How frustrating is it for Not Getting payment from Online Jobs!


We India sometime dram about a passive income from Internet! 9 month back I was decided to earn some money by doing online job and join in Data biz India. I paid registration fees and work hard for them. After doing work of 1-2 month I realized that Data biz India is a scam website and I read many people’s review that it’s as fraud and money scammer. I try to contact them for my payment but they reject my phone number and few months later the website is disappear from Internet.

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So how frustrating is it for Not Getting payment from Online Jobs in India?

1. Loss of money:

I lost 3100 rupee it’s a big amount for me. It’s my dad heard earned money. When I said to my dad that I have waste the money to a fake company my dad disappointed on me. Its take 3-4 days to earned that money and someone scammed it by making me fool.

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2. I lost my trust:

I am a brilliant student from my school life, everyone loves my intelligence and exam marks. When I asked money for online jobs, everyone in my family believed that I will defiantly earn money by doing online part time jobs. But I failed for those chit people. Mom and dad so disappointed on me.

3. Loss of time and effort:

I work too hard to get some pocket money online. It’s too frustrating I work 8-10 hours per day for achieve their job target and finally earned “Zero” I can’t believe this. If I worked in a hotel for that time I will earn more than ten thousand in a month. The fake guys not only scammed my money but they scammed my 1-2 month efforts and hard work.

How frustrating is it for Not Getting payment from Online Jobs!

4. Loss of Internet Bills:

1400 rupees internet bill and earning was zero only. I use to surf all my bandwidth to work for Data biz India. I though later I paid the internet bills from my Online Jobs earning. After 3 month I change my plan to 299 rupees and still thanking about these losses!

5. Loss of PC and Electric management cost:

8 Hours work for 60 days, we got some high amount of electricity bills for that two month. The bills amount is almost 255 rupees and 293 rupees. Think How frustrating!!

6. I give up:



I give up! Yes I totally give after losing so much money and efforts. I break down and give up to work back again. Later one of my true friend tell me about online blogging and he describe me how much money I can earn from my blog.

The reality behind Online Jobs in India?

I saw some people never give up after losing money in fake online jobs in India. I got a lot of email from my blog reader and they said that they are frustrated by search real online jobs in India , and still wasting money into various fake online jobs website with a small hope that someday definitely they discover a real online jobs in India with amazing payment.

But the reality is some of website designer and SEO expert from India are create such fake website (may be 2000+ in India) and trapped people money in the name of online jobs.

Is Online Jobs in India are 100% fake?

So is all online jobs in India are fake?

Looking at current situation its look like most of the online jobs are fake.

Anyone can earn money from Online Jobs?

Yes you can earn money from below Free Online Job in India : 

  1. Blogging (like me)
  2. Survey Jobs – 10 Scam Free Online Survey Jobs to Earn 35K Per month [No Investment]
  3. Affiliate Marketing

This is best and scam free way to earn real cash online. If any online jobs required any registration fees simple avoid them is the best way to handle this scam online jobs.

Last word: Online Jobs in India is full of scam. After losing my money I decide to clean this fake business from India, I spared awareness as much as possible and people now more alert from tend of joining fake online jobs in India. Let’s your friend read this article and help us to spared more awareness! Comment bellow if you like this post.

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