Legit Verification of a online jobs Provide websites Owner


So you are the website owner! Our review or complaints forums Question may interrupter your service. Please do understand that we are try to naked the reality in front Indian People. All our review is base on some popular consumer forum and personal experience. We are very well know the govt low in cyber crime. We have the right to act on share our thought and opinion into our blog.Still if you think that some of our review need to modify or removed let us know! But we have certain criteria for that. So shall we start?

Online jobs review : What you need to show to remove your review?

Domain Registration Information.

Company or farm name Registration Proof .

Payment Proof with valid bank Transaction ID.

Register office address and Photo of your office with Group staff photo.

If ISO Certificated than show us the Certificate.

If you Running a Pvt Limited Company then Provide us the Corporate Identification  Number(CIN):

Provide us 10 plus user phone number to verified is that company really make payment to all or not?

After verifying All data we will Process for Genuine Certified to you Company and websites and your sites will be added to our safe websites list.

hope you Agree with us!

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