Ultimate List of All Fake Data Entry Company in India – Scam your Money

There are more than 500+ Websites on Internet demanding of Genuine Data Entry Jobs! However, 99% of them are a scam. Unemployment in India is the biggest reasons why people join fake data entry companies. Indian Students, Housewife, and Retired person are the most targeted people from those fake data entry companies. Here in This article, we came with an ultimate Solution that let you understand three things-

1. Which are the fake data entry company? Moreover, How to Detect Fake Data Entry Companys?

2. Tools I use to Check a website for Scam Data Entry Jobs? You will able to check scam typing jobs with 5 minutes like me!
3. An Ultimate List of genuine Data Entry Companys (No investment Required)

Let’s get started-

I will not go to take any name or going to provide you with any list of Fake Data Entry Companys because of two reason-

1. I don’t want any personal attack, since its low-level game.
2. Fake data entry company often (with 3-6 month) change there name so provided a list will be useless.

Easy steps to Detect Fake Data Entry Companys:

Fake Data Entry company in India

1. Is there any Investment?

If any of Data Entry Companys/Websites are asking for money for getting data entry projects is a big sign of a scam.
So, Never Ever join any Data Entry Jobs company asking for upfront payment.

2. How Old are the Websites?

Most of the Genuine Data Entry Jobs Provider websites are more than 5 Years old. So check out the Websites age before you sing up.

Websites Age tips:

  • One day-1 month: 100%Scam
  • One month – 6 months: 99% scam
  • Six months to 1 Year: Don’t Join
  • 1- to 3 Year: Review it before Join
  • 3-5 Years: You can take a chance.
  • 5-15 Years: Safe

3. Don’t confuse with MCA (ministry of corporate affairs) Name and Logo:

Some of the online Jobs scammers are so smart that they trick you with showing a fake company name and putting a logo of MCA (ministry of corporate affairs)
Once you visit they’re a website, you will be asked to check whether they are registered with MCA (ministry of corporate affairs) and also show you the age of registration of there company. (This is the trick guys, instead of showing their websites age, they will show you their company age)

So, to make clear!

Any company registered with MCA as a private limited does not mean they are genuine!
So don’t join any data entry jobs websites where MCA (ministry of corporate affairs) registration use as a trick. Check the age of the site first.

4. ISO Certification:

Did you know anyone can buy ISO certificate with just 3000 INR from Online? No audit and quality check required.
Don’t trust me, Click here and call them what you want an ISO Certificate without audit in the physical address and no quality check.

You will get ISO Certificate less than of 3000 INR.

5. Time Submission fake data entry companys:

Some of the online data Entry jobs company trick you with time submission while you work. You have to login into there portal, and there will be a time limit of 3-5 minutes to type a 5-10 line paragraph.
If you are expert types, you may able to complete the typing on time, but I sure there will be no time to recheck the spelling mistake or grammatical error.

Its a trick, guys.

Your work will reject a spelling mistake or grammatical error. That company wants there member not able to check spelling mistake or grammatical error.
So avoid this of time submission work.

5. High Target, Painful to achieve:

Most of the offline data entry jobs company gives you a target like this-

250 A4 Page typing at just 10 days

500 A4 Page typing at just 15 days

and Disaster, 1000 Page typing 25 days.

The target is so hard that you can’t complete it on time. If you work hard (Daily 10-12 hours of super hard work) final, you have to time of check spelling mistake or grammatical error.
Another trick, Your entire work will be rejected, and sometimes they threats you to take legal action against you, where legal action should be taken from your end.
Most of the data entry jobs target students & housewife, and they get afraid when this type of trade came across.
So don’t be afraid and if you ever received this type of threat you should not be scared, and complaints about them on consumer forums.

7. Search before swipe:

Don’t make payment to any data entry company unless you search their reviews online.
Let’s say you want to check a data entry company fraud or not?

Company name: abcd.com

Go to Google Search and type the following search.
abcd.com complaints, abcd.com reviews or abcd.com fake or real?

To take this next level, you can ask a question of scamdesk.com, and we will make inquire for you.

8. Don’t Trust payment Proof:

Using IO technology people make fake videos of Obama, So isn’t look so hard to create fake payment proof using photoshop tools? I guess not, So never trust a website who try to convince you showing fake payment proof.

