TOP 20 SCAM Offline data entry jobs from home in India


Look like you are a big stupid as I see you are searching for Offline data entry jobs from home (100% fake) I hate Offline data entry very much. I understand you may looking for some freelance data entry jobs from home but trust me 99.99% Offline data entry jobs from home are Scam. I was surprised by searching for Data entry jobs on Google and realized 298 websites are there are waiting to scam your money. So in the interest of India people safety I decide to short list the Top 20 scam website that offer fake Offline Data Entry jobs in India. Before Join in any Offline data entry jobs from home my advice is to check them out and protect yourself from those scammer.

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Over here i have shorted Top 20 SCAM Offline data entry jobs from home in India:


What happen if you join in a scam Offline data entry jobs from home?

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If you are a new in scamdesk you may asked me Mr. Ram why did say like all Offline data entry jobs from home in India are scam? Is there any reason behind you’re attacking writing mode against all Offline data entry jobs from home in India? Yes you probably sad to hear about that all Offline Data Entry jobs are scam. You may looking for few passive income for your extra time , but this time you have to trust us and forget about Offline data entry jobs from home , Its 100% fake. No one is earned currently from Offline data entry jobs from home. I have some experience and proof that I want to pen down in this article. Read, understand, take your time and stop thinking about earn money from Offline Data Entry jobs!

Proof1: Vineetha from andhra Pradesh has lost 3500 in : Vineetha from andhra Pradesh is an innocent people of India who looking for passive income from Offline Data Entry jobs , he need some urgent money and decided to work sing up on , he joined on July 27 2012 and pay Rs-3500.00 into bank account. As per Vineetha she said after completing her work he called this fraud data entry jobs provider and asked them to make the return payment both of her registration fees and for her work, but unfortunately they scam to Vineetha and denied to make any payment to him. This is not a sad story of Vineetha but many of people each day lost their money on such stupid fake Offline data entry jobs from home. If you plan to join let’s have a look on the screenshot of Vineetha complaints.


See Offline Data Entry Jobs Complaints here!

Proof 2: Someone Join on and lots her Rs-800 , After paying the money there is no response from and finally he realised that his money is scammed by them. Please look at screenshot of the complaint body and also link in a description.


Proof 3: RoyW Lost money in , he paid the amount in and after working little money he send ton of email to them get zero reply.


Proof 4: Complaints Against This is a big fraud website with no office address, they are scamming people in the name of Offline data entry jobs but never pay anyone.

Okay , hope you all got my point why I said 100 of 100 Offline data entry jobs provider in India are fake. There is less than of 0.0001% chance to get paid from any online data entry jobs provider ! So why should we all still searching for offline data entry jobs? Better to begging money on street corner.

Why 100% of Offline data entry jobs from home are scam?

There is no concept behind this Offline data entry jobs from home many people think that they can earn money by doing typing jobs , the real poor is who are offering such a big earning opportunity in the name of offline data entry jobs. Actually they are earning money! Not you! You guys pay the amount of registration fees and they earn from you. If anyone want to pay someone for doing data entry jobs then it’s strongly recommend that guys or company has a lot of outsourcing into data entry files! But you can’t see any one to outsourcing their work to other; the whole concepts are not realistic and full of fake.

I want to check a new data entry jobs website for scam or legitimate?

As per my effort I have successfully collected 20 fake Offline data entry job’s website, but still there is a lot of website are alive on internet offering scam offline data entry jobs. You may new to detect their scam but not we, why not asked about any online data enter jobs and we will tell you how they going to scam your money?

So how can get real Offline data entry jobs from home?

It’s a better decision to start avoid Offline data entry jobs , we understand you may need some serious money for your family so we want to share you our earning page and learn how to earn money online without get scammed? Interested??

348 thoughts on “TOP 20 SCAM Offline data entry jobs from home in India”

  1. Guys, any idea about its fake company or good company?
    Even these people are asking to pay Rs. 4200 to sign up and after that they will provide you assignments. Give your valuable feedback so that innocent people couldn’t trap in these cheat online work from home services.

    1. I received too call from them i said registration fee is too high if you’re intrested reach me likewise they told and cutted bro I received call from aasha. I need to suggestions anyone help us here

      1. I also got a call from amazement soultions and they were asking for 6000 rupees for registrations charge. Not sure its fake or real company.

  2. Please confirm that M/s BK data solutions, Kolkatta. is it genuine are Fraud

    I had joined for email sending home based job by paying Rs 700 to their bank account and received the work ie 8800 mails to be sent .After sending nearly 3000 mails . now they are asking again to send Rs 2670 as GST to be paidwithin one week and informing us , that u will receive ur payment within 24 hrs.

    Pls tell me is this company fraud .

