How to buy Genuine Windows 10 online at its lowest price?


So you are the windows lover? On 29th July 2015 Microsoft Corporation launched Windows 10 globally in 190 countries. If you are frustrated with windows 8 Performance you can buy a new copy of Windows 10 or get Windows 10 Free Upgrade from old windows 8 (If Genuine). For each fresh copy cost you ₹7,999.00. You have four ways to get Windows 10 for your PC.

  1. Microsoft Store India.
  2. Microsoft Online Store.
  3. OEM partner in India.
  4. From Torrent(Please avoid it)

I recommend avoid fourth one as it not recommend by Microsoft Team.

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Microsoft Online Store India:

You can visit Microsoft online Store to buy a window 10. Microsoft charges you Rs-7,999.00 for each copy. However if you have already installed Genuine windows 8/8.1 you get free of cost upgrade to windows 10 from here.

Note: While buying any Microsoft product online make sure to sing in with your MSN/live ID and save your product key into their store. Later if you need to reformat your PC they you just need to install a fresh copy (Free downloadable from Microsoft store) and whenever your sing up with your register MSN/live Id you Free Windows copy will be auto authenticate with you’re your saved licence copy. Good thinking , for good way to active .

Buy from Microsoft Store in India:

Microsoft has almost 57 stores all over the India. You can visit there and buy your Genuine Windows 10. The benefit of buying Genuine Windows 10 Directly from store is to get a free start up disk and printed Serial key. If you are a regular Google MAP user they you can access all of India’s Microsoft Store location from here.

OEM partner in India:

If you plan for a new pc or laptop with a Latest windows 10 operating system then you can get a big deal of free Genuine Windows 10. How? Just buy your PC from any Microsoft OEM partner in India. HP, Dell, Lenovo, Nokia has the best deal into their PC or tablets for free genuine windows 10. You can research all of product came with free windows 10 and after comparing and review them you can go ahead. So if want to save ₹7,999.00 while buying windows 10, why not buy a new PC and get exciting deal on genuine windows.

Tips to keep: If you buy any windows 10 enable PC from Microsoft OEM partner you can’t able to get any Start up disk or licence key, but don’t worry the backups will be available into your hard drive. To avoid data lost from your PC, You can create a backup DVDs. Only you just need 5 +R DVD and then call support center for back up guide. If you failed to manage your windows back up, they don’t worry also you can order a backup DVD from your PC vendor.

Avoid Torrent:

Yes I know Indian are Torrent lover. You may useing Windows 10 Free Download Full Version from torrent But I recommend not to using any windows that available in popular torrent directory. It’s may fake or damages your computer with Trojan Virus or other malware program. As buying windows is for one time, so better spend some money here.

Can I get any Discount Coupon for Windows 10?

Microsoft windows 10 not so comfortable with big Discount Coupon but I found 10%-25% discount for India Student. The Discount Coupon valid with some special days and locating only. However you can try 10%-25% off Discount coupon here.

Note: if you unable to validate any discount Coupon while checkout please informed us into comment section we will add any plan B with new discount Coupon.

Since 15th August of 2015 I used Genuine Windows 10 for my PC, The performance is awesome! There are lots of changes made by Microsoft. I fall in love with this new operating system. Why not give an upgrade your pc into windows 10 and let me know how you guys enjoy new feature, comment below!

4 thoughts on “How to buy Genuine Windows 10 online at its lowest price?”

  1. I am interested in purchasing A Windows 10 Software from Microsoft Store. Kindly see if any discount coupon can be available. Regards. J.K.Mohanty

  2. Laptops do not come with free Windows license. An entry level i3 with linux or DOS is 23900 INR. An entry level i3 with Wiidows 10 is 28900 INR. And these Windows licenses are embeddee in the hardware. These licenses don’t migrate to Microsoft user account. It is better to buy a DOS laptop and pay 2000 more to get a fully owned Windows 10 license.

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