Newspaper SMS Jobs a Scam or Opportunity?


So you want to get rich quickly? Almost in Every state Newspaper you can see ads for SMS jobs. Some websites or BPO Server provider offer to Earn Money by Sending SMS from your phone. But is there any reality behind this type of SMS Jobs? Let me asked a question to you – How much Time Does it take to Send 200 SMS from an Android phone? If you are using any bulk SMS sending tools they you can send 200 SMS in 13 minutes 33 second (I have tried with stop watch) So you are try to earn 200 X 3 = Rs-600 in 13 minutes 33 second from your Android phone! All right now you answer me is it real or Scam? I think it’s a Jokes and more than a scam! Don’t laugh!


What Happen When I call for SMS Jobs?

Few days back I see and ads on newspaper for SMS jobs. So I decided to call, a madam received my call named Swati. I asked her why you are ready to pay me Rs-600 for my 13 minutes 33 second work. I advise Swati mam to ask someone to Join her office and work 6 hours per day. Any one manages to send 25X200 SMS in day with 400-800 daily payment. Ultimate it’s a big save of Rs-600X25=15,000 by spending only 400 to someone.

Remark: It will be grate mistake if you think that you will get rich quickly by SMS Jobs, I have logic for that. Hope you understanding my point.

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SMS job racket vows Rs 45,000 earning (

Well, Swati mam don’t pay me single rupees for this smart business advice. But hope you enjoy how I naked Scam of  SMS jobs! Let share some more SMS jobs Jokes in comment section and don’t laugh!

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