Ad Posting Jobs: TOP 25 SCAM & 5 Genuine Companies List in India

An honest review of ad posting jobs is a hardly found article on the Internet. So today I am going to expose the scam part of ad posting jobs and the best way to earn money by doing ad posting jobs without any investment. Before I let you move into the depth of this article, first let me tell you, ad posting jobs are putting classified ads into the free classified website, But so many Work from Home Jobs Company it’s called as copy paste jobs, form filling jobs or some time data posting jobs. So let started doing some scam exposed to ad posting jobs-

What is ad posting jobs?

Now ad posting job is the most famous online work that most people saw to do it. The actual jobs are – you have to open classified sites list and post free ads on each classified site. Some people also called this work as a classified listing work. You will pay ₹ 5- ₹ 15 on per ad posting, Before we discuss more ad posting work, let me talk about the classified website!

So, what are a classified website and Free Classified advertisement?

As like newspaper classified advertisement column, you can post your both free and paid ad on Internet, almost 2000+ website are present on the web to accept the classified listing. The reason behind of this online classified website success and popularity is as it’s completely free to list your ads, on the other hand, if want your classifieds ads to be posted on the popular newspaper you have to pay an expensive money. Also sometimes we want to sell or put some small announcement that merely not appreciate as a paid advertisement.

Why is Online Classified listing so popular than newspaper advertisement?

  1. Online Classified advertising a cost-effective; you can post your ads almost for free.
  2. You can post your ads for 30 days, and if you want them to keep visual to your audience, you have to way by republishing your ads.
  3. You can use 40-100 character work as ad title and up to 300-600 words as ads description in Online Classified advertisement, but in a newspaper, it’s impossible in free.
  4. You suppose to visual your ads only in some specify city! So using Online Classified advertisement you can post your listing as per your target city.
  5. In Online Classified advertising, you can add a photo into your free listing, but in newspaper ad, you have been charged a lot of money for the same.

Note: The above discussion does not mean online Classified advertisement is better that newspaper, in some case if you want to cover an entire nation for your ads then newspaper will be the best. Also, 1% of people still covered with the internet, while newspaper has coverage from team stall to our Grandfather desk.


ad posting jobs genuine and scam list

What is the Profit of an online jobs Provider company from ad posting jobs?

You have this question in your mind that what is income sources of ad posting jobs Provider Company or How they find profit by offering to get paid by doing ad posting work? I was been confused for a long time and find the answer by calling few genuine ad posting jobs Provider Company.

An online ad posting business may be work in two way-

  1. They took the contract of bulk classified advertising and distribute to their membership as work target. Now after completing your work, they send all of their entire member report to the outsourcing company. After verifying all of the published ads URL, Online work provider company are get paid, and make your earn from your effort of a total number of ad you post online.
  2. Do you know websites can earn up to 50,000 from banner advertising, affiliate marketing and using worlds popular ads network like Google AdSense, all you just need hulk traffic, as soon as a websites start receiving daily 5000+ traffic, it will start big earning for the owner! This is the rules that ad posting jobs provider apply to pay their members, what they do – post their own ads using their members and redirect all lot of traffic from classified websites to a specified URL. At the end of the month, they manage to grab 500,000 impressions into their website banner from 10000 classified ads. These smart tricks work to make earned their members.

Is ad posting jobs is a Legitimate System?

Answering this question is not so easy! Before I tell you ad posting jobs is scam or it’s the most genuine online jobs I ever was seen, let’s judge itself by reading bellows point –

  • If any ad posting jobs provider has the way to earn from their ads then they can easily make your payment.
  • If they have a lot of contracts to work with, then can easily make their members pay.
  • After asking to show the payment proof, if they show it the right way that’s means it’s a genuine company.
  • If any company doing MLM like, if you post 1000 ads and 3 people get to register on same ad posting work then only you are eligible to get paid! Defiantly it’s a scam.
  • If any ad posting job provider gives you a decent target very likely to post up to 3000+ successful ads to get paid, then it’s scam! Because no one can post 3000+ ads in a month.
  • If any ad posting jobs provider does not approve ads from other city or county, simple if-then make your force to post ads only in the decent city that means it’s a scam. Because if your ad target to post only in a particular city then very few classified sites list will be available to post ads.

How to earn money with ad posting jobs?

Yes, it’s true that you can earn money by doing ad posting jobs. But you have to consider to get found by a genuine ad posting jobs Provider Company. If you are a newcomer in internet jobs it’s better to get started with a small ad posting jobs plan of Rs-3-5 /ad posting. Make sure to check out daily or weekly payment plan as is not making you a long wait.

