Can i Earn $100 per day from Online Content Writing Jobs?


Online Content writing jobs are a very good source of income for many people these days. With the increasing number of blogs, the demand for good content writers is in peak. Candidates who have an interest in writing can take content writing jobs as their full-time career. Content writers, also known as copywriters, can earn a good income by the use of their writing abilities. The following contains some details on Online Content Writing Jobs.

Details on Online Content Writing Jobs:

Online Content writing jobs can be of 2 types:

i). Writing content/articles for other companies or blogs.

ii). Writing articles for own blog, which is popularly known as blogging.

Here, in this article, we will discuss all the aspects of Online Content writing jobs for other companies and blogs.

Advantages of Online Content Writing for other companies/blogs:

i). Writing articles for other companies and blogs is much easier than managing your own blog. Managing a blog requires hard-work and also a little technical knowledge on blogging, WordPress, SEO, Adsense, etc.  Whereas creating content for other companies does not requires knowledge on all these fields.

ii). Risk-free Income: Content-writers and copywriters are generating good online income by selling their articles to other bloggers. Most of the time a content writer gets income based upon the number of words of the content. A payment from 1 cent to 5 cents per word can be expected, depending upon the quality and reputation of the writer. As income through blogging depends upon the traffic, CTR and many other factors, therefore writing content for your own blog is much more risky than content writing jobs for other companies.

Income to be expected from Online Content writing jobs:

There are many factors which determine the income of a content writer. Online content writing jobs can fetch anywhere from $5 to $100 per article. Thus, if a writer sticks to writing at least one article per day, he/she can make an income of $200 to $3000 per month (Rs.12000/- to Rs.180000/- pm).

The income of a content writer depends upon the following factors:

i). Niche/Topic of the content:

If a content writer creates content on normal subjects like Health, Technology, Gadgets, Sports, etc, then he/she would get an average income. Whereas if a copywriter have special knowledge on a particular subject like psychology, physics, astrology, engineering, finance etc, then he may earn much more for his articles.

ii). Word count of the article:

Most of the content writing jobs have pay per word rule, ie. longer articles have potential to receive better payments.

iii). The content writing company:

The income of a content writer greatly depends on the company where he sells his content. Reputed content writing firms have more clients and make more money per article, as a result of which they can pay their writers more. However, a reputed content marketing firm has greater quality-norms and eligibility criteria which make it difficult for most of the writer to qualify and work for them.

Can i Earn $100 per day from Online Content Writing Jobs

Online Content writing jobs : Basic Requirements or Eligibility Criteria

Most of the online content writing companies who recruit content writers go through a sample article from each of them. The selection of a content writer is based on his/her sample article submitted to the company. So the basic requirements for online content writing jobs can be very simple as mentioned below:

i). Appealing and interesting writing method.

ii). Zero grammatical or spelling errors.

iii). Appropriate selection of words, phrases, proverbs, etc.

iv). Correct flow, narration and proper length of the article.

Some companies hire content-writers with certain educational qualification like graduation or a degree.

High paying online content writing jobs often needs a specialization on a particular subject. Therefore, such companies may ask for a Master’s Degree, PhD or equivalent.

How to join Online Content writing jobs?

There are numerous companies on the internet which provide copywriting services to their clients. These companies bring out vacancies for online content writing jobs. You can apply to these companies online. Every content-writer interested to earn online by writing, has to register with these companies. Registration with them is completely free. You have to fill a registration form by mentioning all your details including your topics of interest. In some cases, a sample article has to be submitted for review. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you would receive a confirmation mail from the company. After this, the online content writing jobs can be started.

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