Tools I use to Check a website for Scam Data Entry Jobs:

Websites Age check Tools:

Here are the few sites where you can quickly check any websites age.

Check ISO Certificate Genuinely:

Well, The sad part is checking ISO certificate authority online is not available right now. However, I use a trick that works alway.
First of all, download the ISO Certification and note down ISO certificate provider name. At the bottom of the certificate, there should be ISO certificate provider office address and websites URL.
Next, call them asking about that ISO certificate, The matter will be solved.

Alex Rank:

As per websites, popularity Alexa provides a rank to each of the sites. Click here and check any website Alexa rank.
If you found a website ranked more than 1,00,000 (global), you should avoid them.

Ultimate List of genuine Data Entry Company:

We have already published an article of Ultimate List of genuine Data Entry Company in India you can read over there.
I recommend CYBER EXPO Online Typing Jobs Since its free to join the program, so there is no chance of losing money.
This website has Alexa ranked at around 70K. Moreover, you can see its five years old.
Defentlry you should try this.
That’s it. Wish you scam free online experience.
Do let me know if you know any other tricks that help us detect online jobs scam?
If you want to know about any data entry company, lets us know by commenting Here.

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      1. Ask them to be ready. Say them that you’re ready to face anything and now they also need to pay for what fraud they have done! Tell them in advance that you have registered complaints against them. Theses people are only trying to scare you and nothing. These bastards themselves have no guts to face any legal formalities,what to speak of a case then!


        Hii same thing happened with me too. Can you please help me to get out of this hell. I am facing this torture from pass three months. Please someone help me.

  1. Corporate adworld pvt ltd. is fake or not. This comapny registered on mca.
    Comapany address tilak nagar delhi.
    Its data entry company tie up with air asia
    Plz tell me

  2. I checked a website named http://www.senatorinfotech.com

    They are registered with the MCA, their domain age is 40 days, they are registered with the MCA for 13 years and I have no clue how are they not popular so far.

    They claim to pay Rs. 40 per page as they are international projects and are charging 19500 for registration.

    1. Fake 100%

      Silver Stone Data Typing Offline Jobs Fraud, Cheating, Scam, धोखा |
      Website: http://silverstonedata.com/
      Address: South Extension-I, New Delhi – 110049
      Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
      Mobile No.: 8448160012, 8800602481, 8929991253, 8929993612

      What is matter: मैं ऑनलाइन जॉब सर्च कर रहा था, तो मुझे http://www.quikr.com वेबसाइट पर SILVERSTONE DATA TYPE MANAGEMENT ऑफलाइन डाटा एंट्री की जॉब दिखाई दी तो मैंने अप्लाई कर दिया | उसके बाद मुझे कॉल आया और मेल भी आया की ऐसा वर्क रहेगा और ऐसे-ऐसे करना है | आपको 22 दिन में 550 पेज टाइप करने होंगे PDF to Microsoft word फाइल में और हम आपको 550 पेज टाइप करने का 22,000/- देंगे | पर उसके लिए पहले आपको हमारी कंपनी के अकाउंट में 3600/- रूपये ट्रान्सफर करने होंगे registration charges तभी आपको वर्क मिलेगा और यह सब कुछ आपको कंपनी के Agreement लैटर पर मिलेगा |
      मुझे भी पैसे की ज़रूरत थी तो मैंने कंपनी के अकाउंट में पैसे ट्रान्सफर कर दिए (Attachment 1) | उसके बाद मुझे उन्होंने 3 PDF फाइल्स सेंड की और कंपनी का अग्रीमेंट लैटर (Attachment 2), तो मैंने अपना टाइप करना सुरु कर दिया | मैंने लगातार 20 दिनों तक दिन रात एक करके बड़ी मुस्किल से 550 की जगह 583 पेज टाइप करके सेंड किये | और उसके बाद मैंने कॉल किया की मैंने अपना काम सबमिट कर दिया है | तो उन्होंने बोला आप 6 से 8 दिनों का इंतज़ार कीजिये आपको हम काम चेक करके रिप्लाई करेंगे | 4 दिन के बाद रिप्लाई आता है की आपका काम कम्पनी को पसंद नही आया है तो आपको कुछ नही मिलेगा आपका एक्यूरेसी लेवल 85% से कम है (Attachment 3) | और कमिया भी क्या है वो भी मैं अटेच कर रहा हु ((Attachment 4), और अब आपका अग्रीमेंट केंसल कर दिया गया है और अब आपको भविष्य में भी कोई काम नही दिया जाएगा और रजिस्ट्रेशन चार्जेज भी रिफंड नही होंगे | साफ़ धोखा है यह |

