.com, where they are selling all kinds of latest phones. like iphone 6s+ and galaxy note 5 are already there. Also at much smaller price than the other sites. Could it be a scam? Any thoughts? Could you send a mail to me? [email protected]


    1. @theshopmonk, Fraudulent online e-comerce portal shopmonk.com, beware and stay away!

      Sharing my awful shopping experience iPhone 6S Rose Gold 128GB on December 21, 2015 with Shopmonk(Buy Latest Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Wearables, Speakers, Bags Online in India: Shopmonk(https://shopmonk.com/), an online shopping e-commerce portal, with order number 236841!

      I am writing in connection to the order number 236841 that I purchased iPhone 6S Rose Gold 128GB on December 21, 2015 through their third party payment partner Cashcare with 0% interest EMI. Around 14,000 was deducted from my account as downpayment and Cashcare requested couple of documents like ID, Address proof, couple of signed Cheque with my bank statement and payslip. After receiving all my personal details and financial information, Cashcare informed me on December 25th to inform Shopmonk to dispatch the product as the finance is approved!

      I wrote many emails from between December 25th 2015 to January 3rd 2016 but received only automated response that they will get back to me in 24-48hrs but regret to say I didn’t receive any email or call clarifying my concern till January 4th 2016. In between, on December 28th 2015, I received an email from Yakit(an international shipper) that the phone is with them and require documents(ID and address proof with some personal details) for customs clearance from Singapore. Again, I sent all my personal details to them and after I sent I received an email that they are waiting for Shopmonk’s approval on dispatch!

      My down payment is done, my personal details with my financial information are shared with 2 third parties and Shopmonk not responding for almost 9-10days left me blank. I wrote on their Facebook page and I finally received the call from Shopmonk on January 4th 2016 stating that the product will be dispatched by the end of the day and I will receive the product in 3-4 days. After a while, I received another call from them that the order is cancelled as the product is damaged and there is no replacement product?! How come the product packed and waiting with Yakit to dispatch since December 28th suddenly gets damaged today?! I later went to their website and surprisingly it still shows the availability of the phone iPhone 6S Rose Gold 128GB! What a fraudulent process to hold the money for 10+ days and taking all the personal details and financial documents including signed Cheques?! Be away from the site and don’t purchase anything from them and if you still get lured by their prices be ready to lose all your personal and financial details with money being trapped with them! Fraud website!

      1. disagree with your comment , its a fine site and sell genuine products , by the way you can check all apple and samsung products by going online so there is no way anyone can cheat customer

  2. Hi Sri ram,

    I have found iphone 5s 16gb (silver) which is listed on Flipkart and Snapdeal worth Rs 26k (around), While others variant like gold etc. with same capacity( 16gb) costs above 30k.. is these some kind of scam?

  3. Hey.. Hussain !! Its not a Scam.. Apple Clashed the Price of 5S.. @ Apple Store You will get this Product in 25 k in todays Date !!

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