How to Start Offline Typing Jobs Business at your home? [Problem & Solution]

No Job yet? No Problem! Let get started a new type of business today. 🙂 We have already talked about business idea under 1 lakh in India , but few people asked is there is any way to start offline typing jobs business at their home. This type of business especially ideal for the housewife and unemployed/retired person to earn money typing of 40K income per month. So keep reading and we let you know the procedure and future scope of this business.

What is offline typing jobs?

You can call this as data entry job. Working in offline typing jobs is so much easy and fun. You will provide a CD that content PDF or scans copy of books , note , customer information or any type able data. So what would be your work? Next part is you have to download those data into your computer and type it as per instruction. As usual, you have open notepad file for each typing files(JPG or PNG) and have to type everything as visual on that file. The work ratio may be 250-1000 files per month and as you are typing offline no require of internet connecting while you are working. After competing each project you can expect payment like this-

•For 250 Files typing- 18,000/- per month.
• For 500 files typing- 40,000/- per month.
• Form 1000 files typing- 100,000/- per month.

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Why there are so many scams in offline typing jobs?

Before you think about big earning by starting an either offline typing jobs from your home or offline typing jobs business there a lot of problems is waiting for you! And Scam issue is one of the major problems from them. Let say You have found 10 company details who provide offline typing jobs and joined all of them , only 10 of 1 will make your payment and rest of the 9 will be the scam. What? Are kidding me! Nope, its true! There is 90%-95% of offline typing jobs is a scam. Every day , Many of people are the victim of such scam. So either you are thinking about work at home jobs or work at home business scam is ultimate digester that may kill your success.

How to start Genuine offline typing jobs?

offline-typing-jobs-business power by scamdesk india


If you investigate the root Cause of why there are so many scam jobs on typing job you will find bellows result-

  1. There is no outsourcing to keep a balance between member work distribution and project work resource.
  2. There is so much competition are their online that most of the genuine online jobs website are not visible to the job seeker.
  3. Scammers are smart , they create fake negative review against good and genuine company and create and misunderstanding between genuine typing jobs and scam typing jobs.

Solution#1: Get the genuine work resource first , try govt. sector for typing projects , once you have done this step now you can able to start your won genuine online/offline typing jobs.

Alert- This article will not allow or help you start anything of scam or fraud typing job business. We want to be clear that if you are unable to outscore genuine typing/entry level or data process job from govt. or non-govt. service provider that you should plan to stop this business. Remember without having such resource you are going to participate in online scam or cyber-crime., On Any inconvenience caused will not be liable for the loss.

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Govt. Legal work: It’s good time to tell you that as soon as you are busy to get work outsourcing meanwhile register you company name to LLP or Private limited also Company’s Bank account PAN and TAN , Trade license , ISO Certificate and most importantly a good domain name for your business impact.
Now plan your sets or how many people can work with you. Let’s say as per your work resource you can able to pay for 50 people. So start by including few of your friend on your business and test the first payment and PPT (Payment Process timing) its help you to be ready for next level and you can able to understand how to keep a balance between Time of work and work resource.

Set up your office: A small office with a 3-4 computer will be super cool and eye catching for new start up.
Now Understand the product marking- How you are going to get the customer for your new typing projects?

1. Online Customer:
2. Offline/local Customer:

Online Customer:

This part is so much interesting and needs a lot of knowledge to understand. First of all get a website , I recommend you to hire a PHP base developer and build an awesome eye catching website for a customer. But remember getting a website and being online, does not means that you will get a ton of visitor for your business. Instead, you have to keep focusing on Google search keyword and SEO as well as digital marketing like SMO , SEO, and better SEPR result. If you are confused simple contact webmaster for more help.

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Offline/local Customer:

if you are running a new business and running out of budget better choice option and find local people to get interested in your business. After setting up your office to make your business card ready to introduce your service to the local by the help of newspaper advertisement , SMS Alert , Local Cable TV Ads , email marketing , Banner marketing , education institute referral program and so on.

This how you can start your first level of offline typing jobs business. There is so many ways that you can use to increases the revenue and business strategy on the next few level. We will drag those tips and recommendation on our upcoming post.

Don’t Ignore this two problem-

What to Do if you are running out of the project resource for new works?

Sometimes you may be facing a problem of running out of the project resource for new works, it’s a minor problem that most of the outsourcing company face. So the best way to kill such problem is readjusted your member work and if possible stop including new member until you upgrade your workload.

What to Do if you are running out of the member to keep balance your work?

This is another minor problem that new business start are facing now a day. There is two way to solve this problem. A. Hire some people on salary base to work at your office. B. You have to grow your trust rate so keep yourself busy to improve your reputation so that more and more people will join your company in future.

Wining Truest is Important. Scam VS offline typing jobs business!

1. Transparency and Cristal clear documentation.
2. Be ISO Certified and Pass through the ISO Standardly.
3. Positive review.
4. Give your member an opportunity to review your service and products.
5. Give them Trail and Give them refund while service is not satisfactory.
6. If possible provide offline typing jobs free registration to first 50 members of your company.

How much can you earn by starting an offline typing jobs business?

A well establish offline typing jobs business with 40-50 regular member can make you earn up to 50K per month. Hence there is so many websites older than 7 years is now carry 1000+ member are there estimate earning is now more million per month. What do you think about it? Let me know by commenting blow! Also, do let us know if you have any more doubt to clear?

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