      मेरे विचार :
      1. आप Attachment 2 – कंपनी अग्रीमेंट का पेज नंबर 1 देखे
      उस पर स्टाम्प पेपर की डेट देखे वो है 09/Nov/2018 और मेरे और कंपनी के बीच में अग्रीमेंट डेट है 22/Feb/2019 यह मुझे साफ़ साफ़ धोखा लग रहा है | इसका मतलब यह लोग एक ही स्टाम्प पेपर पर न जाने कितने लोगो को पागल बना कर लुट रहे है |
      2. गलतिया (एक्यूरेसी लेवल 85% से कम ) – Attachment 4
      आप खुद देखे क्या वाकई में ये कोई गलती है या जानबुझ पागल बनाया जा रहा है | हा मैं भी मानता हु की शायद ही ऐसा कोई मेम्बर हो जो 550 पेजे टाइप करने में एक भी गलती ना करे | मुझसे भी हो सकती है पर जो यह गलतिया बता रहे है तो वो धोखा ही है | मैंने 3 फाइल्स टाइप करके दी थी ? क्या जो एक्यूरेसी लेवल है वो सिर्फ 1 फाइल से फाइनल कर दिया ? तीनो फाइल्स को चेक करने के बाद फाइनल देखना चाहिए था |
      3. रजिस्ट्रेशन चार्जेज (3600/-)
      और अगर कंपनी को मेरा काम पसंद नही आया तो कम से कम मेरा रजिस्ट्रेशन चार्ज वापिस करे |

      ऐसी ही बहुत सारी और भी कंपनी है जो लोगो को पागल बना कर लुट रही है | दोस्तों मैं आप लोगो को बताना चाहता हु कृपया ऐसे लोगो की बातो में आकर मेरी तरह अपना टाइम और पैसे बर्बाद ना करे | वरना आपको मानसिक और फाइनेंसियल दोनों तरह से नुक्सान हो सकता है | सावधान रहे |

      अगर आप कुछ और जानना चाहते है या इस मामले में मेरी कोई मदद करना चाहते हो तो कृपया रिप्लाई और कमेंट ज़रूर करे …
      My Name: Birpal Singh
      Email: [email protected]

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  3. Mukesh Kumar Pandey

    I got a mail from a advocate behalf or nobel infotech pls help what can i do for this problem because I’m very fearful from 16march 2019 at 2pm
    Sir pls help me …..pls
    See below this is mail

    Dear Concern,

    This Intimation LETTER Informs You That NOBEL INFOTECH. has field a case under the SECTION of 73-74-75 of INDIAN contract ACT 1872 for contract breach against you as under law that mention on THE AGREEMENT that if you have not SUCCEEDED ON YOUR JOB or NOT COMPLETED Then YOU HAVE TO PAY THE PENALTY AMOUNT.

    SECTION 73. imposes a duty on the party seeking damages to mitigate its loss ,
    SECTION 74. Compensation for breach of contract where penalty stipulated for When a contract has been broken,
    SECTION 75. Party rightfully rescinding contract, entitled to compensation A person who rightfully rescinds a contract is entitled to consideration for any damage which he has sustained through the non-fulfillment of the contract.

    So as you are not full fill THE AGREEMENT RULE, so that The COMPANY has taken the help of LEGAL PROCEEDS for his COMPENSATION. So pay the amount as per AGREEMENT, so pay the amount as soon as possible to CLOSE YOUR FILE, IF the case being filed against you then you have in big loss of money for the LEGAL PROCEDURE.

    Legal advocate –

    Mr. Praful Patel.
    Bardoli Gujarat

    I got this mail pls help me I’m really very fearful because of this I’m eating foods last two days i feel fever but i m not say in my home of this matter pls sir help me pls 7001047598

    1. Dear friend if your reply than tell them to send their office address and tell them to see in court than they will block you or they will not attend your call. then you call them from another no. and again asked the same and disturb them as much as possible finally they will ignore you. I also did the same with MP technology Lature. So don’t affered just you climb on them, they will run away.

