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PaisaLive.com Review

Finally I got 1000 of Request to review this website PaisaLive.com! As a blogger I always use Google AdSense as my primary income. I never use such a low paying website like – ad clicking or earn money online by receiving SMS. Recently I review twodollarclick –the most famous for never paying their members. But paisalive.com is not like twodollarclick.com they pay, but they pay in certain conditions. Let me explain…

Does PaisaLive.com pay their members?

The Answer is YES but in average 4 of 1000 People gets paid and the payment is not more than 500 in 1 year. So you can earn Rs-50 month by spending your valuable time on PaisaLive.com But the chance of get paid is 0.4%, you are lucky if PaisaLive.com decided to make your payment.

So why did I say like that, let me clear, suppose if you join on PaisaLive.com and start working from today.

You have two options to earn money from PaisaLive.com

  1. By referring your friend or other people. or
  2. By Clicking My PaisaLive Account and Checking their PAISALIVE Inbox Message.

So you can’t refer more than 25-100 people in a year, and you can earn only Rs-50-100 in a year.

On the other hand you PaisaLive.com never allow you more than 75 messages to read.  But only 30%-40% message are paid and other are free promotional. So you can’t earn more than so your earning will be (75X40%) X 1 rupees = Total earning by reading message will be Rs- 30 only.

Ultimately your earning will be Rs-90 – 120 per month. So after 6 month you will reach to your minimum pay out of Rs-500

But Still there is no chance to retrieve the amount from PaisaLive as they are not pay each person after fulfil the minimum pay out.

You have to email thousands of time, you have send warning email couple of time. May be they change their mood too…

So how much money I can earn?

If you are normal person without blog you can earn RS-500/6 month

If you have an awesome blog to refer more than 500 people then you can manage to earn up to 500 per month. But a person with a good traffic into her blog does not need to join such a stupid earning website like PaisaLive.com

Working in PaisaLive.com, Isn’t it waste of time?

Yes off course it’s a waste of time. Do you know it’s far better to join PaisaLive.com than begging on street corners. I am damn sure you can able to earn 20X better that PaisaLive.

Think you have broadband bills, you have electric bill, you have System maintenance cost. Ultimately we all spend at list Rs-1500 behind our Desktop or laptop. So if you manage to earn only Rs- 100 per money they your wife going fire you. Ha ha ha…:)

Point to remember before Sing up in PaisaLive.com !

  1. If you crossed your earning to more that Rs-500 that’s not make you granted of your you payment. There is so many people already eligible to get paid but they are not seen any payment. Check this out, some complaint says PaisaLive.com is a scam!
  2. After reading My PaisaLive message you have to register into their advertising website. So after six money you start receiving thousands of spam message, and hundreds of promotional SMS into your mobile. Life goes Crazy you just hate it!

Is PaisaLive.com a Scam?

Lots people complaint in consumer forum that PaisaLive.com is scam, or PAISALIVE Scam as per my experience you should avoid such low paying money making websites. There is no meaning to get paid only Rs-100 per month. It’s far better to begging on street corners that make you pay more. Guys don’t mind, I am not say to start begging on street corners , but keep distance from PaisaLive.com. We can’t say directly PaisaLive.com is scam but ultimately their goal is to never pay anyone. If you are luck you will manage to earn Rs-100 per month. Good practical Jokes on online earning.

Conclusion : So Where can Start Real Online Jobs?

So where should you join? Well finding a real online jobs is not an easy task, but as per my experience I found 5 Online Survey website which pay you on time and thousands of  people earn up to $100- $1000 per money. Sound inserting?

I think it’s clear now why I advise you to avoid PaisaLive.com , I request you let us know your experience with PaisaLive. Did you waste your money? Did you have any more fact that you want to share? Comment please…

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