The second thing that you need to confirmed that you are not dreaming about big earning in a short period of time, many people get frustrated into their job due to low earning, and think that earning money on the internet is so easy, hence it is completely wrong thinking. You have to prepare yourself for list work for 3-6 hours to earn a good income.

How much can I earn with ad posting job?

There is no such chat that I can show over here, but you can utilize you’re earning from ad posting job up to 10,000, But it’s not so easy as I previously said earning money from internet is as hard as into your regular job. I never recommend ad posting job as a full-time income opportunity or set it as a future goal. As there is no future or opportunity to increment into your earning make is as part-time jobs.

Still, if you need to work as a full time due to not having any other full-time income opportunity, you can get started with 3-5 member ID, if you can manage to earn 5,000 on each member ID you can able to grab 20,000 from your one-month hard work. Best of luck.

How does ad posting job scam happen in India?

Though ad posting is the most reliable jobs that you can do online, there is so much scam happen, that I will let you know here-

Give a target to Post 3000 ads per month:

Some of the stupid company put a dangerous Term and condition that you have to post 3000 ads per month to get paid. I personally collect classified sites list and found that only 1500 classified site are present on the internet. So how you can go to post 3000 ads, it’s a scam and no one will full fill that much off target. It’s caused money loss.

You have to Post ads only in one city:

Some of ad posting company offer you to post ads in only one city, like Delhi, Puna or Hyderabad! It’s a funny and stupid term that you have to post at list 500 ads to get new ad description. When you try to post ads on specify city you can’t able to post more than 300 ads. So again waste of time and not getting paid.

Your ad’s description will not change until you rich to 3000 ads:

Some of ad posting company will take a big registration like 17,000-30,000 @ of Rs-20 per ad posting, now what trick they do! They never change ad description as long as you post 3000 ads, as we all know you can’t able to find more than 1500 classified site list so waste of money again.

You have to send 50 ads per day, unless your payment will be cancelled:

As we all work as part time, so achieving a goal of daily 50 ads is difficult. Sometime people send 60 ads and they reject 11 ads and send an email by notify that you can’t eligible for minimum payout of 50 ads and today’s work is cancelled.

You can’t post ads in a same configuration, same layout or same design website:

This trick applied by and few other website, you have to post ads in only without same configuration, same layout or same design website. Typically, finding and memorized this type of classified site is hard known. So this is another dangerous trick of scam ad posting jobs.

You have to post ads into Olx and Quikr only:

It’s like WTF! You are allow to post ads only on olx and quikr with one ad description , so the problem is you can post multiple ads into olx and quikr but you have to use different ad title and description. So this another scam ad posting jobs tricks.

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Avoid Scam: List of Top 25 Scam ad posting jobs Company name and proof of scam:

Here below we are simultaneously collect scam ad posting jobs provider websites list- Also we put all complaints and members review as proof of their scam. Read and keep distance from such website-

Our Monkey team are preparing the list, keep vesting us after a week or asked about any website by dropping comment below-

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    PAYMENTS PER PAGE -Rs.50 Per Page.
    PLAN- 2 (SIMPLE TYPE WORK ONLY IN MS-WORD) Professional typist
    REGISTRATION FEES:RS. 1050/- (Refundable amount)
    NO.OF PAGES- 70-100 PAGES( Pages according to you)
    PAYMENTS PER PAGE -Rs.60 Per Page
    REGISTRATION FEES:RS. 1350/- (Refundable amount)
    NO.OF PAGES- 80-120 PAGES (Pages according to you)
    PAYMENTS PER PAGE -Rs.70 Per Page
    REGISTRATION FEES:RS.-700/- (Refundable amount)
    NO.OF ADS PER DAY- 50-100 Ads according to you
    PAYMENTS PER AD -Rs 3./- Per Ad
    PAYMENTS -Weekely Basis
    REGISTRATION FEE-RS. 1050/- (Refundable amount)
    NO.OF ADS PER DAY- 50-150 Ads according to you
    PAYMENTS PER AD -Rs 4./- Per Ad
    PAYMENTS : Weekly Basis

    Company will be said When we receive your registration form and payment slip/screenshot through mail .then company send you working files through mail within 12 working hours only & then you can start your work easily at home on your Laptop or Computer. No fake, no fraud 100% payment gaurantee.

    So please suggest me that what should i do i mean i have to join or not in this company.

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