12 Things to Avoid Facebook Dating Scam: Your life in Danger

Recent Break up!! , Looking for love? Obviously never to give up but Facebook dating may be danger for us. When some leave from our life we try to find a new way to get love back on Facebook.

Do you Know Facebook is an awesome place to get dating easily with someone. But before start a dating on Facebook we should well learn about Facebook dating scam.

So how dating scams happen on Facebook?

Scammer Create fake account and seduce people for casual date. It’s a very simple and emotional tricks to scam people through Facebook. Girls are mostly targeted by them and cause rape kills people and MMS scandal.

How much dangerous does Facebook Dating scam?

According to Wikipedia Facebook has 1.39 billion active users (December 31, 2014). Not all has real face, Almost 7% of Facebook user may fake or don’t use their real name and real picture.

 But why they create fake IDs?

Well, the reason to create fake may –

  1. Scam people or seduce people for dating scam. (Most Dangers Act by Facebook Fake ID)
  2. Sometime asking for money or casual date.
  3. For marketing for sexual product.
  4. Making harmful thing.
  5. Or Just For Fun. Ha ha So funny !

All those are crime, and too illegal on Facebook.

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What would be if you have date with Stranger and caught in Facebook dating scam?

From last couple of month, lots of girls trapped by criminal in Facebook dating. Sometime Facebook dating cause girl’s rape or loss of life. In most of the time it’s particularly happen to women.

They mostly target people of age 30 to 58. The scammer use the target their weak point. The make people erosional and asked for casual dating into their place. Sometime people like to visit scammer place for make first date as its sound safe to family member.

The dating scammer use this opportunity in two way –

One, they try to rape or kill people; mostly women’s are in their target

Two, they create some evidence to black male people, sometime scammer try to share their personal life on internet. Lots of MMS scam is made by the same.

From age of 18 to above 60 can be victims of Facebook dating scam. Before using Facebook you should well know to prevent dating scam.

Here I Listed 12 strong points to follow before considering a dating over the Facebook.


Is the chat guys you chatting are real or fake?

Man always thinks about why should girls level up? And women thought all man are same! So after break up, both starts search for a new life partner in social media. Facebook is the first choice for dating someone. People take interest to adding new friend, Join in Love Group etc. I am not advice to stop doing that but be sure that your chatting with someone who is real.

Did you see any miss match in profile?

You might be start chat with someone for a couple of week, but have you notice any unusual thing into your new friend profile. Like is it newly created Facebook Id? Try to find out the last actively; is it 2 year or 5 year old Facebook id? Dose any miss match on Date of birth and the age has been told to you?

Hope a quick review of your stranger friend might save your life goes to be danger.

Does S\he chat like a professional Romeo?

Does your stranger friend chat like a professional lover? Is S\he look too smart while taking. It’s that impresses you? Just think off it, if a guy’s may chat randomly about romantic thinks , may be the reason is to impress you in any way. It’s a big sing of fraud and dating scam. Overall you should ask yourself how cans a man to be so gentle of kindness to you. Is that any reason to impress you? May be it’s a dating scam!

Is there any valid phone number?

Did you notice any valid phone number or email address displayed in your friend profile? If its hide to you than always make sure to call him, and asked to show it.

Your Facebook stranger friend may be convene you not to asked any personal Question, or asked to truest him, Then simple answer him that I don’t trust you.

You newly love can be crash but its better to crash a scam love, that crash your life in danger.

Over all if someone really love your, then s/he always take care of you. And also take care your Confucius mind.

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Does S\he try to make your emotional by talking lie?

Did you notice that the stranger guys talking too much lie? Some Facebook scammer make himself too over smart that they forget some can catch their lie. So if your friends are on same list then give up. Try to ask him random question. Why not try a A\B test? , Try to confused your friend by telling lots if new thing about you, like your hobby, your pet name, your favarite music etc., And asked him or her same thing after few day by making complex question?

Look, the Facebook Dating scammer always tries to chat lots of people and they forget what they told someone in previously. So if your friend take too much time to answer then you are in danger.

It’s may chip thinking but looking at the current situation we should learn the fact, why my friend take so much time to response my answer? May your friend does not love you or simple a scammer who chat hundreds of people like you. And right now busy to find what you say in previous chat. It’s maybe not be! But we have to take care yourself.

Or may S/he just forget to memorize your tag, but we have to check a AB test while people are dieing in some case by Facebook. Dating scam. Don’t take risk at all..

Look into Recent Friend activity and tag with other people:

Don’t forget to check recent friend activity tag, what your friend share with other; try to chat with other guys who are already in mutual friends. If no one can identify your stranger friend then result negative.

Does S\he asked for marriage?

Does S\he asked for marriage? Don’t be ugly it may be a trick to move your impress level to maximum. Just think how a person can asked for marriage without knowing you?

Try to checkout family portfolio:

Does S\he have any family photograph? Check out, dating scammer may not so comfortable by sharing family album to you.

Will S\he asking for money or pay out quality Gifs:


Doesn’t it sound scam when women asking for money over the internet? Its seems to be a dating scam while your Facebook friend asking for money as because she love you. Beware from those trap.

Try to find out Recent Facebook scam and math with them:

Are filling that you are chat with guys may a dating scammer! Don’t waste your time anymore try to find their name on Google Search box? Is it sound genuine on Google? Or just nothing found in Google, Remember a real person having Facebook Id has also twitter and other social media id, if don’t find that may you are in scam trouble.

Asked for casual meet in webcam or locally from your home.

Why don’t ask your friend a casual meet on webcam? Make sure to record the conversation and keep them for further evidences. Try to make a screenshot of face and math with FBI websites for criminal activity. Or have a quick meet on your place. Make sure to ask some of friend to keep on an eye on you.

Be a detective try a self-investigation:

Asked your friend for family and residence address. Act like bond, try to get a self-investigation. If possible, asked someone who live there. If she from other county then better to ignore the dating.

Still Can’t live without Facebook dating?, why not get helped from police or fbi?

Don’t be afraid or hesitate to call the police. FBI is great tricks to resolved cyber-crime. Always try to get in touch with them.

Hope you will fill better with my tips to avoid Facebook scam. Remember prevention is better than cure. Facebook dating has two part first one is easy to find some for a dating, and you can chat day long to know each other. And the second part is – Dating scammer also knew the first one. Don’t forget to comment

Person request: Please share this article to your entire friend on social media. It’s your duty to improve awareness of Facebook dating scam. By sharing this you may save some life too..

Information Resource : Facebook dating scam alert by FBI  | Wikipedia – Romance scam

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  1. I forgot the site name but they told me reaalconect.in and they had contacted me on mobile phone and told me to transfer money there after I have already lost huge money in dating scam and now they r not ready to refund my money also I can give u mobile number of perpetrator her mobile number are 8967050780 and 9547168712. I traced the call also they r from west Bengal. I have bank account details also where I transferred money

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