Are you ready to Protect Your Domain Name from Domain Hijacker?


Did you ever think to Protect Your Domain Name? Do you know domain Hijacker can stole your domain name and caused you a million of losses into your business? Also your valuable customer will be redirect to some unexpected web content that may truly harm your business. Few days back I  read a news about such a domain hijacking so decide to pen down some tips that’s keep away the domain Hijacker from your business. Here we go…

14 Tips to Protect Your Domain Name from Domain Hijacker:

I have shorted the tips according to security priority, Start process this step today into your domain register to ensure maximum security.

1. Choice an enterprise-class domain name registry:

In India people having a good knowledge on Server level management has start web hosting and domain registration business, But few of them are offering enterprise-class service. Most of domain register from India are no so good to continue. So for your business protection always choice an enterprise-class domain register like – GoDaddy , Hover , Namecheap , Gandi , Dreamhost , Register your domain here may cost you some little bit extra but the security level will be maximum. I don’t think that money does matter for your online business protection. So it’s time to take your decision.

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2. Review Registration:

Do you know your domain name can be cancel if register found incorrect registration details. Always review your registration details, Make sure that all of your registration information is correct. Never update any wrong information; if you need to hide your personal contact information and administrative contact information then you can add a layer of private domain registration in your domain. If anyone tries to retrieve your contact information then whois database only show a proxy server contacts details.

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3. Log in Regularly:

Don’t forget to check what happen into your domain register. Usually we are busy to secure our server and WP files. So if anyone has separate domain register then s/he might be forgotten to register into their domain register. But it’s not a good practise, I recommend at list log in into your domain register in a week and see everything is okay or not! Try to review log and emails sent from your domain register.

4. Lock Your Domain Name:

One of the best way to avoid hijacking in your domain is to lock your domain name , most of the domain register offer free lock feature into their interface , if you don’t find any lock feature for you domain then transfer your domain to our recommend top level domain register.

5. Use Secure Email:

70% of time we see that domain are hijacked because of less secure email address, Some of free email address are required regular login else they can suspend your account. If you are using any free email address and used same email address to login into your domain register they there will be chance to hijacked your domain by reusing your email address after suspend. Hijacker can easily create a same free email address and reset your domain register password to enter your account. If you are free email account lover or recently change your email address then it’s strongly recommended to update the new email address into your register.

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6. Call in PIN:

Are you no Godaddy? Most of domains are now register with Godaddy register. Here you can find call in PIN function and Credit card verification. If someone calls godaddy customer care support then the executive will asked the stranger for a Call in PIN (4Digit) until you provide a valid PIN number the account can’t be access even by the Godaddy customer care support. It’s big protection for Godaddy customer. By taking this security to one level up I recommended you change your Call Pin after a phone call to Godaddy customer care support.

7. Use Double authentication:

Some of domain register allow Double authentication for entering into domain control panel. Make a good use of this feature.

8. Security Patches:

Be sure to use latest Security Patches and update you my SQL whenever new update available.

9. Antivirus/Spyware:

Make sure to clean your PC, Install updated Antivirus program and also use this two Anti- malware program for maximum security.

  1. MalwareBytes
  2. ComboFix

10. Account Administrator feature:

Do you know if you hire someone for your server and website maintenance then it’s does not required to provide full account to enter your domain or hosting control panel , Just set up Account Administrator feature and invite any one to account your server or domain control panel with limited account.

11. Update Recovery Email Address:

Most of domain register has one or more recovery email address, make sure to update all of them and never use any email address into your recovery email address that does not exist or suspend. Criminal can register the same email address and compromised your account.

12. Prevent domain expiration:

Don’t forget to renew your domain on time. If you really serious about your online business and brand name then try never to lose your domain name, try to register your domain for 8-10 year and keep a note on all your domain registration and renew date. If you are in Godaddy then you can download domain list make a print copy of that. Remember if you lose your domain then its goes to domain register auctions and your compatriot have a chance to bit on your business domain. As your compatriot does not need your domain may be they can increase bit amount too high and cause extra payment for reregistration your domain.

13. White list your domain register email address:

Sometime your domain register send import email like domain expiry notice, renewal warring, name server update notice etc. This is the vital information to keep in track. So white list your domain register email address so that you never missed any email from them.

14. Carefully add others contact information:

Every domain register come with the feature of adding more contact information , if you are running a big organization or coupler of administrate people to contact then you can add into other contact information. But make sure all of email addresses and phone number associate with other contact information should be trusted and keep it on mind that any security breach from your other contact can harm your domain name.

14. Try to avoid free e-mail addresses:

Does it really required to use free email address for your domain register, why no start a habit to use a premium email address to keep more secure your domain name.

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Final work: Do not reply (or click on any links) in any domain related e-mail correspondence you do not recognize:

This are very common and effect tips to Protect Your Domain Name from Domain Hijacking. Start process to secure your domain register account today. let me know how did you perform to protect your domain name?

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