10 Genuine offline data entry jobs without investment

Around 200 billion offline data typed every month. It’s just an example how much requirement of typing workers in India. So we confidently say that there is big passive income opportunity in doing genuine offline data entry jobs without investment. If you are internet workers then this post will help you to find 10 offline typing jobs that you can do at your home with daily work daily payment. Let’s beginning…

What is an offline data entry job?

Offline data entry jobs is one of the entry level jobs that require only typing skills. College Students, housewife, and retired person can earn money by doing free Offline data entry jobs from home. As it offline typing jobs so there is no requirements of internet connect in your PC. You can use any type of old PC for getting started.

Your work will be as simple as open work data file and type what ever written in a notepad files.

Why there are so many scams in offline data entry jobs?

No doubt earning money doing offline data entry job is awesome, but my 5 years of experience in internet marketing said finding a genuine offline data entry jobs is not an easy task.

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There is two way of getting offline data entry jobs-

  1. Find BPO offices in your city and get face to face jobs from them.
  2. Find offline data entry jobs on the internet.

Both are full of scam, and with less experience of scam detection, your money may be trapped.

I recommended you to read our 10 tips that help you to detect offline data entry jobs scam in India.

So you guys already know investing money on offline data entry jobs is a bad idea. We make this think better for you and short list of 5 genuine offline data entry jobs without investment and registration fees.

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List of 10 genuine offline data entry jobs without investment and registration fees:

1. Offline book typing job:

This is one of common and best offline data entry jobs without investment. Here you will be provided 250-1000 scan copy of books, now you have split your windows into two part and type exact same data into a notepad files.

This type of offline data entry came with 16,000-35,000 earning after completing each project.

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2. Genuine offline data entry jobs CD without investment:

Another Genuine offline data entry jobs that you can do at your home is CD base projects. You have can get an offline data entry jobs CD from local BPO office without any upfront payment. Now you have to download data from CD to your local computer and install the operating application. This app will load all work data and you have to type the same into the same apps.

Now save all the worked data and again burn a new CD preparing to submit your work.

Now BPO center will issue your payment after a cross checks your work.

3. Webmaster offline data entry jobs:

The Internet has million of websites, each website has one of more webmaster to manage their content. So you may understand that there is huge demand of creating content for websites. You can get a data typing jobs without investment – daily payment from that webmaster and earn handsome income at your home.

4. Content marketing offline jobs:

Content marketing is the next strategy of the online business. Discussing  Content marketing is a vast topic, so without further delay, we are a move to work details. Here in this jobs, you have to type 300-1000 word article on a given niche. Now this will be added to the deferent type of blog as a guest post, article sharing sites and web directory.

Its help websites rank faster on Google and generate more sales lead.

Offline Content marketing is one the genuine offline data entry jobs without investment. And after starting a good relationship with the host you can earn Rs-300.00 to Rs-1000.00 on each article.

5. Digital India Typing Projects:

Modi govt takes an awesome desiccation by introducing Digital India projects. It’s a best home based jobs without investment daily payment that you can start with a small office at your locally. There are various projects and computer educations are available in free from Digital India websites.

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6. Quara/Yahoo Question Answer jobs:

Quara and Yahoo is one of the biggest question answer website to understand the world better way. Hence directly you can’t earn anything from this community sites but there are a one trick that most of the offline data entry jobs provider used for off pages SEO. Let me explain, here you have written few question as instruction and type the answer between 100-300 words. The purpose is to gain quality back links to deferent websites so that it improves SRPE Rank on a search engine. You will able to earn up to Rs-50-100.00 INR on per question answer.

7. Offline Medical Billing data entry Projects:

It’s a no-voice Free BPO project. Here you will be provided an excel data that content Medical Billing details. Now either using tally or any custom billing software you have an entry all medicine name, customer name, rates, and master billing. That’s it. You will be paid Rs-5 to Rs-10 on each Medical Billing entry.

8. Govt Office Offline data entry jobs:

You can easily get Genuine offline data entry jobs without investment in Govt Office. You can keep a list of all your nearby govt offline (Post office, municipality office, etc) websites and look for latest data entry projects trender. The works are based on MS word and except data conversation. Such projects are freely available if you set chipper price while submitting the trander. Yes, its true that somehow getting payment is a delay from govt side but its safe and there is no bulkshit of a scam that running on the internet.

That’s its, for now, I hope this article will help you to find Genuine offline data entry jobs without investment in India. We have tot more info to share about offline data projects but not this time, let us know which of the part from offline data entry work we need to discuss more in our next article. Also, do share if you already know more about genuine data entry jobs. Waiting for your comment.

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