Review Can i Use it to Detect Online Jobs scam in India? demand to detect a website scam or a legit one, or fraudulent and infected with malware, phishing, fraud, scam and spam activity. Also Facebook review arte available for each website. You can check any website’s scam review using their checking tools, or you can add your own review using Facebook comment.

So the question is how much it’s successful to Review any online jobs scam in India?

No doubt has an awesome tool to retrieve any website’s server related data with all information from domain register. Okay come back to the point – Can I use to Detect Online Jobs scam in India? Not a chance, but you can get idea from Facebook reviews but it’s not enough.

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Let see How work? has 7 part of work-


Provider Trust rating:


Depend on website keyword, Facebook review and geographical information gives a trust rating from 0% to 100%, but I think there is no reality into their trust rate as it logical program generated rating. I check my website rating and it’s just 73%. I believe it’s should be up to 90% as I help thousands of people to beware from scam websites.

Summary of the website:

This part content website title, Meta description, loading speed and website age. I don’t think it’s helpful to detect scam website. But I always use to check any website age from

Website Owner information:

This part content Domain owner Name, Organisation, Registrar and Registrar Country. The data are retrieving from also it’s not helpful to detect scam website.

Website Server Information:

This part content Server IP Address, Hosting Service, Hosting City and Hosting Region the data are retried from but it also not helpful to detect scam website.

Website Name Server information:

This part content website name server information which help domain to detect host or other DNS record. There is no business with scam and name server.

Website Whois information:

Here you can find copy paste of Whois data of your desire domain. And Whois not belong to provide any scam related data instead of provider data as per domain register.

Facebook Review:


After checking any website people can submit their own review by login into Facebook account. If you comment anything for a website it will be shared into your Facebook timeline. This part can be helpful to detect scam for a website. If you found too much negative review of a particular website here that means it’s a smells of scam.

Can i Use it to Detect Online Jobs scam in India?

Reference to Read: is a BIG Adsense Scam!

I have been asked many time can I use to detect online jobs scam? You should know that an online jobs reality depend into their payment. So it’s not a ScamAdviser business to provide you the data whether a online jobs provider company make payment to their freelancer or not! The only one part you can use from ScamAdviser is to domain age information. Many of fake online jobs provider create random domain with false information. They confuse people to join fake online jobs by use Google Adwords, but they can’t hide their age. So before join any online jobs you can use ScamAdviser domain age tools only. Other data like website summary, title, server information or log is not helpful to scam detection.

How earn money? provides you some auto generated review of any website. Most of the information is nothing but a retried data from database there are try to earn money from their sponsor ad instead of provide real scam review. After check any website save the page into their server and later is show in below of search result of that website. Everyday millions of traffic diverts here to check a website scam or legat!

How I use to my blog research?

Though it’s not helpful to detect real scam of a website but I love this all in one tool provide by I can Check Website age, hosting server, and owner name and information in a one place.

So, can I help you to detect scam online jobs in India? I have already an excellent article to detect scam online jobs website, more over I love to use this website not because of scam checking tool but of – all in one server information at time. Bad luck for those, who looking real scam review. Let me know are you agree with me? Comment below

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4 thoughts on “ Review Can i Use it to Detect Online Jobs scam in India?”

  1. sir sri ram
    a m doing SMS sending job under & I got helplines also
    bt nw 30 days over . They told me that after 72 hrs u will receive ur Pymnt information through mail
    My ?n is it is a scam job or not
    Can I get my payment ??

    1. ha ha ha ! So you are working for , Do you know such a big website like use Bulk Trasaction SMS to send sms to their customer. You are a big studip that you think after sending few SMS for you will earn money. WTF ! can send automatic SMS @2p/sms! Why they f**k hire you for sms job? Asked for refund your registration fees or go to the police.

  2. sir am pooja i did data work in at first they didnt ask any registration fee after submision of my projct they said to pay 4000rs as their head of department said sudenly said to pay then only they wil give the projct amount 16500rs what shal i do ?

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