Don’t try to buy AdSense Fully Approved Account rather than work hard into your website!  


AdSense is an Advertising Program for those who believe in hard work and consistency. In India Google is very strict to approve on Google AdSense application. But there is strong reason behind this. And I think Google doing right decision by not approving each AdSense application. Let me explain all here…

Why I advice you not to buy AdSense Fully Approved Account?

I see lots of websites offer to buy AdSense Fully Approved Account. We all know Google AdSense is a free online money making program so why should I pay somebody? I called many of this people offering Google AdSense Approved Account to sells. I always asked them to give me some sample account running Google AdSense with website address, but they never offer me so. I try to know the step by stem guide how they guaranteed to sell a genuine approved Google AdSense account? They are always hiding something and fill uncomfortable while I asked such a question! I think they are trying to scam our money. No one can offer you approved AdSense account. You have to work hard and only Google can offer us a full approved AdSense account.

 There is no official declare from Google to buy Google AdSense approved account by paying money.

The website offers AdSense Fully Approved Account are changing their domain name in every 1 or two year, why so? Because lots of people complaint against them. So they try to escape to new domain name.

So don’t try to buy Google AdSense account by paying money, it’s a free program enjoy it by your hard work.

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Possible Reason that make AdSense strict in India:

I am not sure properly why Google AdSense approval is so strict in India, but I can guess some Possible Reason. Hope you will be agree with me.

India is now full of scam, from IT to Shopping scam is everywhere, so its difficulty to judge Google whether you are really interested to Join Google AdSense Program.

Maximum Click Fraud happens in India But why? I have read an article on Amit Sir Guide us how AdSense network/community build on thought newspaper advertising and AdSense publisher click each other blog. They try to fool Google but everyone knows Google is 100 X master than this type of bogus people idea. Soon their account will be banned for invalid click and all revenue will be detected by Google.

But in any case, the fraudulent clicks have been generated and added to the global “Click Fraud Index”. No wonder, India tops the chart.

Interested to know more? How AdSense Click Fraud Happens in India

Lots of People try to Sell Google AdSense Approved account for quick earning. This is Against Google AdSense policy.

Google AdSense is not a place to get rich quickly. Most of the people from India give up hope after trying few months.

India People likes short cut, Most of the people like to buy full approved Google AdSense account without doing any hard work into their website.

Irregular and most of the blog are death. After getting Google AdSense approval most of the Indian blogger disappointed about Low CPC rates and within 1-2 year they stop working into their website. Google love those websites having fresh and unique content. Google hate death blog or very few information for blog reader.

If you are an unsuccessful blogger or just contributing in echo chamber that means Google lost a god opportunity to earn from your website. Think if Google approved all AdSense application, might be Google ads server will be slow and server resource might be wasted, Also Google adwords quality can be decrease, and finally Google might be spamming issue in AdSense server.

So if Google approved your AdSense account that’s means Google believe that you will be successful blogger or your website can turn into a good earning opportunity for Google. After all it’s all about money. Enjoy it but don’t try to make any AdSense police valance to get rich quick without doing hard work.

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What should I do if Google does not approve my application?

if Google don’t approved your account that means you have to work more and more , remember effort never die , so keep trying and  follow Google AdSense policy and try to understand how Google advertising network work. It’s not about some click…

It’s about who visit your websites?

Does a click on your websites ads unit create sales lead?

Is your visitor satisfied on your website information?

Always Write quality content and let Google server better ads into your website.

Don’t take your blog only for earning rather than try to help people provide real information.

Let me know how you manage to get approval from Google AdSense! Also comment below if you are agreed with me on not to buy AdSense Fully Approved Account by paying money!

18 thoughts on “Don’t try to buy AdSense Fully Approved Account rather than work hard into your website!  ”

  1. HI, ram I completely agree with you but there are few AdSense creators are not into fake scam you can check out adsense service We provide genuine account we won’t disappoint you

  2. Hello Sri Ram, You are right but if you ask few question like:

    Do you have welcome mail and 68% publisher revenue share in account? Can you login with DFP?

    As once you have legit adsense, then only you may login to Google DFP. B/w Here are Trusted source to buy adsense account

  3. This article is bogus. Just because the blogger doesn’t know about the steps, he accuses others to be a scammer?
    Those sellers simply get adsense approved on their own sites and once we buy from them, we are free to change the details to our own. We can use the accounts on any site.

    I am in India and right from here, i bought a fully approved US account. This isn’t a rocket science. This blogger is ignorant.

  4. If you do not have a traffic then why you should buy AdSense account? And if you have good traffic then google always welcome you to their program but only if the site meets his policies. So my recommendation is to work hard on your website and do blogging of your original content.

  5. you open my eyes bro. thanks for this life saving information.
    actually i was planning to buy a adsense account.
    now i am agery to improve my website.

  6. One of my friends has done this same mistake and after one week its account got disable. So do hard work and forget about buying AdSense account.

  7. This Article is little bit correct but not so useful. First of all buy adsense is not bad idea. I am telling why it is not bad.

    Google advertisement programm (Adword) work in two Phases –
    1. Search Network
    2. Display Network
    Adsense is popular programm to earn money online by display advertisement network. which share 60 -70 % of profit by adsense holders in total adsense profit.

    To approve fully adsense account you have to first complete two steps verification, there are lot of criteria which must be fulfill , just like website traffic, quality content, unique contents, website category etc.

    Most of people don’t know when and how to approve adsense, there are some tricks also to approve but everyone have to follow adsense rules.

    After approving Non hosted account (on website) you can use it in multiple sites , because adsense allow one person to only one account, you don’t don’t need to make multiple accounts so you can use one account for multiple sites. While apply for adsense it says that apply it for your best site, once it approve than you can use ad codes in your multiple sites even other third parties sites too if they agree to publish ads on their sites.

    Adsense also allow to create multiple users to manage websites and admin can change user access level too. Admin just need to invite them by mail. It is simple process.

    Adsense also allow to transfer account to third party, which have gmail (you can only apply adsense by gmail) because this is google’s program.

    The companies , or persons who sells adsense also follows adsense rules , they approve their adsense with all rules and tricks and they charge only of their efforts. Yes, fact is they approve accounts by their standard sites but as adsense says after approving adsense can be used for multiple site and multiple users.

    Hope it is clear that nothing is scam there , if someone collecting money but not giving service that is scam!!!

    1. Don’t buy anything from, this guy is a scammer, you have never get what you want after you’ve make a payment! Important: Don’t buy adsense account, your account will get disabled or suspended very soon! This is my experiment, no matter how many time you buy, big G still will catch you one day, i don’t wish everyone to follow my footsteps.

  8. Don’t buy anything from “”, you will never get what you want with this guy, he will not reply you when you ask for the refund, you will lost your money and time, stay away from “”! is SUPER SCAMMER form India!

    Buyadsenseaccount contact details:
    Whatsapp: +918116027065
    Gmail: [email protected]
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