Ultimate Clixsense Strategy to Make $25,899 [Best Trick]

So, why you are not able to make money from Clixsense? You have seen a lot of YouTube video and blogger like me who put thousand dollars of payment proof into their post. But after trying there Clixsense Strategy it was just another failure right?

So here in Scam Desk, we will update you 8 ultimate Clixsense Strategy for 2017 that really work. Here we go…

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There is dogon of way to earn money from Clixsense –

  1. View ads
  2. Survey
  3. Offer
  4. Task
  5. Clixgrid
  6. Playing game
  7. Affiliate/Referral etc

But trust me only the last one (Referral) will make you satisfying earning…

Here you can see my total earning in last 15 month is more than $276.00 and almost 98% of my total earning is came from Referral.

So to be smart instead of writing all the possible way to make money from Clixsense I will show you my Clixsense referral strategy that in used to get success.

Ultimate Clixsense Strategy to Make $25,899:Ultimate-Clixsense-Strategy-to make money with scamdesk

1. Get Premium membership:

First think first – make your Clixsense account as premium. Did you know if a stranded member can earn 1$ from Clixsense then doing same effort a premium member will earn $15=$20, Awesome right! Also, if you are going to use this link will get $12 as return common while upgrading to premium membership.

Will clixsense premium account adopt efficiency route to double your earning?

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2. Start a Blog – The Content Marketing:

Very often people search on the web for Clixsense reviews, this a good time to make a blog and start putting eye catching and informative content on Clixsense.

This way- people who want to sign up in Clixsense will read your blog, and get encouraged to sing up. While you are putting content make sure to secretly provide your affiliate link to get a referral. If you manage to get your blog on top 10 search result on Google then your blog would be a Clixsense referral generator for a lifetime.

3. I use Facebook networking group pages:

Another Clixsense strategy for 2017 is facebook marketing. You can search thousand of network group and pages on facebook. Now subscribe them and share your post to join Clixsense. Make sure don’t get caught for spamming.

4. Whatsapp group:

Everyone has their own whatsapp group, why not take these advantages to the next level and earn money by referring your friend and family to Clixsense. This is another smart Clixsense money hack that you should use in 2017.

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5. Email Campaigning to my friend and co workers:

If you have any email id list into your email then you can send a weekly email campaigning by let them know how your last week in Clixsense and how much you are earning every day. This will help them as encourage signing up in Clixsense with your referral links.

6. Encourage people to upgrade to premium account:

already I told that without Clixsense premium account you can earn handsome money from Clixsense, so everyone suppose to upgrade there plan if they take Clixsense seriously. So as soon sa you start building 10-50 downline network on Clixsense (Direct referral)

7. Join Clixsense team OME:

You can build a strong downline network by joining Clixsense team OME from here. We are managing 1166 + active member into our group. So be a part of this network and gain extra premium membership upgrade commission.

8. Clixsense Chat:

Recently Clixsense launches Chat option from your dashboard, so if you have a lot of referral then you send them to chat message of upgrade their account to premium membership. This way you will earn sign commission into your account.

Stay tune with my blog , don’t forgot to comment your opinion and i will see you next time with ClixSense mobile apps reviews. 

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