Online Jobs In India – Why full of scam since 2006 -2016? Not Review, My Opinion! [Part 1]

So far, 50% Of India’s Graduates are unemployed. So the demand of getting a Job, at list getting part time jobs is so hot. This why people looking for Online Jobs in India. People are looking for a passive income in order to kill their unemployment and get trapped into a scam. So today in this article we will let you know How to get genuine Online Jobs in India and How to avoid scam.

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Which types of online jobs are available In India?

Do you know almost 49,000 people search “Online Jobs” on Google and as a search result you will be able to see this type of online jobs to do?

1. Online Survey Job, work CD @ Rs-350.00-1450.00.
2. Ad Posting Jobs.
3. Online/ Offline Data Entry jobs.
4. Form Filling Job.
5. PTC and referral earning.
6. Copy Paste jobs.
7. SMS/Email Sending/Receiving jobs etc.

The above mansion online jobs are truly available on the internet. But what most of the people does not know is Blogging, YouTube, Affiliate marketing, off page SEO are most satisfying online jobs that you can do by setting at your home. (We will discussion more about this at the end of this article)


Online-Jobs-In-India full of scam

How to Avoid Scam Online Jobs in India?

From 2006 Online Jobs are launched in India. But the scam is no way. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to some to detect the difference between the scam and genuine online jobs. But don’t quite thinking about starting a Genuine Online Jobs; we are here to help you-
A couple of month age I have penned down an article on how to detect online jobs scam in India , if you are not yet read this article I recommend you to read it first from here , anyway here I am sharing you some of the top tricks to avoid scam online jobs in India.

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1. Don’t believe Google Adverting (Text ads on Search Result, YouTube Ads or email ads) on earning lot of money in short period of time. No doubt Google Adverting is an awesome program that I ever saw, but I don’t know why Google not yet restricted scam ads to work from home and online jobs category.

2. Don’t respond to an email that blames you to get rich quickly.

3. Always register and make payment to https:// not http://

4. Check website age and domain authority from this website; never join any website with less than of 1-2 year old.

5. Never order any Online Jobs CD and Offline Data entry work, my experience says 99.99% are fake.

6. Before get register for any Online Jobs make sure you have checked and verify payment proof, ISO Certification, and MCA registration.

7. Read Term and condition and talk someone who is already working on the same company.

How much you earn from Online Jobs?

You might be hear about people go crazy and earn millions of money online. Yes, it’s true but does not mean each and everyone earns that much amount. The root think is all about your thinking power, skills, outbox idea and more over your appreciate of working regularly.
You can take Online Jobs as part-time earning opportunity or a full-time income source. If only looking for part time work that can make you happy with 5,000-10,000 then better to start ad posting, data entry or free online survey job. You can move this internet jobs to the next level by starting a blog or YouTube channel to earn up to 25,000-100,000 in a month.

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Which Online Jobs I recommend to India brother and sister?

This the most frequency asked question into our blog reader! So which Online Jobs I recommend to you?

List for part time work from home Jobs:

1. Genuine Ad Posting Jobs:

If you are looking for 5K-7K earning setting at your home, it’s a good time to join ad posting job. Also, it’s an ideal job for non-technical guys like a housewife, students and college’s goer.

2. Gov. Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry job is a some type of entry level jobs that can be done by anyone. Now a day who doesn’t know typing! But if you want to get genuine data entry job forgot to get it online, instead look for Gov. Data entry project and work it with your team. You can start genuine data entry job by outsourcing from Gov. Office.

3. Off page SEO work:

This one of the smartest work that you can do online. Almost 15+ way that a websites can build quality backlink for better SEO. You can contact the website and if they are interested you can work as SEO and earn 60,000 for each project. This is some type of online jobs most people does not know.

4. Survey Jobs:

here we have 14+ Online Survey Jobs that you can start by today. No Scam no registration.

5. Clixsense (PTC):

If you are known and keen about what is Online Jobs , let get started working in Clixsense , See how much I earn in Clixsense here and how to work in Clixsense from India.

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List For full time work from home Jobs:

1. Blog & Google AdSense:

Do love to write about your passion? Why not start a blog and as soon as you have to manage to get good traffic into your blog monitorise it with Google AdSense. Let’s make your website earned for you.

2. Micro Niche Blog:

Start a micro niche blog and that has driven traffic on a particular subject or category. Start promoting affiliated product and see your blog as make money platform within a year.

3.Become a YouTube:

This one may sound kidding, but it’s true that you can earn money from YouTube and become a successful full-time video blogger on the internet.

4.Content Marketing:

Do you love writing? You know what you can earn money by writing online such as an article, forum posting, and simple question answer.

This is the end of Part 1 of Not Review, My Opinion on Online Jobs in India, but not the end of this Discussing, Read Part 2 of this article from below-
Online Jobs In India – Why its take So much time to make money online? Not Review, My Opinion! [Part-2]

Online Jobs In India – Why its take So much time to make money online? Not Review, My Opinion! [Part-2]

This article has part 1 version before continue read this we strongly recommend to read the part 1 first from here- Online Jobs in India – Why Full of scam since 2006 -2016? Not Review, My Opinion! [Part 1]

So you guys already know that getting a genuine online job in India not so hard if you have read our guide properly, hence the next part of after getting start an internet jobs is quite difficult and most so many India people failed to get success. So here we back once again to let you know why its take So much time to make money online.

 1. Do you know how to use the Internet?

In order to get success in any work from home jobs or the internet, base work makes sure you are well known about how to use maximum level of internet. Your knowledge on internet surfing and using the deferent feature must be appreciated.

2. No Same Cooking method for make money online?

If you plan to do big change into your life both mentally and financially make sure not follow someone else cooking method. Always think something deference something new. Be an Extraordinary out of box thinker.

3. Are You week to write fair English?

Forget about big earning online if you have weakness in write fair English, no matter what profession you are going to start online fair English skill will be your key point of success.


4. Do you know this two word? Marketing Skill and SEO:

So you might be wondering after starting a blog, YouTube channel or any internet base business what would be the marketing skills and SEO techniques? Well, you have to learn a lot of marketing tricks and SEO strategy so that you can avoid all type of trouble. I have seen a lot of people get excited after knowing that some people earning 6 figure money in a month from the internet. But without have any especial skills on Digital marketing and SEO they got failed to earn money and get frustrated.

5. Developing a Brand and Authority of Your Blog or Website:

The next level of a successful blogger or YouTube channel would be developing a brand authority. So most the time people underestimate it and this is another possible reason why India people got sucked for starting online jobs.

6. Adapting to Changing Technology:

Technology is like a monkey, never stay cool, so as per science development you should adopt to change yourself with new technology.
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