13 Useful Gmail Security Tips to secure your Gmail account!


Well I can’t live without Gmail! Daily I use Gmail and all other associate Google service like Google webmaster tools, Google Annalistic, Google Apps, Google Docs etc. All of those apps by Google are secured by one password that we use to log in in our Gmail account. Good way-to access all app quickly but big chance to password compromise to all apps at once. So let level up our Gmail security and say bye bye to hackers.

Here I pen down 10 Gmail Security tips to secure you’re all Google account.

Use a Strong Password:

First of all use a strong password that could be hard to guess. Most of time we are look so lazy while choosing password for our Gmail account. Remember a strong password means it should be content one lower case word , one uppercase word, one numbered character , one or more special character. You can use online secure password generator to choice it.

Here are few free online tools to generate Bulk Strong Password:


www.random.org (Recommended)

Strong your password privacy:

Try to Give a Digital Disconnect by never let your computer know your password.

Never write down your password into your diary or note books. Always memorize it and destroy every paper or softcopy from your computer that content your password.

Never use same password for all social media like Facebook , twitter , linked etc. try to add some Additional word before or end our your main password like-

  • Gmail : *******Gm
  • Facebook *******fb
  • Twitter: *******tw
  • Linked In: *******li

Never use same password twice, once you change your password never use old password agin after next password reset.

Google-security tips by scamdesk

Change your Password regularly:

Try to be on a habit of changing your Gmail password on over 3 month. It will be too difficult to guess or compromise your password for hacker as you changing the target password very often. Visit Gmail Security Settings page and update new password their.

Update your account recovery options:

Gmail is fully protected from hacker. So Hacker can’t hack directly into your account. Most of the time they manage to compromised your account recovery options and try to reset your password from your mistakes. So, always update your account recovery options, Update recovery email address and phone number. Try to ad multiple email address and phone number to help Google for increasing security level. If anyone tries to reset your password you will be informed via email or SMS Alert.

Keep Your All Device Clean:

You may be using multiple devices of both smart phone and computer to access your Gmail account. It’s a awesome way that Google introduce to manage Gmail account. But keep your all device threat free by installing update Internet security and malware protections. Use smart scan to detect any security threat into your device.

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Use Updated Browser:

Don’t forget to check your browser update. Never use any older version of browser to login into your Gmail account. Hackers love older version of browser to attract your pc for sensitive data. Always use Google Chrome for getting more reliability into your browsing.

Turn on 2-Step Verification:

Google update their account security with 2-Step Verification. You can set both OTP (One time Password) in register mobile number and login password to manage your Gmail account. Also you can use Google USB Flash drive to skip OTP password in register mobile in case you have lost your phone.

Logout Habit:

Most of the time we all use our personal computer to login into our Gmail account and forget to logout! Change the habit to logout each time so that the section can terminate. In case you missed to log out from any public computer they review your active login section and process for logout from all devices.

Click Here to See your last account Activity in Gmail

Beware Identity theft:

hacker may send email to asked your sensitive information like credit card details, Jobs details, address and bank secreted matter. Don’t hit or reply on them. An old women report on Google forum on such Identity theft on Gmail account. I already covered any useful article on how to protect your credit card from identity theft. Also don’t try to advertise your personal email address into yellow page or classified websites, Internet marketer can easily retrieve your email id using online email extractor tools.

Beware of Phishing:

Hackers may use Phishing email to confuse you. Its may look like original email but actually content some trap to get your sensitive information of credit card or bank Internet banking password. They redirect to another websites that similar to original websites. By mistake if you try to reset your password or update your security information you may lost your money. The best way to avoid those Phishing email is to Checking the email address of the sender of the message by hovering your mouse cursor over the sender name and verifying that it matches the sender name. Also double check the domain URL and SSL green sing.

Use HTTPS: (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure):

instead of using http://www.gmail.com type https://www.gmail.com into your browser for safe browsing. Here the extra “S” stands for Secure.

Beware from malwares Attachment:

Though Gmail has inbuilt strong Antivirus scanner but still I recommend to be care full while you try to open or download any attachment files. Some time you can see and temporary error of Gmail virus scanner is temporary unable and files are skipped by virus scanner. In that case, may be your pc goes to malwares attract on opening any untrusted attachment files. Some Antivirus are smart scanning mode for Automatic scanning of download files form the web. You can bring one of those into your PC.

Use Authentication Icon:

Spammer always confused us with real looking email. Sometime its look so original that we believe the email is really sent from any popular ecommerce websites or from any bank. But Google punish those spammer by adding Authentication Icon into Gmail system. You can enable the Gmail “Authentication icon for verified senders” lab you can see trust icon on your email when ever any email received from Google Wallet, eBay, and PayPal, or any other popular payment getway enable websites. Though google still working to add maximum websites into their Authentication Icon system. But still you can enjoy this feature pretty much.

Finally Learn more and More: Every day Gmail is far better that before. Enjoy Gmail by learning more and more about Gmail Security tips from Gmail Apps learning center. If you have any more tips to secure Gmail account let us know in comment section.

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