After Reading this you will Never Join in SMS Sending Jobs!


Starting a SMS sending jobs and earn from home is one of my dream that killed by SMS sending jobs scammer in India. Few weeks back my dad lost job and my mom need money to help her. I decided to earn some quick money by doing home base SMS sending jobs. I asked many of my friends about mobile sms jobs and some say all SMS jobs are fake! Some say with hard work I can win money. As I don’t have any computer so I decided to start some research from my friend computer. I Search and find there is a lot of website are now on Internet offering Online SMS jobs. I have decided to join and choice to join in Plan 4 with registration fees 5,500. I called them and they assure me that I can earn 63,000 in 30 days by sending 900 SMS from my cell phone.  I fill amazing that I am going to rich very soon. Now I have a golden swan that pay me Rs. 7.0 for sent an SMS only. I thought it was the best of best online jobs in the worlds and plan to get the money for registration fees.

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So, how I collect SMS Sending jobs registration fees amount?

First I try to ask some of my friend, as of my expectation no one are ready to help me. I decided at any cost I need to collect that amount for SMS Sending jobs registration fees and dream about after 30 days I have 63,000 to spend. But all the way to get the money is closed and I decided to sacrifice my bike and mortgage it to the local shop with 7,000.

After collecting money i was so excited and spend a sleepless night-

My first step to get into the fake SMS Sending jobs trap:

On the next morning I wake and buy some Free SMS top up card. I called , they guide me to book a demand draft In favour of the “FALCON NET MARKETING” Payable at Mumbai only. I complete the procedure and again I called them on 9619 503 273 then message me their office address to send the demand draft. Also they request me to not to send using normal postal service use register post or courier. I have done everything and wait for my dream jobs. In the meantime I have planning what I am going to do with first payment that is 63,000 and create a list of product that I am going to buy for my mom.

After Reading this you will Never Join in SMS Sending Jobs!

What the hell, mobile sms jobs is an MLM:

Finally I got an text message into my number and they told me to send this message to 900 people and also called them to join in ,  well I start sending SMS to my friend and family and call then to please join on most of my friend fire on me and joking over me that I am scammer and I am sending scam jobs advertising and doing an illegal MLM Marketing. Then I realise the master plan of . So it’s a scam and when I send message to new people get some new stupid to join through me. It’s big fraud & Multi-level marketing on a scam jobs. Well, still I complete the task and send 900 SMS to my friend circle.

My Payment for SMS Sending Jobs:

As I complete everything, now I decided to call once again to and said them that I have done my SMS Jobs from Home, now pay my money. They asked me to called after 3 days and disconnect the call.

I try to call again after 3 days and they said I have done everything wrong and I am not eligibility for payment.

Now I was totally depressed by this scammer, I was so angry and asked them to return my registration fees amount.

They are laugh on me say lol and reply me we can’t refund your money do whatever you can!!

I am on big trouble, I lost my money, lost my 30 days of time and my bike is on mortgage. I need to help my mom dad and now I need help from them.

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I try to kill myself for this fake SMS Sending Jobs:

I fill so sad and helpless; all my dreams are being killed by this, in a time I decided to give up and quite my life. But I found over internet and they are really amazing man by fighting against Online Jobs scam in India.

What happen when I contact for recovery my money scammed in SMS Jobs?

I send an email to [email protected] and tell my sad story about how cheats me. I tell everything about my family situation and our money problem. They assure me that they gone a help me to refund my money from

But these guys are in are really a criminal and does not refund my money. But Sri Ram (admin of tells me that they are going help me and send me 5500 into my dad bank account. This was a miracle, I really cry when I see itself return my money.

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What I learn from Sri Ram about SMS Sending jobs in India:

  1. I thought there will be some Genuine SMS sending jobs website in India, but Sri Ram Says 100 of 100 websites on SMS Sending jobs are scam NO ONE ARE GETTING PAID FROM THIS TYPE WEBSITES.
  2. Each day 10-20 new website are launched and start scamming people in the name of SMS Jobs.
  3. Lot of people like me are afraid to doing hard work are want to earn quick cash, ultimately they fall on such a fake SMS Jobs from Home or Email sending jobs.
  4. com helps people by sparing awareness on such a SMS Sending jobs fraud scheme.
  5. com decided to Make India clean from all type of fake Online Jobs , SMS Sending jobs , Email Reading jobs , and any other fraud Online part time jobs.

Why No one Get paid From SMS Sending Jobs?


We Indian always try to earn quick cash , we always want to earn money without doing any effort , that is the most reason we are attracted to such a this type of SMS sending jobs , There is no business concept behind this SMS Jobs. Can you imagine why this SMS Sending jobs guys supposed to ready to pay Rs. 7 for sending an SMS , If they can really able to pay that so much amount then India will take over every country and everyone get rich and travel on car by doing SMS Sending jobs, The Most stupid concepts for India stupid People.

How Much Money People lost every day in Fake SMS Sending Jobs?

