Can I trust Quikr classified ads listed on Work from home jobs category?

No doubt is a biggest cross category classifieds platform in India. Each time while I watch TV I found quikr ads 5-10 times in a hours. I called one of the executive from quikr and asked them how many people are search work from home jobs/online jobs in I shocked by herring that more than 5000 people are searching work from home or online jobs in quikr , a lot of people search quikr work from home jobs and part time jobs category to get some genuine passive income source but the reality is very shocking.

Quikr earn millions of money when people searching classified ads into their classified website and in returns there is not legitimate verification on those ads are posted on work from home jobs or part time jobs.

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Can I trust Quikr classified ads listed on Work from home jobs category

Why don’t trust on Quikr classified ads on work from home category?

If you are looking for online jobs or work from home jobs then I recommend you never search on quikr or believe what written into quikr ads. Anyone can post scam ads into quikr classified ads, after posting ads there is no legitimate verification from quikr team. So online jobs scammer can easily post scam ads into quikr and make people fool by offering fake online jobs.

What happen when I decided to call 50 phone numbers from work from home jobs quikr ads?

I Decided to call 50 phone number and asked about their work from home jobs details, so I collect 50 phone number from quikr work from home jobs category of deferent city and start calling them ,  I always asked the website address with company name , and try to search their complaints online , the result are horrible , almost 47 of 50 website has more 5 complaints that they chit money. Almost 7800 ads are running on quikr in work from home jobs category and god only know how much trustable ad are from them , My 50 phone calls can take you to guess point about the legitimate of quikr classified ads in work from home jobs.

Do you know online jobs scammer using premium quikr ads to scam people?

I found another interesting story on quikr that is quikr premium ads , Online jobs scammer got a golden change to scam India people money using quikr ads , but How? Scammer can easily paid amount for premium listing and they their scam ads will be showed on the top of work from home jobs category or part time jobs category. People usually search on those category and contact those scammer and fall into their trap.

Who is the responsible for money loss through quirk?

Few day back I got email from a stranger online jobs scammer and asked me promote her scam website to my blog reader , they offer me a good money but I reject her proposal , Everyone need money I also but earning money by scamming people is not an humanity! I know quikr run a enterprises level business but still I want to request quikr CEO of Quikr India Mr. Pranay Chulet to have a look on this matter. At list make a phone call to those people who are posted ads on work from home jobs and part time jobs and verify their website, if everything is right then approved their ads else trash it! Its defenatly  save lot of people money to be lost in fake online work from home jobs scam. Many people now avoid quikr ads, so if quikr team take a look on it then it will be a good way to get old reputation back.

I hope you got my point on quikr ads. So next time when you search on never click or trust any ads seen on quikr work from home jobs category. I am not quite sure that all ads are scam but I found 47 of 50 ads are scam, 96% of ads may be scam listed in work from home jobs, let me know your experience will you going to trust quikr classified ads listed on Work from home jobs category?

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  1. I’ve registered myself in narendra co. Pvt Ltd. The registration fee was 2000rs and it was refundable.. they provide data entry work. i had to type 300 pages for rs. 30000 with no time limit. I joined on 6th April 2016. And now I have some work related queries and I wanted them to solve.. so i called them. But the phone was not reachable.. its not reachable since two days.. they are not even replying the mail. The mail I’d is.. [email protected] . And the contact no. Is 7396098441. I’m afraid whether the company is fake or genuine.

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    नोट बंदी के माहोल में मैंने इन्हें लगभग 25000 रूपये दिये but इसके बदले मुझे इनके तरफ से कोई satisfied response नही मिला और नही अब ये बात करने को तैयार हे जबकि इनको मैंने पहले ही अपनी पूरी conditions बताई थी but मेरे साथ अब एसा blind game खेला जा रहा हे। इनके तरफ से मात्र 4-5 मेल आये हे जिसमे सिर्फ next amountजमा करने के लिए कहा गया हे। और जब मैं इन्हें कॉल करता हु तो इनका reply हे की आपने मेरे personal account मे जमा नही किया ह companyमें किया उन्ही से लो ।
    Vacancywave इनके द्वारा किये हुये हर conversation का records मेरे फोन के recorders में save हे जो की 08-11-2016 से 17-12-2016 तक की हे।
    या तो आप लोग मुझे job provide करे जो की बोला गया था बंधन बैंक भोपाल back office operation के लिए था ।
    या अगले 24 घंटे के अंदर मेरा total amount मुझे बापस करे । और अगर Monday eveningतक मेरा amount मुझे नही मिला तो में वाही करूँगा जो ये कहते हे की मरना हे तो मरो पर amountदोंगे तभी joining होगी।

  3. Debayan dutta

    I got some text from HDFC and IDBI bank..they ask to go ranaghat for interview..i cant understand is they are real or not…please help me.

    1. Manisha nagdeo

      Same here i got a call today and the girl said my profile is selected for fill the form that cost 1850 and you will b send to 2 months training and you’ll be paid 16200..ohk now i am confused..should i trust her

      1. never trust such frauds… koi bhi real company aisi deposit aur refundable amount nahi maaangti… aisa call ya msg aya to aaap apni dinbhar ki bhadaaas uun par nikaal deve tabhi uun frauds ko akal aaayegi

  4. This is ALOK KASHYAP from “Career Group”
    We have client in top MNC companies.

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    this is real or fake ????

  5. I got a call from LFABET solutions handwrriten home based work.. and they ask me to pay 1500 rs for that..should i believe them?? Plz help.

    1. Please don’t give them your money. They are a big fraud. I lost my 1500 behind them. They can’t be saved from god.

  6. Hiii good morning all. it is sourabh yadav from lucknow . i have been searching free online home jobs for a long time but i have not found any single trusted company till yet. 90% companies are fraud. pklease help me guys…..

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