What Happen to me when I Join in fake SMS jobs websites? Scam Story – Section 1

So what is “Scam Story in www.scamdesk.com”? – You know in a week I received 10-25 complaints about online jobs scam and how people losing money on this fake sms jobs. Many people write so many shocking facts about India’s Online Jobs scammer. From how they found such scammer website to how they join and lost money, everything will be covered in this Section. We decided to write about all type of online Jobs and how people got scammed. At the end of each article we will review such scam jobs and help you to hell out of this. Also we have amazing tips to get free online jobs without get scammed- So are you ready?

Scam SMS Jobs: Why it’s a scam?

People who searching for Online Jobs on Internet 75 out of 100 people are the victim of fake SMS job. Its biggest bad practise that India people like to work in SMS Sending jobs. Look like some people are blind that that can’t see this open scam. Think how you suppose to earn money by sending few SMS? Is it possible to earn money by sending few stupid SMS? A company can get free SMS from online and send unlimited SMS using internet. Why should they pay big amount when they can send sms@5p.

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Top 100 FAKE EMAIL SENDING JOBS Websites in India

How people got trapped in fake SMS jobs?

From Newspaper ads to classified listing, everywhere you can see such a scam ads like of fake SMS Sending jobs. India is place where students, housewife, and unemployed person need extra money to fulfil their desire. Most of the time they look for quick money without doing hard work. This is the primary reason to get attracted on such scam ads and losing money online.

How much money people lost in fake SMS jobs?

The average registration for a fake SMS job is Rs-300 – Rs- 10,000, every day 10-15 people decided to join and earn big money, finally lose everything.

Is there any way to refund your money from fake SMS jobs?

As most of the registration fees are made via cash deposit so there is no such legal way to refund your registration fees once you paid in a scammer account. Also you can’t able to find office address as they used fake website name and office address.

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What to do if you already lost your money in Fake SMS jobs?

Go to your bed and cry for 1 hour. They go to the police station to lodge a complaint. All thought it’s not going to help you to refund your money (Waste of time) you can write your story and send it to us for publishing purpose. It’s may make some sense someone like you.


Meet Mr. Jitendra Patel who lost So much money in Fake SMS Job:

Ateltelecom Complaints:

My name is Jitendra Patel I have recently check out Atel telecom , the website address is Ateltelecom i find this website on newspaper Ads I make a phone call on – 7542937102 and try to subscribe them . I have a complaints against Atel telecom with website address  Ateltelecom that they have scam my hard earned money that is- 3200 i want to informed all my friend that before join/subscribe/apply or buying any service from this Atel telecom with website address  Ateltelecom you can contact me on Jitendra Patel Ph/mob number: +91 7600336433 my email address is: [email protected] i have lot of  interesting information to tell you about this Atel telecom company. I will help you all lot.

How Jitendra Patel Lost money in Ateltelecom

I have a complaints against Laxmikant bharti S/he caused me loss 3200 My complaints is Sending SMS job registration fees 3200/- I am credited his BoB bank ACC.

Atel telecom Company Details:

Atel telecom Ateltelecom 7542937102 Laxmikant bharti Aishwarya house, 1-3-1026&1027, near hotel marriott courtyard, singadikunta, kawadiguda, Hyderabad 500080 3200

 Ateltelecom Complaints Summery :

Fake Company Name:
Atel telecom
Fake Company Website:
Company Phone number:
Complaints Against (Person name)
Street Address Aishwarya house, 1-3-1026&1027, near hotel marriott courtyard, singadikunta, kawadiguda,
City Hyderabad
Postal / Zip Code 500080
How much money did you lost:
Your Full Name: Jitendra Patel
Your Contact Number: +91 7600336433
Your E-mail address:
[email protected]
Your Mobile number: +91 7600336433
How did you find This Website?
newspaper Ads
Your Complaints Details: Tell us Everything as much as possible:
Sending SMS job registration fees 3200/- I am credited 
his BoB bank ACC.

Sincerely: Name: Jitendra Patel Ph: +91 7600336433 Email Address: [email protected] Mobile: +91 7600336433

When you call me don’t forgot to mention that you have read this Atel telecom complaints / or Ateltelecom review on www.scamdesk.com (India’s Best scam adviser website)

Message From Scamdesk.com This complaints is raised by Jitendra Patel We want full support from Atel telecom web- Ateltelecom so that Jitendra Patel can get a resolve of this complaints. Any administrative person from Atel telecom can contact us or just answer this complaints below.

Is there any way to get Genuine SMS Sending Jobs?

If you are looking for Online SMS Sending Jobs then all of them are fake. Out of 100 or 100 website who demands SMS Sending jobs are scam. If you see any ads like earn money from SMS sending jobs first contact police and report against them.

If you really want to earn money from SMS Jobs you can start it by own. Here you can find a guide on how to start your own Genuine SMS sending jobs from home. (Earning up to 15,000/month)

Conclusion: Never ever Join SMS Sending jobs or SMS Job online. I guarantee you no one ever earns from such scam SMS jobs. You are going to victim of a scammer. Stop and do research before you join. If required asked us by let us know the company name. We never let you lose your money to scammer. What do you think about it? Have Comment to let me know!

5 thoughts on “What Happen to me when I Join in fake SMS jobs websites? Scam Story – Section 1”

  1. i just came across this ad in Pune mirror so I thought it would be trust worthy and have him a call and he guided me through the scheme that
    after i deposit cash in Canara Bank that is 1150rs and after a hot their executive will arrive and i will beg getting a laptop,à sim card, a phone, with data connection. just wanna ask what should i do i have not paid the money yet.

  2. Atel, now adding in Denik Bhasker Newspaper. Fraud to others, why are they not arrested?

    Right now there contact nos. are:
    1. 9661280584
    2. 7320960651
    3. 8084930265
    4. 8114503444

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