    2. Dont be afraid, they dont do anything apart from threatening. Ask them their address. All Notices they give you are all fake, though made from advocate, ask them to file the complaint and let them come to the court. Also tell them that u will file return complait over them as FIR and coming with police to their place just ask them their adress..They will run away with 200Km/Hr

  4. Mexicon company provides data entry job is one of the fake companies……….it only uses to manipulate the thinking………. Even they don’t pick up call aftr providing the job…….this is nothing but a bullish thing they do with people..

  5. yes, there is 90 % of companies are scam in this data entry jobs,
    but it is very difficult to find genuine companies. even though
    register companies are also fake. please guide genuine company
    names which is providing data entry jobs with out making scam.


    Silver Stone Data Typing Offline Jobs Fraud, Cheating, Scam, धोखा |
    Website: http://silverstonedata.com/
    Address: South Extension-I, New Delhi – 110049
    Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
    Mobile No.: 8448160012, 8800602481, 8929991253, 8929993612

    Once I was searching online job, I found the job of offline data entry of SILVERSTONE DATA TYPE MANAGEMENT on the http://www.quikr.com website, and I applied. After that, I received a call and even mailed sample copy of work and how will be done. They inform me You will have to type 550 pages in 22 days from PDF to Microsoft Word file and we will give you 22,000 / – for typing 550 pages. But for that, you have to transfer of Rs 3600/ – in our company’s account as Registration charges. After that, you will get work and you will get all this on the company’s contract letter.
    I also needed money at that time, so I transferred money to the company’s account (Attachment 1). After that, they sent me 3 PDF files and the company’s contract (Attachment 2). I repeatedly typed 583 pages instead of 550 pages, day and night in 20 days. They said that you wait for 6 to 8 days, we will reply after checking the work. After 4 days they reply that your Accuracy level is less than 85% (Attachment 3), and there are some spelling mistakes (attachment 4) also and now you will not get any payment of this work – your contract has been canceled and now you will not be given any work in the future and even the registration charges will not be refunded. It is a clear cheat.
    My Thoughts :
    1. You see Attachment 2 – Company’ Contract page number 1
    See the date of the stamp paper on that 09/Nov/2018 and there is agreement date between me and the company 22/Feb/2019. It seems to me clearly cheating. It means this company is robbing many people on the same stamp paper.
    2. Mistakes (Accuracy level of less than 85%) – Attachment 4
    Yes, I also believe that there is hardly a member who does not make any mistake in typing 550 pages. It can happen to me, but the mistakes that they are saying, it is a fraud. I type 3 files… What is the Accuracy level that has been finalized by just 1 file? After checking all the files it should have seen the final.
    3. Registration Charges (3600/-)
    And if the company does not like my work then at least my registration charges will be refunded.
    There are many more such companies which are looting the people by making them crazy. Friends, I want to tell you people, please do not waste your time and money like me. Otherwise, you may have a loss both mental and financial. Be careful…
    If you want to know more or want to help me in this matter, please reply and make sure the comment …
    My Email: [email protected]

    Silver Stone Data Type Management
    About Us – Silver Stone Data Type Management
    Online Data Entry Jobs – Silver Stone Data Type Management
    Offline Data Entry Jobs – Silver Stone Data Type Management
    DATA ENTRY INDIA Reviews, Employee Reviews, Careers …
    Silverstone Management
    Data Centre Manager Jobs in Silverstone
    Working at THE DATA ENTRY COMPANY: Employee Reviews
    SilverStone data type management Delhi
    SilverStone data complaints
    silver stone management reviews

    1. Dear candidate,


      We are very glad to find you and thank you to give us your precious couple of minute to us.

      *I am sending you the company profiles and work details kindly check and revert as soon as possible.*

      Company Profile

      *First finger Corporation* is a Data outsourcing company which work for school, colleges and institutions and for NGOs, it is an educational or personal Data Entry work, and other customized services as per the requirement of the client. In business for more than eight years Data Entry Services India has been a guiding force in the Data Entry Services industry and has been committed to provide quality Data Entry Services to its client’s world over.

      Work Profile

      1. *Company will provide you PDF file in which you have type in MS Word as it is*

      2. You have download the given PDF files.

      3. You have to type 70 pages in MS word

      4. When you finish typing save the file and submit in given mail id.

      5. *[email protected]*

      6. Company will extend submission date maximum 1 to 3 days


      Joining Process

      1. Select a package

      2 . What’s app the deposition slip or details to us.

