TOP 20 SCAM Offline data entry jobs from home in India


Look like you are a big stupid as I see you are searching for Offline data entry jobs from home (100% fake) I hate Offline data entry very much. I understand you may looking for some freelance data entry jobs from home but trust me 99.99% Offline data entry jobs from home are Scam. I was surprised by searching for Data entry jobs on Google and realized 298 websites are there are waiting to scam your money. So in the interest of India people safety I decide to short list the Top 20 scam website that offer fake Offline Data Entry jobs in India. Before Join in any Offline data entry jobs from home my advice is to check them out and protect yourself from those scammer.

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Over here i have shorted Top 20 SCAM Offline data entry jobs from home in India:


What happen if you join in a scam Offline data entry jobs from home?

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If you are a new in scamdesk you may asked me Mr. Ram why did say like all Offline data entry jobs from home in India are scam? Is there any reason behind you’re attacking writing mode against all Offline data entry jobs from home in India? Yes you probably sad to hear about that all Offline Data Entry jobs are scam. You may looking for few passive income for your extra time , but this time you have to trust us and forget about Offline data entry jobs from home , Its 100% fake. No one is earned currently from Offline data entry jobs from home. I have some experience and proof that I want to pen down in this article. Read, understand, take your time and stop thinking about earn money from Offline Data Entry jobs!

Proof1: Vineetha from andhra Pradesh has lost 3500 in : Vineetha from andhra Pradesh is an innocent people of India who looking for passive income from Offline Data Entry jobs , he need some urgent money and decided to work sing up on , he joined on July 27 2012 and pay Rs-3500.00 into bank account. As per Vineetha she said after completing her work he called this fraud data entry jobs provider and asked them to make the return payment both of her registration fees and for her work, but unfortunately they scam to Vineetha and denied to make any payment to him. This is not a sad story of Vineetha but many of people each day lost their money on such stupid fake Offline data entry jobs from home. If you plan to join let’s have a look on the screenshot of Vineetha complaints.


See Offline Data Entry Jobs Complaints here!

Proof 2: Someone Join on and lots her Rs-800 , After paying the money there is no response from and finally he realised that his money is scammed by them. Please look at screenshot of the complaint body and also link in a description.


Proof 3: RoyW Lost money in , he paid the amount in and after working little money he send ton of email to them get zero reply.


Proof 4: Complaints Against This is a big fraud website with no office address, they are scamming people in the name of Offline data entry jobs but never pay anyone.

Okay , hope you all got my point why I said 100 of 100 Offline data entry jobs provider in India are fake. There is less than of 0.0001% chance to get paid from any online data entry jobs provider ! So why should we all still searching for offline data entry jobs? Better to begging money on street corner.

Why 100% of Offline data entry jobs from home are scam?

There is no concept behind this Offline data entry jobs from home many people think that they can earn money by doing typing jobs , the real poor is who are offering such a big earning opportunity in the name of offline data entry jobs. Actually they are earning money! Not you! You guys pay the amount of registration fees and they earn from you. If anyone want to pay someone for doing data entry jobs then it’s strongly recommend that guys or company has a lot of outsourcing into data entry files! But you can’t see any one to outsourcing their work to other; the whole concepts are not realistic and full of fake.

I want to check a new data entry jobs website for scam or legitimate?

As per my effort I have successfully collected 20 fake Offline data entry job’s website, but still there is a lot of website are alive on internet offering scam offline data entry jobs. You may new to detect their scam but not we, why not asked about any online data enter jobs and we will tell you how they going to scam your money?

So how can get real Offline data entry jobs from home?

It’s a better decision to start avoid Offline data entry jobs , we understand you may need some serious money for your family so we want to share you our earning page and learn how to earn money online without get scammed? Interested??

351 thoughts on “TOP 20 SCAM Offline data entry jobs from home in India”

  1. Hey…
    Anyone knw about SD infotech
    Smart digital infotech…???
    PlzzZ tell me
    Help me
    I need a job so much… ?
    Nd my ph number is 8146667409

  2. Pls someone tell me whether Sunrise info tech india is a genuine company or fraud. They do offline typing,, e- book typing… pl let me know some body worked earlier??

  3. Can anyone help ?
    I Want to know about “Amazement Online Services LLP” Is it right company to join ?
    Shops and establishments registration NO is searchable on ministries of government website ( And their official website also seems genuine ?

    1. Yes it’s good and trusted. I have been working in this company for past 1 month. I got my 2 projects payment and waiting for the report for third project submitted.

  4. I just started working with Blue Bird. I’m doing this typing job from home, but they’re not giving instructions very clearly. Can you help me out for a bit if you have experience?
    Thanks 🙂

  5. the companies which i have seen in the website are genuine or not we can’t guess and web page creators are so.. many they are creating and not using also. all should aware of this.