  3. HI all,

    I received call from one data entry company which i applied in naukri ‘’ This company providing me a job like to convert pdf to ms word information in pdf need to type that in MS word ,they asked me like registration fee is 3850 which 3000 is refundable in second assignment for each assignment i’ll get payment 18000 like what they said to me coming monday i decided to start and casually i’m checking about this data entry i’ll come to know some of them were fake. I’m in need to money so i decided to join this company can u please give some sugesstion here about the company that i mentioned above looking forward for responses from anyone

    Contact:9790441009 (language known tamil,English) if anyone intrested to give suggestion regarding this please call me or else reach me in
    Email: [email protected]

    Pl ease do the needful folks.

  4. Sharma Medical Project – Service Provider of ventilator services for patients, xray lead glass & ct scan services for ladies in Delhi.



  5. what about ONTARIO Work from Home. I think this is also cheat company I invested Rs. 2000 and they don’t returned me anything. Because as per my knowledge if any company want to give a work to anyone they do not demand any bond or anything. By playing such a trick they are just showing that you are doing the work very costly. Besides that I think the small marketing companies are good to do business. Minimum they give you the business and earn from you and given you some share from them. But these companies.

  6. Dear friends why are losing your valuable time and money to searching online data entry, they are not giving money so easily, if any company is good reputation then also they want higher accuracy(99.99%) and if you able to give this accuracy and then also they can refuse to give money, and you can not do anything because the company terms and condition so complicated that is not easy to understand.
    So don’t wast your time to searching online for data entry. You all are aware that there is many apps that detect your voice and type , also there have OCR (optical character recognition) , So why these company making us fool STOP searching on net ” ONLINE DATA ENTRY “.
    I have found another way to earn money online and many person are earning that is FREELANCING, SHARE MARKET and FOREX. These days many company are offering free joining (you have to pay online annual maintenance charge and brokerage ) .
    I am using forex if you are interested then join this company
    Please email to me [email protected] with subject Forex Joining

  7. Guys remember, ANY COMPANY ASKING MONEY TO GIVE YOU EMPLOYMENT IS 100% FAKE. Because employement means company will give you work and when its done they will pay you money. Not the other way around.

  8. also provide same kind of jobs
    do any one have any experience with searchlinedatabase please do share
    i want to know it is fake or real

  9. What about sunrise infotech.They told they will pay 12,000 per assignment with some neagative errors fine of payment.Does this good or frauds ?.Can anyone help me

  10. Easy way data solutions is also a fake i paid 2500 already and they are still asking for 4000 more. I searched online and found out that they are fake. Please stay away from them.

  11. Don’t join radhakrishna jobs captcha work , data entry etc., he is a cheater fraud people i paid them through paytm to their account I got the work but that was not the real one it’s a fake .
    They mentioned in the mail that I should not contact to their mobiles where I was interacting them for enquiring and for paying process they were very cooperative once the payment done he is not answering my calls
    Bledy cheaters cheating innocent people.
    Please don’t get cheated by them.
    I received a mail from them as work from home without targets. They don’t have even company website also.

  12. Very’s all fake..Even I tried going it with so called Blue bird enterprises..initially the girl called Deepa atleast called me 3 times a day that they have a offer where i have to pay 1500 as registration and that they are ISO certified company. I wasted my 2 weeks day and night working hard for the assignment..but now when it comes for payment they are saying that you have to deposit more 1500 for your files to get checked. I have mailed them like no of times but do no get any revert. They are all cheat. I wonder how many people they have looted and wasted their time in their so called fraud business. Please do not be a bait for this BLUE BIRD ENTERPRISES or any other cheat company

  13. Syncway Infotech is another elaborated fake entry data Company that looks like a real company from the outside with a proper website and a proper registration on the Delhi Registrar of Societies:

    The truth is that one of my friends got lured by this fake company. First, no serious company would ask a job candidate to pay money to work for them, it is normally the contrary, but here you are being asked to pay 7500 INR, what a joke. Secondly, the task is completely absurd, no company in the world would pay employees to transcript english texts, already written in a digital format, into the same language and in the same digital format. Thirdly, the “fake” price paid per page is way too high to be true, indeed the estimated monthly pay that is advertised is much higher than that of an engineer in India, which is impossible considering the absence of skills required for this fictional position. In short, this so-called company is an elaborated scam, their fake website is full of incoherence, filled with nonsensical technical words and paragraphs. You can for instance read in their presentation section that they have “years of involvement (…)” and in the next line that they were created in 2017, which contradicts the first statement and shows us, yet again, that they are lying. In conclusion, I would ad, that the fact that this so-called company is registered in the Delhi Registrar of companies doesn’t prove that it is real and not a scam because everyone can easily register a company that has actually a fictional purpose.

  14. WHat about amazement online services llp…. They just contacted me to join them as data typing…. But before I take any decision…. I found soo much negative reviews about this company….. Some said co. Is big fraud and some are defending the co. I got confused… Whether to join or not?….. If the Co. Has so many negative reviews.. Thn why wouldn’t it get noticed…. I really don’t know wHt to do… Please suggest your reviews if anyone joins this Co.

  15. Guys

    Please help me to get the details about
    It’s josoft technologies Lucknow based co.

    I am planning to take online data entry project from them.

    Please suggest.


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