      3. Deposit amount only in the favour of company ( *First finger Corporation*).

      4. Company will provide you the *legal agreement for nine month*

      5. To deposit —- *U can pay easily through PAYTM*

      Thanks and Regards

      Business Executive
      *amit Kumar*


      *1) Trail package*

      Time slot = 8 days

      Work pages = 70

      Per page – 120 rs

      Registration fees = 900

      *Salary = 8400*

      *2) Silver package*

      Time slot = 10 days

      Work pages = 100

      Per page – 130 rs

      Registration fees = 1050

      *Salary = 13,000*

      *3) Gold package*

      Time slot = 15 days

      Work pages = 130

      Per page – 150 rs

      Registration fees = 2050

      *Salary = 19,500*

      *4) Platinum package*

      Time slot = 20 days

      Work pages = 165

      Per page – 170 rs

      Registration fees = 3050

      *Salary = 28,050*

      *5) Diamond package*

      Time slot – 25 days

      Work pages – 200

      Per page – 190 rs

      Registration fees – 5000

      *Salary – 38,000*


      *Pls choose any package*

      *If u have any queries pls let me know , I’ll assist u same*☺


      *You can check all the details.I you have any query please let me know.I’ll assist you same*

      Please tell me…is this fraud or geniune..,

        1. ನಾನು ಸಹ ಈ First finger corporation ನಲ್ಲಿ ನನ್ನ 70page ಕಾರ್ಯ PDF MS WORD ಮಾಡಿದ್ದು, ಇದನ್ನು ನಾನು quality check service ಗೆ 3000 ರೂ ಕೊಟ್ಟು ಪರಿಶೀಲನೆ ನಡೆಸಲು #Ashok Pradan ಇವರಿಗೆ ಕಳಿಸಿದ್ದೇನೆ ಇನ್ನೂ ಯಾವುದೇ ಫಲಿತಾಂಶ ಹಾಗೂ ನಿಗದಿಪಡಿಸಿದ ಹಣ ನೀಡಿಲ್ಲ

      1. I’m also got that same mail mam. If you know about the first finger corporation data entry company . Please let me know

    2. Sir USAFREELANCE company name.
      They said 200 pages link to ms word and the salary is 65000 . I worked and submitted in 10 days but they said u can submit on 25 days … I submitted in 10 days then they msg me that we tried to send ur payment but it needs minimum balance … And they charged me 1521 …. Then they said CRC charges , POC charges , PRDC charges and OUTSTANDING charges … So totally nearby 12000 rs …they have charged .. i am so confused … Then they said me wait for 24 WORKING HOURS …. i am waiting now but I am afraid of it that it maybe a fraud company and they were going to cheat me … So plz tell me that it is genuine or not .
      Company name : USAFREELANCE
      Ukoutsourcing in las angeles .

  7. Akhilesh Sharma

    Mexicon online home base data entry job is fake or not.
    this company make a legal notice for payment this is actual or fake? please help me

  8. https://user.magnumtechnopro.com/
    this company is real or fake.the company address is Magnum Tech, B-8, ADARSH COM, NEAR RACE
    I was searching for a home based jobs on quicker jobs and Magnum Tech representative called me for same they offer me 2000₹ for 700 forms s in 7 days but first day when i started my work after some time my account is blocked and next day they did not reply properly and on the evening they said i pay 7999₹ for maintenance charge when i refused they said they do legal action against me. Please solve my problem.

    1. Don’t get panic It is fake company. I am also registered in this site. and i am not submitting the work on time .so they said that complaint will be regestered on me at rajkot civil court . pay 21000 rupees to avoid further legeal notices thay said . but it was not real valid agreement. don’t pickup phone from that guys .

  9. i got a mail from [email protected] their company name is EON TECH

    their condition is below

    1500 Forms Will Be Provided To You That You Have To Complete In 10 Days.
    o Per Correct Form, You Will Get 20 Rs So Max. Earning Can Be (30000).
    o No Preregistration Fees, Fees Will Be Deducted From Your Final Salary.

    let me know fake

  10. Hello.. Please help me anyone. I TECH company has given data entry captcha per day 1000, in 10 days to 10000. But i did not worked that. After ten days They was called me. They are blackmail me pay rs. 8660. If am not paying,, they will go legal actions and cases. These are correct?? Please help me anyone. any suggestions please….

