Why should avoid offline data entry jobs? Big Scam in India


So you have no internet connecting at you home and still want to earn money by doing offline data entry jobs. I have seen most of the people start offline data entry jobs due to internet problem at home. But you should beware that most of Work from home Jobs scam happen in offline data entry jobs and Offline Data Entry Genuine Company are rear. Let me explain here…Suppose you have seen an ad in your state Newspaper for work at home offline data entry jobs. The office is nearby your home so you decided to join them. Let see how much dangers it would be!

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Offline Data Entry jobs are conditional:

After getting your offline Jobs CD doesn’t be so excited as it full of some condition that would be hard to achieve. Like you have to submit your work within 20 to 25 days and pages will be 500. So every day you have to complete 20 Pages. Is it possible? Stupid work!


Impossible to Achieve accuracy Target:

After Joining in a offline data entry jobs you have to achieve a minimum target of 80%-90% accuracy rates into your work, Don’t think that it’s calculate by number of work but its calculate by number of spelling and grammar mistakes. Take a example below-

Your total work is 500 page X 700 work = 350,000 work so you might be thinking you have to type 280,000 word correctly and 70,000 can be consider as error word. But there is hidden term, they calculate their accuracy rates on this way – total spelling mistake X 0.30% = accuracy rates. So if you type 30 spelling or grammar mistakes into your 350,000 work they your accuracy rates will be 34X0.30% = 10.2% and your entire work will be cancelled. Say Fu*k off them, I really hates such a offline data entry jobs.

Restriction on Using Multiple Computer:

As you have to complete more than 20 pages so you need to use multiple computers but as per term and conduction you can’t use Multiple Computer to work fast.

Hard typing work in offline data entry jobs:

Most of the offline data entry work is nothing but a scan copy of medical books or Tax related information or some Mathematical calculations. It’s too hard to type as it’s contain uncommon word hard to spelled out.

Same Data CD for all of you guys:

almost 99.9999% people failed to complete offline data entry jobs. So scammer use same CD to distribute to all of you guys! Interesting is not it? So if you are an over confidence into your typing skills still there is no chance to get paid from offline data Entry Company.

Final word: Is it Mission impossible? Yes offline data entry jobs are like movie Mission impossible. No one can get success here. Just forget about earning money from offline data entry jobs. Actually offline jobs has no outsourcing plan so they can’t pay a single coin to you. That is why they offer such stupid and Impossible to achieve accuracy Target, So that people can fall into their trap.

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How much Money they are looting per month?

If 100 vendors taking job from them by depositing Rs. 3,500/- then approximately the deposited amount will be (100 X Rs. 3500) = Rs. 3,50,000 (i.e. Rs. Three Lacs Fifty Thousand only).

Now, suppose they are publishing ads per month. Then approximately they are earning around Rs. 42,00,000 /- p.a. (i.e. Rs. Forty Two Lacs p.a.)

On which neither they are paying any Tax nor any Auditing of the company Accounts as it is a fraud company only with 100% profit.

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All right! Reader hopes you are like this article. You may be put thanks to me for this internet awareness against offline data entry jobs fraud. I expect some comment with opinions let discuss more by comment below.

95 thoughts on “Why should avoid offline data entry jobs? Big Scam in India”

  1. Hi friends,
    i had been join this company through one more associates LEAD CREATION PUNE
    i deposit Rs. 4500/- towards registration fees. after that they create my login ID & send offline software & images to fill up form data. i have filled up 1000 form but in 1st QC reports i found all forms rejected due to to extra space. first time i accept it. in second session same this happened out of 1000 forms only 300 forms QC passed report shows extra space in phone no field. & yhey sent me email your 2 lots is over so u will not get anymore work. it highly immposible how can i give extra space after filling phone no. normally we use mouse cursor to go next field.
    so guys don’t trust like this kind of work . there QC software having some setting to reject form.
    All these people’s are fraud

  2. Dossier Infotech is a big scam & cheater.. They don’t pay after complete work. person (jitendra manjli) have cheated with every person with very systematically. first they take a registration fee 3500+2500 for this job. after then provide very old or repeated insurance data. which is too much hard to compare demo work.

    So every person can’t complete task easily on short time. if any one compete it they gives you error report which is totally fake, so no one can earn from here.

  3. Hello sir
    Pls tell me some offline job that I work from home
    I am a single mother
    This work helps me in earning . I really want this type of work Pls help me

  4. Viswanathan P. V

    Good morning. Appreciate if you can give me the real genuine data entry work from home jobs.

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