13 scam adviser Websites that help us to fight against scam.

All scammer always thinks about why these 13 websites are build? Today I have list down 13 websites list that help people to detect online scam. Probably this are the unlucky websites list for scammer as it help people to spot a scam website and escape from them. Almost millions of money are got scammed every month, it’s to difficult stop those scammer permanently but this 13 websites are always help people by sharing awareness against scam.

Top 13 scam adviser Websites that help us to fight against scam:

So check out the reviews of my favorite scam detector websites. And also know how to use them against online scammer.

1. scamadviser.com:

Who doesn’t know about this great website! Scamadviser.com is the most popular websites that use to detect scam website. You have to entire a website and click check it now button. scamadviser.com analyse all information of that website and provide you the following information-


  1. Trust Rating
  2. Summary
  3. Owner
  4. Server
  5. Name Servers
  6. Whois

The trust rating and server information will be effective for you, though it’s a auto-generated information still is my favourite website to spot a scam website. Thanks scamadviser.com

Review: ScamAdviser.com Review Can i Use it to Detect Online Jobs scam in India?

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2. urlvoid.com:


it’s another scam detecting tools available on internet. You have visit here and by entering any website URL you can check website reputation with Overview, IP Address, Alexa Traffic, Facebook Activity etc. It’s also provide auto-generated information but my favourite.

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3. scamwarners.com:


it’s a most popular Anti Scam & Internet Anti-Fraud Information Center. There are no tools to check any websites legitimate but you have hundreds of article to read. All articles are very useful and motivate to avoid scam. Thousands of people are saved by this website to be a victim of a scam.

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4. scam.com:


Its biggest discussion forum on scam and fraud query. You can join here and discuss on any topic on online scam, fake website, money scam, credit card fraud, cyber crime etc. AS it so popular so you will get quick reply from other members or some time admin reply himself.

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5. scamvoid.com:


If a domain are black listed in Google SafeBrowsing, ThreatLog or MalwareDomainList. This website warned you about the risk. Also its show WOT (Web of Trust) rating for each checked website with website domain age.

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6. stopfake.org:


This website has most of the traffic from Ukrain. An excellent blog for spread awareness about fake information on Ukrain. It’s no so helpful for India people but you can read this website for get an idea about information fake on foreign country.

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7. scambusters.org:


Since November 1994, Scambusters.org has helped over eleven million people protect themselves from scams. The oldest website on the internet to help people against scam. Almost 500 plus blog post and all in one website to know everything about scam make me fall in love of this website. Never forget to subscribe this website.

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8. Scamdesk.com:



Ohh , Its me , Scamdesk.com is most people in India. In the beginning we start this website for spread awareness about fake online Jobs in India. Later we decided to spread more awareness against any type of scam in India, fake website, fraud business, and poor service provider in India. We always use true review, never allow any affiliate marketing or false information for money. And overall we believe that our website save at-list 3-5 lacks money every month to be scammed. People love to visit and commend into our website and it’s a symbol of our success and popularity in India.

9. ip-score.com:

do you have any scammer IP to tress, well, after a heavy research I found ip-score.com as a best website to retrieve a IPs location and service provider information.

Check a IP now…

10. fraud.org:

Fraud.org is an important partner in the FTC’s fight to protect consumers from being victimized by fraud. This website work in two way , first you can read everything on scam , how scammer manage to scam people with new idea, and protect yourself by securing you week point. Second you can get involved with them are help other to avoid scam. Visit Fraud.org feed.

11. fraudlog.com:

if you are website owner you might be wondering about your visitor activity and what they try to do with your website. You can use fraudlog.com service to get activity log, visitor location , victor device specs etc.

12. fakechecks.org:

You can check any website or asked them is it a fraud or legitimate.

13. scamchecker.net:

Your guide to fake chinese sellers. Before purchasing anything from a chinese sellers see review here.

I am happy to introducing this 13 website to you. Hope you will save this all and very often you like to read their article and use their tools. If you are from India just subscribe to our website and bulletproof from India base scammer. Comment below if you know any more website that help us to fight against scam.

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    Also consider its revenue sharing packages sold by the company. I am thinking of joining this as one of my friends have already joined and working.

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