HTML tagging jobs – Is It a Scam or Legitimate System?

So do you want to start HTML Tagging jobs? Sound like a pro jobs as the word HTML look very complex and techno. But the reality of this online job is negative. I have seen so many scams reporting against HTML tagging jobs on consumer forums. Many people lost big amount in this jobs, some of people demand it’s a better internet jobs than offline data entry or typing jobs. So what is the actual true behind this HTML tagging jobs? Let do find it and naked the scam.

So what is HTML Tagging Jobs?

Actually it’s an offline data entry jobs. But some of online jobs website now give this typing jobs a new look of HTML tagging , first of all you have to register for HTML Tagging Jobs online by paying big registration fees. Now you will be provide a project (may be 100-250 pages) to work. You have type those pages into a notepad files and at the end of each page typing you have put html tag (both in the header and footer) some of internet jobs provider website may help you to learn how to put html tag into note files. Finally you have to save those files as .html extension, here you done.

So you might be understand that basically it’s an offline data entry jobs with additionally work of putting html tagging. As you are doing some extra work as well as typing you will be assured by your project provider that your payment will double than a regular offline typing job.

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So why people prefer HTML tagging jobs than offline data entry jobs?

Since internet jobs are here in India, each day thousands of people are lost money. Offline Data entry jobs are the biggest scam of online Jobs in India ever done. So unlike other online jobs people now start hating this offline typing jobs. So as per our research few online jobs scammer now take this offline jobs to next level with few modification and named it as HTML tagging jobs. This scammer tries to hide the scam offline data entry jobs from the Online Jobs seeker.

If you do search for both HTML tagging jobs and offline data entry jobs you can see the deference that the payment ration is double that offline data entry job. So most of the people prefer this jobs as it’s not sound like scam offline data entry jobs and the payment ration is double (Like get rich Quick Scheme)


Here in we called this job as HTML Stupid tagging jobs!

Ha ha ha , do you want to know why I saying like this? Let me explain, if you goes internet you find lot of tools and website available to convert notepad text to html. So why should you sit offline and typing stupid html tag to each pages of your projects? For an example if you want to put html tag in 250 pages project you need to spend 5 minutes X 250 page = 20 Hours. But the same work can be done in free by free text to html converter website. So funny right? So the concept of html tagging jobs looks like a fake. They are actually making you fool by this type of stupid work.

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Is HTML tagging jobs is new way to make people fool?

Off Course yes, First off all look at the few complaints on consumer forum, how people lost their money in this scam jobs-

The reason not to join in offline data entry jobs is to for their term and condition. 100 of 100 works will be rejected on QC report every time. Look at the few dangerous Term of Service here below-

Extra/Missing Line Each Line 10%
Mismatched Text/Word Each Three Errors 5%
Extra/Missing Text/Word Each Word 2%
Other Line or Duplicate Text/Word Each Word 2%
Html Coding Not Used Each Page 1%
Wrong Html Coding Each Page 1%
Lastly you have do this f**king work only in 10 days.

So in your 250 pages of work if you make 2 Extra/Missing Line Each Line (10%), 2 Mismatched Text/Word Each Three Errors (5%)  and 1 Wrong Html Coding Each Page (1%) then in your QC report will be like that- 31% wrong work.

Note: If you read Offline data entry jobs or HTML tagging jobs term and condition you might be notice they are saying in “%” but actually it’s 100 point and for each mistake they will deduct 5-10 point(%) from your work.  It’s impossible to anyone to type 250 pages in 10 days with making 3-4 mistakes. And this little mistake (can be proof read only by 5 minutes) will cost you 100%-31%= 69% in your QC report. No payment will be done if your QC report is less than a 70%.

Look at this comment made on consumer forum-

Flora Infotech Solution — FRAUD COMPANY


Why there is not reality behind HTML tagging jobs?

Recently police caught an offline typing jobs scammer and by scanning his laptop police found that the work he provides to their client is same work to each one. And the documents you supposed to be typed in notepad files is actual a copy paste data from web. They just change the font (hand writing font) and print out in low quality paper. When they scan those papers they set the resolution as low as they can. So reading of such paper will be more difficult and increases the chances of spelling mistakes.

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Why HTML tagging jobs is a Scam?

  1. It’s actually offline Data entry job which is a big scam in India.
  2. HTML Tagging is a stupid idea, already talk about it.
  3. How could you expect you will get paid by typing some fake copy paste web files.
  4. No reality or Gov. Project to outsource.

Is there any way to Get Genuine html tagging jobs from home without investment?

Some of chip people might be thing to do find a HTML tagging jobs from home without investment; it’s another way to waste your time. Stop as the entire concept of this work is scam.

What if you have already lost money in html tagging jobs?

He, so you search online jobs blindly and now try to figure out how to refund the money from the scammer. Well don’t feel along. Put your name, email address here below with the story of how you lost your money. We have a freelance law student’s team to help you. Hope we will give you some positive hope.

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So how do we earn money instead of scam html tagging jobs?

For last coupler of money I have been working 10-15 (every day in Clixsense) its oldest company that I found on internet offer free online jobs. Read my Clixsense review and how I made $20 from here.

Few more word: Recently I have search for ad posting jobs and found that few of company from India still offer genuine ad posting job. I have recommendation for you if like to star passive income from online ad posting jobs.

Asking for do comment: So how we did this review? Let me if like my way of naked scam of HTML tagging jobs? I AM waiting 🙂

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