8 Crazy way to earn online income without investment ?


This question is being asked and answered by too many people. Work from home jobs and internet-based jobs are in great demand these days. With the internet penetration increasing day-by-day, people are willing to work independently in their own convenient timings. Hence, we have compiled a list of top 8 ways to generate online income. This list of work from home jobs have been compiled by keeping in view the success-ratio, revenue-generated and other factors in consideration.

8 Crazy way to earn online income without investment:

Crazy-way-to-earn-online-income-without-investment scamdesk

Scamdesk.com always help people to detect scam, we notice most of scam are operated behind fake online jobs. So we decided to show people a awesome Ways to Earn Income Online, Read carefully this 8 online money making secrate and start your part time careers from today.

1. Part time Blogging:

Earning income online through blogging have become a very common practice in developed countries with good internet penetration. A large number of people in USA, UK, China and Australia, etc are involved in blogging for online earning.

Everyday, thousands of new bloggers start blogging, but a few of them become successful to generate a good online income. Blogging can be of two types: i). Those who blogs just for hobby or interest and ii). Those who blogs for generating an Online income source.

Bloggers generate income through their blog by displaying advertisements, selling of products, writing paid reviews, etc. Earning income through blogging is completely dependent upon the traffic or the number of visitors. Starting a blog requires very little investment but a good amount of time on it. Once a blog becomes established, it may generate quite a big amount of revenue through Ads.

A beginner with a good writing skill can earn a decent online income through blogging if he/she follows all the essential blogging tips.

2. Video Sharing/YouTube:

Researchers have established recently, “By 2018, 80% of all the internet traffic would be just from video sharing.”

We all know that advertisement is the main source of online income and earning through Ads depend on the total online traffic. Greater traffic or visitors means higher income. Imagine, if you have a video channel on YouTube with some good content videos. As the video traffic is increasing day-by-day, there would be no dearth of viewers of a good video.

It is very easy and free to set up a video channel on YouTube. Candidates can shoot interesting videos by themselves or can upload non-copyrighted videos. Monetization of videos can be done through Google Adsense or any other Ad network.

3. Online income by Content Writing:

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Due to an increasing number of blogs getting added to the web day-by-day, the demand for new and fresh articles is in peak. Therefore, candidates who can write quality content can earn easy income by selling articles. An average content of 1000 words may take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours to write and can generate $10 to $50 each. There are a number of companies where you can submit your content online. The following contains a list of websites which pays to submit content:

  1. contentcrossroads.com
  2. allwriters.co.uk
  3. greatcontent.co.uk
  4. greatcontent.co.uk
  5. lexiconn.in
  6. suntecindia.com
  7. contentmantra.com
  8. oliveglobal.com
  9. crystalhues.com
  10. contentwritingshop.co.uk
  11. virtualglobal.co.uk
  12. turnerink.co.uk
  13. webcontentbroker.com
  14. websitetext.com


4. Online Tutoring:

If you are a specialist on a particular subject, then you can earn an online income by tutoring through the internet.There are a number of websites made specifically for online tutoring, connecting tutors with their students across the globe. The subjects to be taught varies from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science to English, Botany, Zoology, History, Geography etc.

Online tuition mostly works like video chatting through Skype or similar software. A shared screen via a whiteboard is used which enables the tutor and the pupil to go together through the diagrams, equations etc by the use of mouse instead of a chalk (as used in regular tutoring. The tutors have to apply online with the online tutoring websites.

Some of the best online tutoring services includes:

  1. tutorvista.co.in
  2. mathguru.com
  3. tutorindia.net
  4. myprivatetutor.com
  5. 2tion.com
  6. e-hometutors.com

5. Online Survey:

Generating income through online survey is considered easier than the rest options. Taking surveys does not require any skill or knowledge on any subject. There are no eligibility conditions to be fulfilled foronline survey jobs.

There are some websites which provide genuine online survey jobs. Survey invitations are sent to the candidates through Email. Simple opinions are being asked on a particular product or category. These online surveys act as market research and help companies to gain insights into the market and improve their product. The following are the few online survey sites which can help generate stable online income:

  1. permissionresearch.com
  2.  planet-pulse.com
  3. spidermetrix.com
  4. globaltestmarket.com
  5. valuedopinions.co.in
  6. thepanelstation.com
  7. brandinstitute.com
  8.  indiaspeaks.net
  9. panelplace.com
  10. ipoll.com
  11. e-research-global.com
  12. esurveyspro.com
  13. surveyscout.com

6. Freelancing (Photography/Themes):

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Candidates who are interested to earn online, can also undertake various freelancing work in which they have interest. For example, those who have interest in photography can sell some original photographs to stock photography firms over the internet and can earn good income. Most of the stock photography agency demands good quality photographs and pays about $20 to $100 for each selected photograph.

The following contains links of stock photography firms hiring quality photographers:

  1. contributor.corbis.com
  2. dreamstime.com
  3. bigstockphoto.in
  4. istockphoto.com
  5. stocksy.com
  6. submit.shutterstock.com
  7. stockvault.net

Freelancing work from home may also include creating themes or designing websites. If you have knowledge of coding, you can surely put your hands on building beautiful themes for blogs and websites and also may design websites through PHP, Java, etc. You can sell your themes to various companies on the internet or you can also design websites for other firms. A good amount of online income can be generated through these freelancing works.

7. Online Re-seller:

Generating income online by becoming a re-seller for various products is very profitable, but needs hard work and dedication. Online re-seller programs may include domain re-seller, hosting re-seller, E-bay re-seller. Candidates must have a website to resell products of other companies and earn a good commission online.

Some of the links which may be helpful to become an online re-seller is mentioned below:

  1. in.godaddy.com/reseller
  2. resellerclub.com
  3. ebaypartnernetwork.com
  4. hostgator.com/reseller

8. online income by Building/Selling Apps:

If you are a coder, you can build your own application online or you can also use free software to build mobile applications. Apps can be made for Android, Windows or IOS. With the use of various application builders available over the internet, creating an app has become easier. Apps can be of various categories like Games, Educational, Utilities etc.

Once an App has been created, it has to be released into the Android market, Google Play, App Store, etc. Revenue can be generated either by displaying Ads or selling the app at a reasonable price. These days even newbies without knowledge of coding are creating apps.

The links which would be helpful to build a mobile application are:

  1. appmakr.com
  2. mobincube.com
  3. appsgeyser.com
  4. theappbuilder.com
  5. apps-builder.com
  6. como.com
  7. ibuildapp.com
  8. appmachine.com
  9. buildanapp.com
  10. yapp.us
  11. goodbarber.com

Once an app becomes successful and is downloaded by a huge number of people, it becomes target for acquisition by bigger companies like Sony, Google, Facebook, Yahoo at a very high bid. Example:  acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, acquisition of Blink by Yahoo.

The above 8 Online jobs serves to be the best for generating a genuine online income. Along with these, there are other sources of generating online income like Online data entry, Online Ad Posting,  Virtual Assistance, Medical Transcription, etc. Strong dedication and willpower is required to earn a good income from home.

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