  6. Hello guys I am had paid 9000 in salaro technocraft company in andheri west I had work till now for 3month & in 1st project I had 3page right & i got payment for 3page & 750 rs deposit amount 1st installment, 2nd month I had 22page correct & I got payment for that 22 page & 750rs in my account, 3rd project I got only 1page correct they gave me 150rs & 750rs they are playing till now but the prbm is we have to do that without any single error. if any other guys working for these company what is your feed bacjk my number 8286600884

  7. ALLINDIAJOBSOLUTION is a renound company who try to help and guard the representative who want to work online job from home, I am one of the candidate who contacted with your side and your representative Mr Praveen Singh (7557391557) contacted with me and advice me to deposit money through PAYTM.. I pay the amount through PAYTM to his advice PAYTM number. After that his phone became un available, How it is possible, one company representative absent for a long time,and after registration and payment the registration fees company became scilent, no one answer my quary.
    Is it i thought company forfit my money?
    I became a good idea about your company.
    It is my 1st experiences.
    No one answer my previous mail.

  8. Okay guys, Can someone tell me if P. K. technologies is a genuine one? Cuz I have registered with them, and is on the way to finish my first PDF by this Wednesday! Do they really give us the money as we finish off their project? Or is that website supposed to be a Scam as well? Their website is , I guess.


    Also, a friend of mine did the same PDF to Word Conversion job for over a month in a company called Gleam or something, and says that she got paid 16,000 for a project. But, she had to stop after a month due to her marriage, but now when she wants to return to doing it again, she couldn’t fing the website or anything about the Company. Guess, they did pay her without scamming, not all online based data typing works are Scam, but it’s really hard to find genuine companies, huh, I Guess.

  9. Most of the company’s, actually they are scam people. Don’t believe their enchating speach that lead you to fallen their net . So kindly verify their ISO Reg. No online and Visit their Native location. And then clarify all your doubts, if you sure with the agreement and workload na, pay some registration amount that may refundable, then get the projects. And make sure that you can handle that much of workload and the terms and conditions of that organisation.

    If you have any doubts, Feel free to write me on [email protected]

  10. Today I will talk about one of the new rising company who is trying to help peoples for earn money through work from ho. is one of the company who is not listed in black list. There a some complaints regarding this website. I actually also want to register myself at his website, but 1st i need to check all the reviews posted regarding Now I am doing step-out.

  11. Hello everyone,
    In Kolhapur Aircraft Data Entry naam se ek fraud company chalu he facebook pe search karo milegi google pe bhi dekho.. initial fees training ke naam pe 5000 se 15000 tak paisa leti he..and impossible task dete aware i loss my 9000.. where to complaint about dis..?any1 idea

  12. Hello,

    I have also Faced the same issue with “” this Company.
    They ask me Register with 2000/- INR Rupees for Registration. and After I pay they told me that please pay another 2145/- INR as a Agreement Fees. Now No one is receiving Call. Even they are not giving me any work.

    I have taken the money from my friend as a help for pay the fees and now It’s gone.

    Here is the contact details which person included in the schame.

    VK Panchal
    Mo : 9811106209

    The Payment I have sent with Akshay Tripathi.

    Is there any place where I can Complain agains this guys ? Like Cyber Crime Department or Police ?

    Please Help me.
    My Mobile Number : 9825604953


  13. Kindly check this site is fake or real
    This company cheats lots of people
    Make promise that he give work to them make aggrements to them and take lots of Money for making dealer and distributer in various cities in Rajasthan
    Plz help

  14. will u pls give me the details of & sites.they are trusted sites or not? these sites r not ask any payments.if u know abt these then inform me.8304838344

    1. it is a fruad site
      i am doing the work of 30 days. i got 600 dollors. after the completion of my data entry . there is no reply for this site. they are cheated.

  15. Sir, Raghavendra Typing Services from Karnataka is offering “Editing/Proof Reading Home Based Job” by investing Rs.500/-. Can we believe that is not fraud. They gave me contact number 08792507083. this is address of that company RTS,
    53, 2nd block, Durgigudi,
    Shimoga 577201
    Karnataka. Can we believe that??? Please help me sir, I wanted to do home based part time job.

    Thank you

        1. Hello sir,
          Could you please tell me whether you have taken up jobs with them. Is there any risk to invest in this scheme? Please share your experience.

    1. Total fake , First you need to understand what is registration free here. Why for same work they are paying different amount of money.
      Plan 1 – 1 page typing -100 rs salary -reg fee 2000
      plan 2 – 1 page typing – 200 rs salary -reg fee 3000


      A genuine company will never have these plans.

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