Ultimate List of All Fake Data Entry Company in India – Scam your Money

There are more than 500+ Websites on Internet demanding of Genuine Data Entry Jobs! However, 99% of them are a scam. Unemployment in India is the biggest reasons why people join fake data entry companies. Indian Students, Housewife, and Retired person are the most targeted people from those fake data entry companies. Here in This article, we came with an ultimate Solution that let you understand three things-

1. Which are the fake data entry company? Moreover, How to Detect Fake Data Entry Companys?

2. Tools I use to Check a website for Scam Data Entry Jobs? You will able to check scam typing jobs with 5 minutes like me!
3. An Ultimate List of genuine Data Entry Companys (No investment Required)

Let’s get started-

I will not go to take any name or going to provide you with any list of Fake Data Entry Companys because of two reason-

1. I don’t want any personal attack, since its low-level game.
2. Fake data entry company often (with 3-6 month) change there name so provided a list will be useless.

Easy steps to Detect Fake Data Entry Companys:

Fake Data Entry company in India

1. Is there any Investment?

If any of Data Entry Companys/Websites are asking for money for getting data entry projects is a big sign of a scam.
So, Never Ever join any Data Entry Jobs company asking for upfront payment.

2. How Old are the Websites?

Most of the Genuine Data Entry Jobs Provider websites are more than 5 Years old. So check out the Websites age before you sing up.

Websites Age tips:

  • One day-1 month: 100%Scam
  • One month – 6 months: 99% scam
  • Six months to 1 Year: Don’t Join
  • 1- to 3 Year: Review it before Join
  • 3-5 Years: You can take a chance.
  • 5-15 Years: Safe

3. Don’t confuse with MCA (ministry of corporate affairs) Name and Logo:

Some of the online Jobs scammers are so smart that they trick you with showing a fake company name and putting a logo of MCA (ministry of corporate affairs)
Once you visit they’re a website, you will be asked to check whether they are registered with MCA (ministry of corporate affairs) and also show you the age of registration of there company. (This is the trick guys, instead of showing their websites age, they will show you their company age)

So, to make clear!

Any company registered with MCA as a private limited does not mean they are genuine!
So don’t join any data entry jobs websites where MCA (ministry of corporate affairs) registration use as a trick. Check the age of the site first.

4. ISO Certification:

Did you know anyone can buy ISO certificate with just 3000 INR from Online? No audit and quality check required.
Don’t trust me, Click here and call them what you want an ISO Certificate without audit in the physical address and no quality check.

You will get ISO Certificate less than of 3000 INR.

5. Time Submission fake data entry companys:

Some of the online data Entry jobs company trick you with time submission while you work. You have to login into there portal, and there will be a time limit of 3-5 minutes to type a 5-10 line paragraph.
If you are expert types, you may able to complete the typing on time, but I sure there will be no time to recheck the spelling mistake or grammatical error.

Its a trick, guys.

Your work will reject a spelling mistake or grammatical error. That company wants there member not able to check spelling mistake or grammatical error.
So avoid this of time submission work.

5. High Target, Painful to achieve:

Most of the offline data entry jobs company gives you a target like this-

250 A4 Page typing at just 10 days

500 A4 Page typing at just 15 days

and Disaster, 1000 Page typing 25 days.

The target is so hard that you can’t complete it on time. If you work hard (Daily 10-12 hours of super hard work) final, you have to time of check spelling mistake or grammatical error.
Another trick, Your entire work will be rejected, and sometimes they threats you to take legal action against you, where legal action should be taken from your end.
Most of the data entry jobs target students & housewife, and they get afraid when this type of trade came across.
So don’t be afraid and if you ever received this type of threat you should not be scared, and complaints about them on consumer forums.

7. Search before swipe:

Don’t make payment to any data entry company unless you search their reviews online.
Let’s say you want to check a data entry company fraud or not?

Company name: abcd.com

Go to Google Search and type the following search.
abcd.com complaints, abcd.com reviews or abcd.com fake or real?

To take this next level, you can ask a question of scamdesk.com, and we will make inquire for you.

8. Don’t Trust payment Proof:

Using IO technology people make fake videos of Obama, So isn’t look so hard to create fake payment proof using photoshop tools? I guess not, So never trust a website who try to convince you showing fake payment proof.

Tools I use to Check a website for Scam Data Entry Jobs:

Websites Age check Tools:

Here are the few sites where you can quickly check any websites age.

Check ISO Certificate Genuinely:

Well, The sad part is checking ISO certificate authority online is not available right now. However, I use a trick that works alway.
First of all, download the ISO Certification and note down ISO certificate provider name. At the bottom of the certificate, there should be ISO certificate provider office address and websites URL.
Next, call them asking about that ISO certificate, The matter will be solved.