    1. I registet in quiker for online job.. i receive so many calls from companies.. i register in two or more companies.. then i heard that the companies are fake.. so i stop my work.. bt they call me and asked to pay penalty amount for breach of contract.. they harase me too.. in registration i gave my adhar card details.. and they send one degital agreement. Is it valuable.. when court will purnish me for that

  11. Sir mujhe magnum technology online date entey wala black mail ker raha mujhe online work bi ni diya hor ab bol raha ha ki aap ko paintly dani hogi sir meri help kero sir

  12. Is silver stone data management from south extension new delhi fake or real. Coz they didnt ask about my CV and directly ask me ro join. Though they showed their working criterias in email. But they are asking 360p/- which they ask from everyone..

    Plzz survey and let me know

  13. Plz chech whether the company is real or fake. I got the contacts in quiker.com. submitted all requirements but they have a criteria to pay 3600 for registration

    Plz survey and let me know

  14. I am also scam by a company which is type job.
    By my mistake i am register on that company and i am not able to complete thier work now they are black mailing me to pay 6000rs. Otherwise they are legelly processed on me.Now tell me what can i do.

    This has come to our notice that you did not submit the work with desired accuracy even after bounded with the contract terms. As per the contract you have agreed upon certain terms such as, to complete 800 forms with 90% accuracy within the stipulated time of 7 days but you are failed to do so and which is why we have incurred losses. We provided you the work at no cost for the quality work from your end however, you have let us down.

    Now, as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the legal agreement you are supposed to pay the penalty of Rs 6000 (4000 portal charges+ 2000 rs penalty amount) as soon as possible to the below mentioned account. We have to transfer this amount to our end client for not submitting their project with accuracy and on given period of time otherwise it will lead to legal consequences.

    Account No. – 50100132355742
    IFSC Code – HDFC0001701


    If you failed to do so then the company may take legal actions against you. For the same, we will be serving you the legal notice to your postal address against which you have to revert legally and we do have your ADAHAR card details with us so, we can deteriorate your CIBIL rating as well in course of non submission of your penalty amount. You can find lots of issues with your banking procedures also then.

    In order to dissolve this matter and save the time of both the parties you may proceed with the penalty amount of Rs 6000 at the earliest. As soon as you will pay the amount you will get NOC (No objection certificate) from our company.

    Legal Department
    +91 9205569251

  15. I NETWORK FRAUD OR REAL , ALREADY I AGRERED THATBWORK BUT THEY MAILME UR NOT COMLTETE THE WORK (captchas code) and paid to ₹5000, will i ay or not pl tell me. Tq

  16. Dear Friend’s,

    Fake – Magnum Technology.

    Aj same hamare sath bhi esa hi kuch hua hai mujhe bhi call aya that 11 may 2019 12:28PM ko Rohan Verma(7284905287) ka call online data entry ka kam start krne ke liye to mene us kam k liye yes bol diya uske bad ek or call aya 13 may 2019 mera registration kr diya un logon ne uske bad ek call aya Renu ke name se (6356301777) sabse bdi herani ki bat ye h mene jaise hi kam start kiya uske 3 hour bad bo id block ho gyi or uske bad 7 din bad 20 may 2019 ko call (7284898915) ata h or bo person kahta h m Magnum Technology ke Legal department se bat kr raha hun apne data entry ka kam liya trha jo ki pura nhi kr paya h to uske behalf pr apki file hamare pas ayi h Apke name pr case file hua h to agr ap case yahi khatm karana chahte h to apko . 15000 pay krne padenge nhi to ye mamla court me register ho gya to mamla kharab ho jayega to mene usko bola theek h apna legal work start kr m age apni tarf se bhi legal action lunga uske bad kl 4 bje somthing ek advocate Kuldeep ke name se call aya rajkot se or bola apne jo kam liya tha bo pura nhi kr pane pr apke against company ne court me Paper dale h or usme apko fine lga h . jo ki agr aj ap pay krte hen to ap ko only 99000 pay krne hen varna age apki marji age case hoga apke upr or warunt issue hoga joki bina jamanat ke hoga isme koi jamant nhi hogi.