We received 10 comment , 7-10 New question and 3-5 email each day , every one say that their money are getting scammed after joining in SMS Sending Jobs. So we get an idea that al-list 20-25 people are looting money and some of them really need money like me.

It’s a time Stop this , Join write some awesome article on Online Jobs scam and help Sri ram make India clean from Online Jobs scam.

SMS Sending jobs is nothing but a MLM big crime in India:

Do you know MLM is a biggest crime in India? After join in SMS Sending jobs company , oh sorry not company fraud website you will be provide an SMS templates to send your friend , If you send 900 SMS in a month may be 5-10 of your friend get trapped by those Fake SMS Sending jobs provider. So who is responsible if your friend loss their money on a fake SMS Sending jobs after seen your Scam SMS.

Guys don’t Join any SMS Sending jobs website and stop other to join their. If you received any SMS on scam SMS Sending jobs, informed it to police as well as informed it to your friend on SMS jobs scam.

Give up SMS Sending jobs and earn from clixsense: no Registration fees:

You may fill disappointed after reading this social awareness on fraud SMS Sending jobs. You are planning to earn some money by doing SMS sending jobs but we just killed your dream. But we also save your money. I got some awesome earning tricks from clixsense , with the help of scam desk’s FREE Jobs setup to Earn 12, 800.00/month (worth $99) you can earn excellent money and it’s without investment , so what do you think about to move your life into new way to earn passive income-

Now I am going help scamdesk by naked all SMS Jobs:

Finally I got my money back through and start thinking about how can I help these awesome guys behind scamdesk. I send an email and asked Sri Ram that I want to help them by join into their fight. He welcomes me to write more and more awareness article on scam SMS Sending jobs and scam online jobs. This article is the beginning of my fight Against Scammer.  Support me by commenting below. Let me how you are going to spared awareness on Fake SMS Sending jobs. Let me if you still want to join in any SMS sending jobs?

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20 thoughts on “After Reading this you will Never Join in SMS Sending Jobs!”

  1. i want to earn money. i am from india. am a student. i want money for my expenses and for study. please suggest me some ”copy paste” onlinejobs. cuz i also got stuck in a fraud years ago. am from india. and thankyou for awarness. this blog help me alot. i also have a blog but i didnt get much popularity yet.

  2. Falcon Net Marketing do not deal with this company big fraud many people have been victim they provide work at home job such online data entry job when we joining they are helpful to solve our queries but after joining when we ask for payment they don’t reply us such company should be banned

    my Dear Friends i joined Falcon Net Marketing part time job of sms sending i send 2500 registration fees but they are not response to speak with me please help me how to collect my cash.

    Falcon Net Marketing phone no is

  3. Someone is trying to cheat people through this number: 8126760643
    They called on my wife’s number.
    Beware, but they use many numbers

  4. Abhishek Goyal



    If you are planning to send registration money to falcon net marketing.


    I applied for online form filling job in Falcon Net Marketing, Mumbai. I send Rs 2500/- demand draft in favour of falcon net marketing and send to their Mumbai office via speed post. They receive the demand draft and encash it in Bank. I call them to provide me the work as I applied for. They took some days and send me user id and password. But it didn’t work. Then I call on Mob No 9619503237. Mr. Anil pick the phone every time and he said that this plan is not working due to some technical issue. You can pay another Rs. 1000/- and go with plan 2 of online form filling as this is working.

    I deposited another Rs. 1000/- via net banking. Then I call on same number and they provide me user id and password. As i go for log in, I surprised that this was also not working. I call on same number and he said that he don’t know where the problem is and disconnect the phone.

    I called him several times and he said that you can send request to refund your money. I send mail for refund of money and call but no positive response is received.

    So please save your money and do some real efforts because money cannot be earned by shortcuts.

    1. No Invesment free home job agar ap apne Android mobile se se 20 se25 Hazar har mahine kamana chahte hai to mujhe WhatsApp par job likh kar bhej dijiye apko sari information WhatsApp par bhej Di jayegi . 9993615423

  5. If falcon netmarketing is fraud then why police don’t arrest the people who are running it and ban this website?

    Why it is allowed to run in our country?

  6. hii friend i also need help to scame or frade to me..

    we offer me to job to 0nline part tyme job to fack job

    i give him to 1700 rs

    after gating payment to say me to join any people to cooltrip to give you 300 rs
    no any job no any work

    please help me to refund my money

    my name subhash ambaliya

    m,y contact no : 7405335802

    my email id : [email protected]

  7. There’s a website ( natraj pencils) .They will tell you that you will receive 3 to 4 cartoon pencils within 24hrs and you have to pack then in a week or less then a week and you will get 7000per week. Then tell will ask you to give them Adhaar card photo and photo of yours and your address so that u can believe them. And then they will ask u for money for I’d card of natraj company. Don’t be a fool . They are lying. And if u paid them money they will send you a I’d card’s photo then again ask for money to verify that fake I’d card.

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