Alex Rank:

As per websites, popularity Alexa provides a rank to each of the sites. Click here and check any website Alexa rank.
If you found a website ranked more than 1,00,000 (global), you should avoid them.

Ultimate List of genuine Data Entry Company:

We have already published an article of Ultimate List of genuine Data Entry Company in India you can read over there.
I recommend CYBER EXPO Online Typing Jobs Since its free to join the program, so there is no chance of losing money.
This website has Alexa ranked at around 70K. Moreover, you can see its five years old.
Defentlry you should try this.
That’s it. Wish you scam free online experience.
Do let me know if you know any other tricks that help us detect online jobs scam?
If you want to know about any data entry company, lets us know by commenting Here.

153 thoughts on “Ultimate List of All Fake Data Entry Company in India – Scam your Money”

  1. ಅವಿನಾಶ

    First finger corporation ಕಂಪೆನಿಯ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಅಭಿಪ್ರಾಯ?
    ಯಾರಾದರೂ ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಕೆಲಸ ಮಾಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದಾರೆ?
    ಪತ್ರಿಕೆಯ ನೀಡಿ,

  2. Sandip Prajapati

    Bharat info type company, Head office:-
    Bharat info type
    401, Shivalik building, opp. Bank of Baroda, near by Central Mall, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad. Mobile : 9898646938. it is fake or not? PLEASE REPLY ME.

  3. Sir, I have also received a mail from M.P. Technology, a fraud company from Gujarat.
     Some of their employee called me on 18/11/2019 and told me about the work. I told them I want to think and read agreement. So need one day time. The employee said ok. But she asked me to just whatsup her the email link I received sothat she can keep it on hold for one day. But , on. 19/11/2019, when I opened link, it is saying successful. But I have not said yes. So the madam who called me and took email link from me, she has done it wrongfully. I can’t do this work. Now the employee is not picking up my call. Her phone number is +917229015931. 

    So kindly note that I have not agreed on this work and the madam has fraudulently registered me in this. So cancel this work. I can’t do it.
    And now that fraud company people are calling me and torturing me to pay them money and are have emailed me notice through advocate.
    I request you to take legal action against this fraud company for troubling me and mentally herrasing me. Also, the working of such fraud groups should be stopped sothat M.P. technology does not fool other people like this.

  4. I have also cheated by infosis company same condition and same agreement they have blocked me last words i said them by saying i am ready to go jail please come soon you are having my address than what is the matter come soon

    1. Bro they also sent you the advocate s message about filling
      A case on. Asking for money if yes plzz Email me im in tension

  5. Matrix data company fraud or true please mujhe koi btaye kyu ki unka mes aur call aaya h ki aap hume 15000 rupees de do aur humne aapki file court mai bhej di hai aapka vhi pe case hoga fir aapko jyada rupees dene padege please somebody explain it

  6. Get the best Updated job Provider for all job seekers The aim of Elivejobs.com is to find the latest recruitments, the latest educational articles and so on for all job seekers from various sectors, whether private or government.

  7. I’ve seen an ad in OLX for data entry work and I’ve contacted him. He told the company is ***Karan Infotech Pvt Limited, 2018*** explained the work asked to pay a security deposit to take work and send some sample payout proofs of the company. I’ve paid Rs. 1000 as believed him he is genuine. But after completing one week of work they are telling me that your accuracy is below 75% without sending the software-generated or manual report of my work. Firstly They will never attend the call of any person. They will only handle WhatsApp. I request everyone to avoid such kind of frauds and scammers. They will send the sample payout proofs before taking the work. But now I don’t believe that they are genuine proofs. I’m attaching a screenshot for the company to know more about it how they scam people. Olx is the worst platform in which 95% of scammers are available in the box and make us fools. Olx allows this kind of companies and make their money. Poor people lose there money and precious time.

  8. Techcaster company fake or real, they are threatening me to pay 5000 because i didn’t completed work and an advocate also called me and said that they are registering a case against me in court of pune.

    1. Don’t worry & don’t afraid They are all scammers. If they call u then u scold them they will keep quiet they not atall put any case on u. It is not possible to file any case against u just relax

