Never Order Cash on Delivery Online Jobs Package CD in VPP Courier! Biggest Fraud in India

Ordering any cash on delivery Online Jobs Package CD in VPP Courier (Value Payable Post) is a waste of money. Thousands of People are keeping wasting their money in the Hope of some extra income setting at home. But now it’s time to stop it. Couple of websites are offering fake online jobs in India, most of the time bank reject their application for current account. So those guys use VPP Courier post service. Every post comes with CD, Username password, or some time only a single coin. You can’t open the courier unless you pay the money by cash. Once you pay the money you can’t cancel it. If you want to save your money than simply deny to pay the money to the delivery boy.

Why I don’t Advice to Never Order cash on delivery Online Jobs Package CD in VPP Courier:

  1. Fake online jobs came with risk of police complaints or cyber-crime. So If scammer use any Bank account then people can raised complain against them as they have proof of Bank transaction ID. That’s why they use Cash Delivery Services for looting money from innocent India people.
  2. You can’t see any contact number into their website or they use auto answer IVR system (NO-HUMAN) , what is the meaning of it? I think they are tried to hide their contact for people angriness. Also there is possibility to tress their location by telecom department.
  3. You can’t see any live chat or support email ID , may be some of website has support email id but they never reply. I recommend you to keep your email conversation going on at list 1 or 2 week to know the reality.
  4. Do you think you can earn money by ordering CD? Not a chance! Scammers send same CD to thousands of people every day, most of the blank, some of music CD or sometime they send only a single 1 rupee coin. If someone has data entry or form filling jobs then it can be share easily on file sharing websites. After all we all have high speed internet in our home. Why this old offline method in 2015? The only reason they fear of keep records.

Never Order Cash on Delivery Online Jobs Package CD in VPP Courier! Biggest Fraud in India

Why Criminal use VPP Courier Service to Scam People by cash on delivery online jobs?

  1. If you lost your money no bank record will be made. Or you have no proof to raised complaints against them.
  2. You can’t locate the address or you can’t able to know the name behind this scam online jobs.
  3. Easy to get your full attention as everyone like cash on delivery. Any people love to open wallet and pay by cash.

How can we Stop cash on delivery by Reporting VPP Courier Service provider?

  1. Never Oder any Online Jobs Package CD in VPP Courier.
  2. Never advice your friend to do that.
  3. Keep spared awareness into your friend about this VPP Online Jobs Package CD scam.
  4. Don’t forget to report complaint against cash on delivery online jobs scammer. 

Note: Some of our Reader asked many time that they have already order Online Jobs Package CD in VPP Courier (Cash on delivery) So How can they cancel their order? And there is no option to cancel order into scammer websites!

Friend, always keep it into your mind that ordering any VPP Courier Post does not means you must have pay cash on delivery time. Simple tell them it’s scam document and report a complaint against them.

And never ever visit those scammer website has cash on delivery Online jobs VPP Courier.

A Shocking Video that’s make me to write Against Online Jobs Package CD in VPP Courier?

Friend I am really happy to provider such useful information to you! hope it can save at list 5-10 people money in a day. Am I Right? Comment below and let me know how you want to thanks me for save your money?

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4 thoughts on “Never Order Cash on Delivery Online Jobs Package CD in VPP Courier! Biggest Fraud in India”

  1. Sir i have seen an ad from for cash on delivery online jobs. I want to know more about this website. I need to pay Rs.1499/ cash on delivery. please suggest me shall i order or its a scam. their is no review or bad comment against them. And more over Google show ads. i think google not a scam.

  2. hello sir,
    I need a data entry work .please provide me the details where i will get the offline or online data work and earn money through that work.

    i really need a work like data entry. please give me a chance to roof myself. and send me all the details of from where i will collect the data entry work as soon as possible.

    i m waiting your response as eagerly.

    Best Regards,
    Paras Gupta

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