What happen if twodollarclick.com really pay you $2 on per click?


Last month I was searching for online clicking jobs. I found something interesting on twodollarclick.com, they are demanding that anyone can earn $2 on per click. I am very impressed and decided to join. Also I have some doubt in mind that how anyone can get paid only by clicking on ads! If really I get paid $2 on per click from twodollarclick.com they soon I will be rich in India. So I started.

So what happen with me on twodollarclick.com?


I start work on twodollarclick.com and earn more $100. But someday I saw a video on YouTube that a person Ron, he has $ 4433.60 payable amount , but unfortunately he is unable to cash out her earning balance. So I stop looking at twodollarclick.com and starting writing their scam review here.

What happen if twodollarclick.com really pay you on per click?

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I have asked question that “What happen if twodollarclick.com really pay you $2 on per click” and the answer is you will get reach quickly and as it’s not a nightmare stop thinking about get rich quick from this type of quick earning scheme. Always remember there is no shortcut to get paid quickly or get rich quickly.

Is twodollarclick.com is a scam?

I have seen lot of complaint about twodollarclick.com, In most of the review and consumer compliant people say that twodollarclick.com has a tendency to block account if you reach minimum pay-out limit of $1000 , some time they terminate account or showing invalid error for clicking ads. Everything will be fine still you don’t reach the minimum pay-out limit. In the other hand they are showing payments proof into their website also but god only knows is it real or Photoshop magic!! I don’t know the payment is real or not but I always advice you to avoid such a websites offer quick money like twodollarclick.com.

How twodollarclick.com Operate?

I study this websites only for few days but as per my previous experience, I can focus into their real business story, as we always try to naked scam business here in scam2fake.com so let try to understand how twodollarclick.com is Operate?

As per my knowledge the earning resource is from advertising. But the click is not targeted so I can guess that they are earned $1 on per 1000 click and demanding that they will pay you $2000 on per 1000 click! So simple question how can they will going to pay $2000, when the real earning is not more that $1 on your 1000 click?

There is no reality or business strategy to paid $2-$5 on per click!

Do you know Google AdSense is the biggest ad publishing network, Still many people suffering to manage $1 per click on a targeted visitor , every AdSense publisher has a dream to get paid $2 on per click. But except Google AdSense the other ad publisher not going to pay any polisher up to $ 0.10 on a click. As we can see that the ads displaying on twodollarclick.com is not from Google AdSense. Also the ads are not target they who is fool publisher are ready to pay $2 on a untargeted click? Big Jokes!! Isn’t it? Let me know your experience in commend section 🙂

4 thoughts on “What happen if twodollarclick.com really pay you $2 on per click?”

  1. Prakash Bhandari

    YES 2 dollarclik is totally SCAM don’t believe them, I started working with 2dollarclik and I made $1000 in 10 days and requested for cashout coz 2dollarclik cashout is $1000, I waited and waited for transfer of money,it never come in my paypal account, It’s 6 months have passed it is still pending. Totally SCAM don’t waste time on them, Try Neobux or Clixsense.

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