  9. Raghu sravan kuar M

    Avin Advanced Solutions Pvt Ltd — Looting money for every step process
    I actually wanted to do online work from home data entry, due to covid my business is under loss. When i was searching for job in google i found a posting saying 100 pages 180 rupees per page & complete in 10 days to get Rs.2000 extra reward. SO i contacted the concerned person, her name is Deepika Kaur . She said u have to pay Rs.680 as registration and that will be given back to you when we refund your salary. OK i paid her next message she gives saying you have to create employee id for that you have to pay Rs.2, 350 and said this also will be paid back to you with your salary. After which i send, she agains says you have to pay Rs.9, 850 for providing work and said even that will come back to you with salary. i said you can take that amount from my salary . She said ok after lot of arguments. After completing my work i, i asked her where to submit my work. She said will provide you email id for that you have to pay Rs.9, 850 only then mail id will be provided . i paid them Rs.9850 you can take it from my salary, she said sir for email only you have to give otherwise email id wont be provided, i paid Rs.9850 . she said will deduct 20 paise per error.
    After submitting the given email id was [email protected], after this no correspondence email reply from them like acknowledgment nothing. she said u will get the amount in next 5 to 6 hours! i submitted in the evening 7pm., suppose get it midnight. didn;t get the amount .
    then i messaged her why no reply from you. There comes the main part saying sir you have 40% correction, you have to pay Rs.15, 500 as a correction fee only then we will send you correction list n then correct and send it again, but this time i said i wont send, told them to take it from my salary which they agreed to give up.
    Starting from employees fee to correction fee nothing was told in prior . everything when i ask why you are not informing prior she says no this is will last fee you will be paying.
    i request you to take severe action again this lady Deepika Kaur & the company AVIN ADVANCE SOLUTIONS PVT LTD.
    this is her number

  10. Akshay Nagargoje

    This letter informs you that you have taken online form filling job from AR ENTERPRISE and you did not complete/unsuccessful so that as per the terms and conditions you need to pay the penalty amount .after that we will process further procedure regarding your binding agreement, so kindly clear the penalty amount and close the agreement as soon as possible. If you do not clear the process then we will have to process the legal procedure as below :

    The upper section charges are accused against you regarding the breach of contract and after that, we will issue the legal notice to your current home Address:- ………………………………

    LEGAL NOTICE No – 6434/2020 – 2245.
    DISPATCH NOTICE NO – FF00123642/01.
    CONSIGNMENT NO – RGV2244589.

    Advocate Associate.
    Legal officer
    Legal Site:- http://lawentity.com

    By mistake i registered with this company… Anf after that …I received mail of legal notice which is mentioned above….
    I feel they are fake….
    What can i do now?

  11. Don’t pay. Jobs like converting 100 – 200 pdf to text document in word is 200% fake. I Also lost huge amount. Once I met a guy. He Provided a word document and said 90% of the pdf you are going to process is present in that file. First i don’t trusted. But When i checked with a page of my pdf in that file, out of 50, 45 lines present exactly in that document. The matter here is, All those fake companies have 1000s of pages. They can give same pages to multiple persons. If you are going to type 200 pages, 50 lines per page, 200*50=10000 Lines you are going to type. When checking their accuracy parameter, mostly if you get 10 error, your file will be rejected. 10/10000 is just 0.001% of error. If maxium error is 20 means 0.002%. This is not possible for human. Those companies knows this very well. When they are getting money, they know very well you are not going to receive payment. They are running a tool for check. All those 200 pages can be checked in few minutes. Also typing those content for whole day leads mental stress, physical issues, etc etc. Please don’t ever accept those like jobs.

  12. This is not looking like legal department. If legal means they will sent court notice directly to your address. Just reply them to meet on court.

  13. Jamuars Industry LLP data entry jobs..is it fake or real..if Someone can please help me with this..They are registered on mca and are asking for Rs1500-2000 as caution money (refundable)
    Kindly let me know if genuine or fake

  14. I got caught in the fraud of a company called Golden Enterprises.And they have sent me a legal notice and are threatening to pursue a case against me. I am very scared, I do not understand what to do

  15. Sinergysystems private limited is the fake data entry company.
    Friends,Please don’t believe that company.
    They provide MCA but its also fake.

  16. Recently I got a FORM FILLING WORK by a company named OPTIMAL DATA MANAGEMENT. At first,a lady called BHAVANA contacted me and sent all the company details, payment proof, demo work etc. The work was to complete 1000 forms in 10 days with min 90% accuracy. The payment will be done only if there is 90% accuracy, else I should pay an admin charge of Rs.3400 to the company.

    In order to check about the genuineness of the company and the job, I googled about this company and no such company was found and I couldn’t find any negative reviews or fraud complaints about them. So I asked them if someone from Kerala is doing this work and asked for their contact number in order to recheck about the company, but this lady Bhavana said that its against their policy.

    Eventhough I had many doubts, I still decided to give a try thinking something is better than nothing. The only plus point I found is that I could start the work without any registration fee and the reg amount will be deducted from the first payment. So I started the work…

    Some how I completed and submitted the work after lots of stress and strain. Most of the days I worked for almost 10 hrs. I cross checked all the forms 2 or 3 times before submitting to confirm that there was no error.After submission, I was informed that I will get the quality check report in 2-3 days and payment will be made accordingly.

    Now the tragedy begins.. I submitted the work on 29/11/2020 and got a call on 1/12/2020 telling that my accuracy is less than 90%. So I have to pay admin charges and if I denied they will move forward legally and will have to pay 15k-20k..At first I was shocked thinking how so many errors (208/1000) came in the forms which I had already checked many times. When I checked the quality report, many of the errors were just created by them. Some errors were not even an error and only very few real errors were there and that too some space errors..

