Shocking Fake Online Jobs Phone call survey in India! (ONLINE JOB SCAMS INDIA)

Do you know what India’s people actually looking for as a Online Jobs? To know the tendency of India people on online jobs I put some premium ads on quikr and olx and wait for India people phone calls. Mostly I target top India city like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata etc. I have excelled everything and want to share the statistic to everyone.

What I discover that India people has the tendency to get rich quickly without doing any hard work. Most of the Online Jobs Scammer loves our India frustrated people mentality. From last 1 year I notice that most of the Indian people looking for get rich quick scheme and want to be rich in a short period of time. So From all over the worlds scammer target India people and offer them to earn lakh of money by spending 2-3 hours per day.

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So Why There is so much ONLINE JOB SCAMS in INDIA?

Most of India Online Jobs Seeker are lazy:

I found most of the India people are lazy while searching online jobs. People try to get a jobs where earning come like a water flow. I am surprised by think about our India economy and their expectation from Online Jobs. In current India economy a person can expect at-most Rs-15000 from online jobs. But people think about more than 3 lakh from Indian Online Jobs. Bulk shit. India people need to optimized more to rich out goal and earn money. Laziness should be killed from the middle of the heart.

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Tendency to get rich quickly:

I don’t know why an India person has tendency to earn money quickly and get rick soon. It’s so clear that there is no way to get success quickly unless your work hard. It’s always take time to make money from any Jobs or business. Instead of other country India people can be easily trapped by scammer. Online jobs scammer loves this India people tendency and offer attractive fake earning opportunity online. This the major caused of increment more and more scam online jobs in India.

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Afraid to Doing Hard works:

On our online jobs phone call experience we found some of people afraid to doing hard work. We offer few people to work daily up to 8-10 hours and send some demo work that is hard to work. Most of them are looking for lite work like SMS Sending Jobs , Email sending jobs, Email processing or free survey jobs. We offer some of people to work in SMS sending jobs and we promise to pay them @ Rs. 0.25 but everyone make objection to us that our payment is too low. They also advise us some of fake SMS sending jobs website offering Rs.3 on per SMS , So what we realized that people are afraid to doing hard work, And Online jobs scammer use this week point and promise people to provide lite work. But in reality they are just scamming their registration fees.

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Always try to find easy jobs and expect a lot of money by doing it:

We notice most of the people try to find easy to work jobs. As we all know online blogging is the best way to earn money, and we told some of people that why not start a blog today! it’s now free but take some time to generate money! People not taking blogging so seriously, Instead of blog they are asking for SMS jobs or any other simple jobs with big payment. This way India is so popular to Online Jobs scammer. They put millions of ads in classified directory, Google Adwords and sending scam email to earn money by doing very simple works. People got attracted easily and ready to pay registration fess.

No idea about outsourcing:

Most of the India people believe what writing into the scam website. I saw most of the scam website offer hug earning opportunity, but there is no business model behind their jobs concepts. They have no outsourcing or any other media to make their members payment. Actually most of the website in India now offering online jobs are not suitable to pay their member but they are earning that much amount from their members. People pay registration fess and in return Indian people got “waste of time” and “money losses”. So before start up any online jobs everyone should think about the outsourcing media, if you got interesting outsourcing model on any online jobs website then I never stop you to join them

These are the 4 reason that help on increasing ONLINE JOB SCAMS INDIA. Try to look back once again on our survey data on Fake Online Jobs Phone call experiment in India. My humble request to all India people who are looking for online jobs is never to think about Earn money quickly, never be convince to any get rich quick scheme or grab any money without doing hard work. Let we get together here to stop online job scams India. What you think about my point! If you are agree with me then comment below!

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    I wanted to do home based job. Applied to Poorvika infosystems, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore. I had to deposit Rs.4300/- top register. They gave me 150 pages to types and gave 15 days to complete with a promise to pay rs.20000/-. I could complete only 128 pages as it was my first attempt. I submitted, they promptly rejected. I got no more projects. It is a fraud.
    Paperwhite services, F 259,First floor, Pranik chambers, station road, Borivali west, Mumbai-400078, They posed that they are amazon and offer off line typing work. We have complained to amazon about this fraud. They must be a fraud. NO GENUINE HOME BASED DATA ENTRY / TYPING JOB IN INDIA.

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