How to be a smart while make money with clixsense online jobs?

Clixsense is one of the best PTC website to make money online. I always inspire people to focus as much as possible on Clixsense for their quality payment. If you are a new on Clixsense and want to know the tricks to make money with Clixsense then,  here is two magic tutorial for you.

A. FREE Jobs setup to Earn ₹12, 800.00/month (worth $99)

B. Read our 5 tricks that defiantly help you to make more money by doing clixsense online jobs:

How to make money with clixsense by viewing ads?

Clixsense review earning proof make money online



You may notice that clixsense ads is not unlimited, one of the best way to increase your clixsense earning is to by viewing ads. But make sure to login every day and complete your ads view regularly. Clixsense never store your ads to view later. So if you plan to make some big changes into your clixsense earning first take a habit to view your ads daily base. Soon you will get more ads clixsense.

Here I have put examples that help you to figure out how actually clixsense ads work:

1 days earning by viewing ads: 26 X $0.01 =$ 0.26

10 days earning by viewing ads: 260 X $0.01=$2.6

30 days earning by viewing ads: 780 X $0.01=$7.8

Estimate time required per day: 5 minutes

Another intersecting face that you need to know that your clixsense ads is geographically targeted so your earning on per ads view is depend on your location. Rates per viewed ads are far better on western country than us.

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Double your clixsense online jobs earning by taking survey:


The most payable part of clixsense is earning money by taking survey. You can see that some of the ads into my clixsense account are ready to pay me $1.25 , so while you start your work on clixsense account take your maximum time by taking survey and try to thing and make some fare decision to complete your survey. Sometime people try to complete their clixsense survey too fast that they are missed some survey fields or provide random choice, but it’s not a practise that clixsense recommend. While you’re earning money with clixsense survey try to work in fever of survey and take their business level up by helping them with true survey.

I have notice that after completing few surveys from my heart I start getting paid more money from clixsense and now most of my clixsense survey looks amazing for payment. So take your survey to next level and complete like an expert review and hopefully you can see the result on your clixsense earning.


Grab clixsense offer:

You may skip this part as it’s required to complete some offer. But I assure you, you can also earn from clixsense offer. So here is the procedure you may enjoy-

We all shop some or more into online.

First create a list of your shopping product for every month.

Now Before purchasing anything online, first tries to find it on your clixsense offer panel. Well you may surprise to see some match and grab them thought clixsense offer. How amazing now you done your online shopping through clixsense offer and get some extra earning on your clixsense account in form of affiliate commission.

Smartly Play Clixgrid Game:


First time when I see Clixgrid Game into my account I was much surprized to see there is 20X30=600 block, and only one block can pay you $10, but you can’t try more than 30 blocks in day. So what I research and learn to get $10 faster way by playing Clixgrid Game is to sharing experience each other. After getting success on Clixgrid Game share your experience on which block give you $10 hope this will help other to try better block and earn $10 quickly from clixsense online jobs.

Make money with clixsense affiliate marketing:

Do you know 80% of my clixsense online jobs earning are in the form of affiliate marketing , I share my clixsense affiliate links to my Facebook friend , twitter url and Google plug post. Also I use clixsense banner into my blog to get direct referral income. If you are really interested to earn some handsome money with clixsense I strongly recommend you to artist sing up for Google blog and put your clixsense banner to get referral commission.

Affilate: Check me out on clixsense (affi)

Make money with clixsense is not easy luckily I get some big success with clixsense online jobs. These are 5 tricks that I use to increase my clixsense earning. Hope you guys apply this clixsense guide particularly into your clixsense work. Let me know how much money are increase from here, or if you have any more trick that help you to make any increment into clixsense earning let us know on comment section.

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