    Or ab mujhe in numbron se dhamki a rhi h-7284904907Adv Rahul Kumar(Call pr bol rhe the m Rajkot Police station se bol rha hun apna name bta mene name nhi btaya or call kat diya ),7284898915 Adv. Kuldeep,

    So sabhi logon se bises anurodh h ki koi bhi online work dhoke se start mt krna apni hifajat ke liye

    Ye sari uski jankari h.
    7284898915 Adv. Kuldeep, 7284904907Adv Rahul Kumar,7284905287 Rohan Verma,6356301777 Lady

  17. shradha maheshwari

    There are two company “apparel data solution in India” another one is “Vilence Technology” I tried to find out on google about both companies but could’t find anything …they are charging 3500 rs for registration also giving me their gst no. Nd pan card no. To verify …. please help me to find out is it fake or real

  18. HBJ Servcies (www.hbjservices.com) is a fake company. I applied through quicker jobs. And i got a call from them. They said they will be sending 110 pages which i have to complete within 10 days. And the payment will be upto 28560. If the accuracy level is 85% and above i will receive the full amount. They didn’t ask for any registration fee. But they said will be deducting 13% work allowance from my project amount. Then I received mail from them which contains the pdf files. I started working on it and completed the work before deadline. After submitting the project they send me a quality report and payment details. They didn’t make the payment yet. When I tried calling them now one lady is telling i have to pay them work allowance amount of 4000 then only they will release my salary. Please don’t believe them. They are totally scam.

  19. HBJ Service – Data Entry / Fraud

    I applied for data entry work through quikr.com. I received a call from them on the next day. One Akhil called me and said he will be sending me an email with work details. They will be providing with 110 pages which i have to complete within 10 days. If i have 85% accuracy they will be giving full amount ie; 28560. They told me they won’t be charging any money for this. But they will be deducting work allowance of 13% from the project amount which i will be receiving. After that he send me employee from to fill the bank account details and my address. and also some recent payouts (which they created) I completed the work and submitted it before the deadline. After one day i received Quality report. In that it was mentioned i will receive the amount on 02-08-2019 by 9 pm. Till now i didn’t receive the payment. then i called them again one lady answered the call and she said i have to pay work allowance of 4853 rs then only they will release my salary of 23692 rs.Now they are blackmailing me for paying their charges. They have removed their website also. They are totally scam.

  20. i am trapped by PRIME SOLUTION AURANGBAD. he demanded 5000 and continusly blackmailing me .i am totally sacre. they said i have signed 11 month agreement and if i do not make payment today they charge heavy peanelty on me 50000. i belong from middle class familly i am not able to pay 50000. the advocate scaring me and said they file case against me.i am in depression . pls help me.

  21. Prime solutions is fake or real?pls rply me I am very afraid of getting threatening calls and I got a mail in that they said that they filed a case against me by Nilesh thakur to pay money is it real or fake pls tell me pls pls pls

  22. Plz meri help kro company walo ne call ki us company ka name Virual web services ka name that us company ka .fr unhone bola apko regrtration krvani pdegi fr apko kaam milga regrarion kravne ke baad .mere no pe ek link aya unhone bola ki es link ko copy kro adhar card or photo or sign upload kro ..fr Maine upload kro fr muje I’d no and pass word mila fr I’d open krke o kaam Maine start kiya .950 form fill kr e the 190 form fill kr chuki thi fr .Maine I’d band kr Di kaam krke fr jb main next day open kiya to I’d band ho gyi thi so fr o bolte passe dne pdnge nhi to illegal action lna hoga muje bhot jyda torcher r kr email bje kr kbi phone krke Abi msg aya ki muj 149 INR dnne pdnge ..BT muje smj n ra Maine apna kaam proper tirke se kiya or I’d b proper trike we band ki fr I’d kse bnd ho gyi muj ni pta main bhot tensn main hu plz meri help kro ..main ek poor family we belong krriti etne paase m mere pass AGR pass vote y kaam Ku lti main ..paso ki jurrt thi TBI Maine y kaam kiya SB muj o bhot torcher kr r plz meri help kro..plzz help me plzzz…notice vgra b bje re plz help me

  23. I want to know Vilence Technology is fake or real? They give online work as pdf and asking me for 3600rs for the security charges so please tell me they are real or not?

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