    Then I understood how they have fooled me by creating this fake report. That whole day, they were keeping on calling me and msging me in a threatening tone to pay the admin charge of Rs.3400 immediately or else they will move legally. After 1 day they have send me a fake legal notice in which not even a single line have a proper English.

    Anyways I have planned to file a case against these FRAUD people..I don’t know if any action would be taken or not. Even then I am posting this here so that no one else would fall in the same trap.

    Following are their contact numbers

    Bhavana- +918483993284
    Rahul Sharma/ Mishra-7504749385
    Optimal helpline -7387115913
    Optimal data management -7058457624
    Legal department-7387037763

    Address-Ground Floor, Patil Wada, Lal
    Chowk, Opp bazar, Sinnar, Nashik, Maharashtra – 422103

    1. Same situation for me.i also accepted this work.22dec submission date is 31/12/20. After 2days I realised how is it possible.i spent nearly 5to 6hours now I am confused what to do.

  17. (Griffin Infosys) Fraud company
    I got a call from Rajesh Sharma (+91 ‪97270 43027‬) regarding data entry job and they give me an online agreement which I signed digitally. They give me 500 forms, which should be completed in 5 days. I did complete 180 approx forms and then my id is deactivated(on 2nd day). And now they are asking me to pay penalty for not completing the work. Their lawyer (rajeev ‪+91 99798 77485)‬ called me(on 7th day) and even sent me a so called legal mail with @gmail.com address and they wrote “in regards advocate associate” (lmao they said legal mail and used gmail.com). Its my luck that I knew that a legal notices is something that is sent to your home address with a propper stamp on it, a court or a advocate never emails you with spellings and grammatical mistakes.
    Its my first time getting scammed and I just ignored them because I didn’t pay any money but I advise others for your own security report them to legal authorities and don’t take any risks.
    This experience gave me so many information about the fraud jobs and broaden my view on legal aspects.
    I just advise others who experienced this not to be scared and just don’t pay any money and get in touch with your family, friends or someone who can help you. They are just scammers who fear legal authorities more than you and if anything happens don’t worry they can’t do anything with a photo of your signature or a agreement without any witnesses.
    Just one more thing if you experienced any of these please give their information like company name, website and phone numbers on social media so that others get the information and don’t get scammed.
    Fraud company name “Griffin Infosys”
    Fraud company Customer Care no. :-
    +91 99044 88940 | +91 76230 07130
    Their lawyer no. :‪ +91 99798 77485‬
    Their email: [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected](lmao advocate associate there is no advocates who uses these types of email addresses).

    1. Can they do anything. Same thing happened with me too and they are saying if i dont pay them 8000 then they will see me in court and then i will have to pay 50,000 to them

  18. C dnt belv dem bcoz i got cheated by online data entry plz b careful bfore u sign smthing dey guys will harrass u like ny thing b careful bfr u do….

  19. Computing Solutions Pvt Ltd, West Bengal. Took 3300 and then disappeared in thin air. showed MCA certifications and what not. i feel stupid but people doing this should be exposed, because some of us need to work for different personal reasons.

  20. I have also got the same threat by company named climent solution and the website ishttp://epubdatabase.com/(S(dl4f1oqkubvvwvdtlm4lplym))/Login.aspx please anyone tell. ME what to to
    I am 15 years old and I am very scared and I don’t tell this to. My family please anyone help me

  21. I got this data entry job and they asked me to pay rs.500 then I’m just doing it I just wanted to know weather this company is real or fake the name is task charge bPo service

  22. E. Vasanthakumar


    Chennai 1 Etc Tower, Pallavaram Ring Road, Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam Road, MCN Nagar Extension, Thoraipakkam, Chennai – 600097, Tamil Nadu.
    Fraud Anu – +91 7548829410
    Fraud Nishiya – +91 7548843755
    Fraud Santhosh – +91 7548853807
    SQ Solution
    Square Solutions
    Square Data Entry
    Fraud Venkat – 9392504645 | 6300456618

    Learn Mark
    Isha Agarwal – 7209739572
    Radhika – 7644073853
    Vikas – 7209810176
    Smart Digital Infotech
    Address: 2162, First Floor , Guru Arjun Nagar, New Delhi (India).
    Email : [email protected]
    Mobile : +91 9319822238 | 7393890228

  23. Ulta tech company fraud hi first unlog nay kaha tha 800 forms sahi hona chahiye phr unlog much case bolre my nay work b Kiya

  24. Gujarat based all data entry companies are fake….me too have a bad experience dont ever give money to nay company…..even ihad paid them 15000 and even though they sent me legal notice and call

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