Are you frustrated for Google AdSense Low CPC Rates in India? [Resolved]


Last 3days Saturday, Sunday and Monday I got an average CPS of $0.05! You are here means you may be wandering about why Google AdSense pay too low CPS rates for your website? Well, I am not so popular blogger or getting big revenue from Google AdSense but I make a lot of research on CPC rates in India, and have an experience to talk Google AdSense team Singapore over the phone. First shocking think I want to share that most of the India blogger searching a ton of time for “How to increase Google AdSense CPC rates and most of SEO Blogger try to misguide by written sweet False information like Targeting High CPC Keyword can increase AdSense CPC. So I decided to write up the most reality behind low CPC Rates for India Blogger.

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Forget About High CPC Rates Keyword:

I read up to 30 popular blogger articles on AdSense CPC rates. They are always motivating people to use Google adwords and search High CPC rates keyword for blog post. Its definitely not a good practise to increases your CPC rates. Also you Google declare that it a myth that most of people think writing on High CPC keyword will increases AdSense CPC rates. Here you check it yourself.


Why I am not targeting High CPC Rates keyword:

I am very serious about my blog niche, I love to write on my favourite topic, no matter what keyword is going to targeted for Google search. So if I only target high CPS Rates keyword then, I may miss to write one of favourite topic. Ultimately targeting High CPC rates keyword kills my Creativity.

  1. Google adwords is for advertiser not for AdSense’s publisher, so your adwords CPC rates does not affect your AdSense earning. I have found some keyword in Google adwords with suggest bit of Rs. 1200 , that’s means if someone try to advertise into that keyword then they have to pay Rs-1200 per clicks but when I search for that keyword I found nothing on Google ads. So the reality is advertiser look for those keyword are suitable for their business. They never think about Suggest bits rates on Google adwords. So if you target only high CPC rates keyword into your blog does not means advertiser are fall in love to pay at websites.
  2. So as you only targeting High CPC keyword that’s means you are looking for money not value of your visitor. My first priority is writing for my blog visitor, they I try to convert them into a subscriber after that passive earning from Google AdSense. Remember blogging is not for earning but for showing your creative into your visitor. I think advertiser never like a blog with mentality of earning money instead of giving value to their reader.
  3. My freedom is writing what I like, but writing on some specify keyword is like am doing work like as robot. So always write what you love!

Never give up for Google AdSense Low CPC:

Before expecting big revenue from Google just look at your blog! And asked few question to yourself!

  1. Are a popular blogger in your country?
  2. Do people love to read your blog?
  3. Are you manage to convert your visitor into a subscriber?
  4. Do people comment on your blog post?
  5. How many page view you have in day?
  6. Is there any plan to move your blog to the next level?

I advise you not to count how much article into your blog but count the how much people love read your article. If your CPC rates are low, just forget about and create a goal into your mind. For example I have goal of getting 10,000 page views per day, getting alexa rank with in 30,000 and probably a page rank of 2 or 3 from Google. I never look for earning but I always work enthusiastly for reach out my goal. I have a plan to work hard into my blog for upcoming 5 year to getting desired success. After 5 year my blog surly get a good CPC rates and amazing revenue. But if I keep thing about current blog CPC probably its fire my mind and I lost my target. Everyday morning I wake and think about write a awesome article on my favourite topic and I never give up hope for my low CPC rates.

Try to write for everyone not for specify country:

Some blogger can advise you write for US and Australia and avoid focused in India. But I think it’s a frustrated blogging tricks. As I am India I am very well with India culture, I have better experience to work out and understanding how an India thing about and what they like to read on internet! So write freely and let your blog reader decided from when they came to read your blog.

Be popular blogger:

If I am Google adwords adverting on display network I always like to publish my ads into a popular websites rather that a less popular website. I think adverting never mind to pay some extra to publish their ads in a website that has ton of visitor, good alexa rank and Google page rank reputation. Also trusted blogger can get more priority to display better CPC rates ads.

Try to reduce Bounce rates to avoid Google AdSense Low CPC:

Instead of thinking about Google AdSense CPS you should consider to reduce bounce rates. If a visitor land into your websites and return by disappointing, it’s certainly affect into your Google AdSense CPC rates. Try to busy your reader to study your blog for viewing more post, it’s give Google some time to offer more relevant ads to the visitor.

Improve Website design and navigation:

Does your website design and navigation is okay? Try to clear what your offer into your blog. Use Quality navigation and menu bar to Mapped everything into your blog. Try to use CDN and optimize your website for better page loading. Don’t lose your visitor for bad navigation.

Time: Time can change everything , if you not satisfied with your Google AdSense earning they don’t be disappointed , keep writing into your blog , give some time for be popular and getting some quality page view. Blogging success is depending on your patient and hard work.

Finally, Believe it “Effort never die”:

Yes Effort never die! So let your effort to win your success. Whenever you are being frustrated just clear your mind and start work over. I am 100% sure if you believe into the sentence effort never die you will get success not defiantly but certainly!

Please Understand AdSense is not quick earning or get rich quickly. You may finding some quick solution for increasing your AdSense CPC rates, but trust me there is not short cut. Be a successful blogger, work hard, and spend time and effort, and you be successes to manage high CPC rates. Best of luck for your blog. Let me know now and after 5 years how much successes you have reached.

10 thoughts on “Are you frustrated for Google AdSense Low CPC Rates in India? [Resolved]”

  1. I wish to show thanks to you just for bailing me out of this particular trouble. I have also checked for other blogs articles on that subject, but following high CPC keywords kills my ideas. I have read your article and now I focus on my site’s design. Once again Thanks a lot :).

  2. Sir, before I got .90 $ per click after that I changed ma website to WordPress cms and I only clicked afterthat my account got banned and afer that I started with new Adsense account and now I am getting .05 to .15$ cpc … The main reason for clicking is I can’t afford webhostng cash..

  3. Awesome Article . You tell the Reality of Indian Bloggers that Indians Cann’t get good CPC but we should target on Our visitors and Page views.

    I am agree with your view that We should not try to write on unintersrted article to increse CPC because If a Like to write on Health then Why should I write on Technology If has high CPC.

    By the Way How much CPC you are Getting from your blog and How Much you are Earning from You Blog monthly.

    1. Totally confusing article for the experts. Google adsense program is not a sweet way to earn as I feel after 5 years But I am agree with your view that We should not try to write on uninterested article to increase CPC for the Google Adsense. Because If a Like to write on Technology then why should I write on Medical If has high Cost per Click.

  4. This is a great article brother, you are indeed a genius, truly, writing about your niche is the best way to increasing earnings in adsense. I have suffered low cpc rates on my site, reading different articles about targeting high cpc is a total rubbish and misleading information. Now i am quite relaxed after going through your article, i am calmed. Thanks for taking out time to encourage bloggers.

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