How to Detect Online Job Scams in India?


Almost every good thing comes with side effects, so is true with the Internet. The internet came with numerous useful applications to life along with a few side effects like Scam websites, Cyber crime, Fraud companies etc. Often, we find ourselves searching for tricks to detect a scam website.tricks to detect scam website.

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The following contains 5 tricks to detect scam website that may help us to protect ourselves from becoming victims of Cyber crimes:

1). The “About Us” or “Contact Us” page of the website:

The “About Us” or “Contact Us” page is where the company owners display all information about the company which they want the public to know, not necessarily that would be true in real life. Here are 3 things that must be checked in the “About Us” page before trusting a company/website:

a). The Address:

Most fake and scam websites use an address which does not exists. For this, they change any 1 line of the address(either the floor number or plot number) keeping the rest part original. e.g. “5th Floor, XYZ Tower”, where XYZ Tower would be a 3-storey building (thus sending you to the empty space..!!).

How to cross check the address: Although it would be difficult to cross check the ingenuity of a particular address if the city is quite far, but it is worth a try to search in Google Maps or send any person living in that city to cross check.

 b). Contact Numbers:

Reputed and real organisations have a fixed line or land line phone number. Bigger and established firms even have IVR(Interactive Voice Response) to handle all their calls. When mobile numbers are being used for business purposes, you should be careful about the company. Not always necessary, but companies not having a fixed land line connection may not be having any office also and may be run by a few individuals with their mobile phones on the go.Websites which do not contain any contact numbers, must be approached with caution as they are likely to turn out as scam websites.

 c). Administrators:

Genuine companies would provide information about their founder, MD, CEO, etc in the “About Us” page.

How to cross-check the administrator’s information: If the website contains pictures of the administrators that can be downloaded and saved, then you can use “Google Image” search by uploading and searching for the picture. The search results would show you where the pictures actually originated from and who are the persons in the pictures. Search the administrators in popular social and professional networking sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skillpages etc.

2). Check Reputation: Domain Age, Alexa Rank, Google PR, etc:

You can always check when the website was created or the number of visitors who visit the website. There are many websites for checking the Domain Age, the best among them is smallseotools. Use their domain checker and you would come to know, when the domain was first registered. An old domain is generally trustworthy.

You may also check the number of visitors to the website from Alexa. The lesser the Alexa rank, the better is the website. Google PR(Page Rank) can also be checked from smallseotools. Google PR is the measure of overall reputation and trustworthiness of the company. Google ranks every website from 0 to 10. Higher rank means better website.

3). Use Social networking & YellowPages:

Most of the good companies in today’s world have a page in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. Check out their presence in these social media websites. Check out the number of Followers, Likes, Posts, Comments, etc. Fraud companies are not likely to socialize with their customers. However, sometimes some scam websites buys cheap Facebook likes and followers( yes, it is possible). For such cases, you should check those people’s account who are liking and following the website, whether they are new Facebook accounts created for this purpose or regular users.

Also, established firms would be listed on YellowPages and other business directories, whereas fraud companies may not care to do so.

4). Search for Complaints:

This is one of the best tricks to detect scam website. The internet has got everything. It is likely that a person who has been cheated has complained to one of the free complaint submission sites, regarding the scam website. So, to detect, if a company is fraud, make a Google search by writing these keywords:

<Company name> fraud OR <Company name> scam OR <Company name> complains OR <Company name> review

Simply put the name of the company in place of <company name> and make a search. The search engine would show all the links of their complains (if any). Make sure to check the 2nd, 3rd, 4th page of your search result if there were no complaints on the 1st page (as sometimes, to hide their complaints the scammers purposefully fill the 1st page of Google search with their pages of Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc).

5). A Unique Trick:

This is one of the most unique tricks to detect scam website. On any working day, call the contact number provided by the company and ask the following questions to whoever picks the phone:

i). Why did you cheat me? OR ii). When will you stop cheating people? OR iii). When will you refund my money that you have cheated? OR iv). Why are you running this fraud business? I want my money back.

You may ask any one of the questions and see the outcome. If you are reviewing an online job site, then you may also ask: I am your employee waiting for my payment. Why I have yet not received any payment? A scam company will either disconnect your call or give you absurd, useless explanations from which you can easily detect what you needed to know about the company/website.

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I found This Useful Article in social media. The Article was written and contributed by Biswajit Adhikary, I want to thanks to Mr. Biswajit Adhikary thousand of time for this awesome Article. God bless you!

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4 thoughts on “How to Detect Online Job Scams in India?”

  1. Thank for information regarding detecting the fraud/scam companies. This information is very useful.
    Thanx a lot.

  2. prafull dwivedi

    my name is prafull dwivedi, I’m from lucknow ,maine quikr par job k liye summit kiya tha 2 din baad mujhe ek massage aya quiker k taraf se k u r selected for samsung company for store manager post salary 20000+ mai bahut khush ho gaya maine call kiya to prince naam k admi ne phone par bataya k aap 2250 rupaye lekaar delhi a jao mai 15 may 2017 ko delhi pahuch gaya mujhe pp jwellers h5 neteji subhash place par bula kr kisi priya naam ki madam ne 2250 rupaye le liye aur phir batay ki hamari firm ka naam hao SHIS pvt lmt. aur ab app ko kashmiri gate metro station se chandu nagar jana hai mai waha pahucha to ek ghar k andar 4 log office khol kr baithe the waha mujhe job ki sari details di gai aur 450 rupaye bhi liye gaye eh sab etna accha ja rha tha ki mujhe laga sab thik hai .aur phir mujhe lucknow wapas bhej diya ek training latter dekar aur mujhse kuch papers par sign karwaye pade diye bina lucknow pahuchne k bad mujhe bataya gaya tha ki mujhe reference call ayegi 7 dino me par aisa kuch nahi hua aur maine jab wapas phone kiya to no does not exist bata rha tha .phir mai bataye gaye adress par gomti nagar pahucha to pata chala k yaha koi office hai hi nahi SHIS PVT LTM naam ka mai bewakoof banaya gaya par maine se sonch kr santosh kiya ki kuch naya aur alag expirence hua bura hi sahi par sabse alag …..doston plz poori confermation k baad hi paise de aur agar koi pahle paise mange to savdhan to ek scam (froud) hai 100% .call me at 8756556052

  3. There is fake consultancy name “New Nokri Point” at Dum dum, parkstreet, Ranaghat.. Any where in kolkata.. This is fake consultancy and is run by a fraud person name Tapas Dutta. He used to take money from unemployed people in favour of giving employment in Banking sector job. After taking money he used to flew and changes office everytime. He also changes mobile number.. Earlier he was using
    9732690106 and 9732690614 and 8768702317. After taking money all these mobile number is switched off.. I have the photo of this person his original name was Tapas Dutta.. At the time of interview he said his name was S Sahu.. But he is totally fraud.
    His account detail in which he create fraud activity is
    Account name :Tapas Dutta
    Account number : 3392049720
    Bank : Central bank.
    IFSC code.CBIN0283511

    Tapas Dutta of Ranaghat kolkata is fraud

  4. Raj Kumar Sharma

    Thank you so much for such an informative note.

    I have one question about this article, as per the name – How to Detect Online Job Scams in India?

    Does it applicable only for India or we can detect foreign scam sites also?

    Sir, please revert back to me.


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