Honest Review of instagc.com- Is it Possible to earn a $300/per month?

On the internet when it’s time to earn passive income there are a lot of bloggers refer people on various GPT websites. But at the end hard earning wasted. So before you guys sing up for InstaGC Me (Sri Ram) give you an honest review that helps you to take a dissection whether to work on InstaGC or not. Let’s begin…

What is InstaGC?

InstaGC is a popular GPT site where you will reward point for downloading apps, watching the video, sing up for free trail apps and completing the various task on InstaGC websites. Later you can exchange your point to money by withholding directly into your PayPal account or you can redeem lots of digital gifts in exchange of your point. In India, you will be exchanged Rs-63.00 on each 100 point you earned.

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Tips to Register a new account in InstaGC:

Two thing you need to pay attention before to sing up for InstaGC acoount

  1. If you are from India, make sure you have verified PayPal account.
  2. Your PayPal profile name and address should match with your InstaGC profile details.

Now let’s begin, here is InstaGC sing up form to get started your first steps. (Click here to get 10 free points) Fill the form by providing your username, first name last name(matched with your PayPal account) and password,

Hit on sing up button and you will be automatically redirected to PayPal extension in order to link your instaGC account with your existing PayPal account. On the next steps, it will ask you to provided your PayPal login credential. It’s done.

Now you can Complete the various task and earn a point as per your speeded time.

Cash out- The final steps is money talk. Once your riche the minimum earning point you can withdraw your payment in the form of gift card or directly to the PayPal account.


Honest Review of instagc.com- Is it Possible to earn a $300per month scamdesk

Popular Task in InstaGC:

1. Earning point by installing the Apps:

So you have an android phone and love to try new apps from play store right? Why not use InstaGC recommend apps and earn a point when every you are going to use their apps. Remember you have to keep those apps for a certain time to redeem the point.

2. Answering sales call:

Personally, I hate sales call but if you are guys to love to buy online products like a crazy then there is a big opportunity is here for you. As soon as you answer sales call you will get point from InstaGC. Remember the sales executive guys can offer anything to sales and do the level best in order to convince you.

3. Click (Receive points by visiting and browsing websites):

You can click on listed website into your InstaGC account and you will be reward few point for spending time.

4.Offer: (Receive points by doing offers such as downloading software, filling out surveys, and more.)

Another way to Earning point from InstaGC is using a cool offer from the dashboard.  InstaGC offer lot of new software download offer, survey and more.

5. Shopping:

who does not love to shop online? So why not using InstaGC dashboard while you are shopping and grab few extra point while placing a new order.

6. Crowd flower task:

We already talk about InstaGC’s GPT (Get paid to jobs), here you can earn by competing for various task. Listed into Crowdflower websites. This is the micro task and each time you are beginning paid while you complete work successfully.

7. Trails:

Take a trail of any product form InstaGC and earning up to 900 points in return. This one is awesome and my favorite. You can see there will be various trail offer available into InstaGC dashboard. Don’t worry it’s all free to just enjoy it.

8. Video:

Love to watch video on YouTube? Why not make a habit to view video from InstaGC network and earn a point on each time when you completing watching a video.

Is it Possible to earn a $300/per month from InstaGC?

Now the biggest question needs to discus. I have seen a lot of bloggers to talk about $10 goal in InstaGC! So is it really possible to earning $10 in a day or a $300/per month from InstaGC? No, typically NO. (Unless you are going to use my prime tips) No matter how task, offer and video you are completing in InstaGC still its look far to earn $10. Also, many of micro task works demand payment from InstaGC is so less and comparing to spending the time it’s not profitable at all. But your hard work really appreciates good earning from InstaGC. And again if you are using my Prime Tips may you can riche the goal of earning a $300/per month from InstaGC.

Prime Tips to earn handsome money from InstaGC:

Don’t be disappoints as affiliate marketing is there. So you can refer a lot of people in InstaGC and earn a good point. But in order to do this, you must have an good blog with decent number of traffic. Also, you can use social media power and tweet and earn job to get more point.

What can an India people do with InstaGC?

After working in InstaGC GPT jobs as an India I have been very disappointed become most of the time I have no offer, calls and suitable trail to grab. So my earning from micro jobs is almost noting. But still, I am using InstaGC affiliate marketing to refer people and got the satisfying point.

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Let me know what you guys thing about InstaGC? Should I post an article on porn and corns of InstaGC! Do comment ! have a share! Stay tune!

2 thoughts on “Honest Review of instagc.com- Is it Possible to earn a $300/per month?”

  1. ARV tech services online job provider is a big fraud in Indore. I paid 1000/- and next day onwards no response.fraud person is Aslaam khan

  2. They blocked me from cashing out after I posted a bad review on Pissed Consumer about a NON-PAYING survey. Then they REVOKED a bunch of previous gift card cashouts!!!!Tango cards do not work like traditional gift cards. They are ONLY available as rewards OR if you have a “funded” account (which is really only for businesses). You get a tango egift card which can LATER be used for the gift card of your choice on the tangocards.com web site. Because Andrew Day had a hissy fit over a bad review (oh noes!) and [blocked my access to rewards (and chat LOL) “until I mark it resolved”](http://i.imgur.com/BIGWm8Z.jpg) The PREVIOUSLY cashed out and deposited INTO my OWN Tango Card account gift cards were ALL sent to ZERO. I have contacted the BBB, Tangocards.com, FBI Internet Fraud, The FTC, and his domain provider GoDaddy to inform them of his FRAUD!

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