Top 100 fake SMS Sending jobs Provider in India

The Biggest bull shitt ever in India is SMS Sending Jobs. How you guys thinking about anyone can earn money by sending few SMS. Is it some king of jokes? Look we have to STOP this Fraud SMS Sending Jobs right now! Their is 1000 plus Fake Website are present in India who offer Fake SMS Sending jobs. I got a lost of email request about SMS sending jobs,  Now today Very Firstly I want to clear that there is no SMS Sending jobs. Think How could a company pay your Rs-3 to Rs-10 or higher only for Sending SMS??

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Genuine SMS-Sending-Jobs-in India by scamdesk

If someone has a jobs vacancy for SMS sending jobs, they that person easily earn 1 lack or 2 lack per money only by sending SMS. If someone has SMS sending jobs then they never distribute those jobs online.

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Can i earn by doing SMS sending jobs from mobile? Not a chance!

Start earning of 25K/m your own SMS Sending Jobs without any Investment!

After Reading this you will Never Join in SMS Sending Jobs!

Its big fraud jobs that you will get paid amount only by SMS few SMS.

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How People Lost money on SMS Sending Jobs?

Must Read this News:  After Reading this you will Never Join in SMS Sending Jobs!

Almost 1000 plus website are now online offering SMS Sending jobs. If you called them they asked you that you just need a cell phone and have to Send SMS to deferens number. They promise you to pay up to Rs-10 on per send SMS.

In reality most of them are make their phone switch off or deny paying even single bucks. They advise you to join more people into their fraud SMS Sending jobs plan then you get paid. It’s one of the money rotation plan that a crime in India.

Must Read this News:  After Reading this you will Never Join in SMS Sending Jobs!

So don’t join for SMS Sending jobs. All SMS Sending jobs Provider are full of scam.

  1. SMS Sending Jobs Common Trick to scam people:
  2. SMS Sending jobs provider offer bulk earning up to Rs-10 on per sms send – An joking scam.
  3. After getting payment from people they switch off their cell phone.
  4. Force people to reefer more people to join the same sms sending jobs scam.
  5. Make you full by make you to send their own ad for joining in SMS sending jobs to earn money.
  6. SMS Sending jobs involving you to criminal activity by Sending Scam SMS ads to other people. If someone seen your scam sending jobs SMS and join to the same then ultimately you are the responsible for that. You became a fraud like them.

Update: Everyday almost 20-50 websites are launched and offer FAKE SMS Sending Jobs/MML Jobs , We are working are level best for Detecting their scam to our India people. Some time we are missed to check some of website offering Scam SMS Sending jobs. So before Join in any SMS sending jobs or MLM Jobs make a comment into our post and asked freely and clear your doubts. We will review every website that you add into our comment section and answer you with in 4 hours.

And For fast result you can asked your SMS sending jobs related quesction here , We will answer your quesction with in 2 hours. Try to asked a question here (No login)

Must Read this News:  After Reading this you will Never Join in SMS Sending Jobs!

Here I listed top 100 fake SMS Sending Jobs Provider websites: keep away from them. (The Biggest Fraud )

Few Word for Those who are looking for Real SMS Sending Jobs:

Almost 150 plus people commenting here for real online SMS Sending jobs and many of you may asked about some of website review that are not listed into our top 100 fake SMS Sending jobs provider name , in short i want to tell you their is not SMS Sending jobs on internet to earn money. everyone and every website are try to trap you by providing fake SMS Sending jobs. So rather than keep trying and trying to earning money easily better to do some handwork and see your self as a successful guy. Friend Share this article to Facebook and let your friend know about this fraud SMS Sending jobs business in India. Let fight together Against this SCAM SMS Sending jobs and make Online scam free.

The final word: I have notice that in every money almost 10 new websites are appear on Google for SMS sending jobs but all are fake and looting money from innocent people. I am unable to collect those websites name regularly but you can update those website in below on comment section so that people can get scam alert from this article.

Must Read this News:  After Reading this you will Never Join in SMS Sending Jobs!

285 thoughts on “Top 100 fake SMS Sending jobs Provider in India”

  1. Dear sir
    Mera naam sachinpatel hai.mene reliance jio sms sending part time advertise d ekh ke 10500rs company employee nileshpandey(m-9978832378) k account me transfer kiye hai.par who muje laptop or cellphone provide nahi karate or 6600rs alag se maang rahe hai.plz help me ab me kya contact number-9737288120.

    1. Bhai paise to gye phli baat or ab tum complain kr skte ho website k against google p or 10500rs km nhi hote to tum police ka cyber sell hota h vha jaakr baat kr skte Ho or tension Mt lo hr chij k liye FIR nhi hoti issley ek baar jaake baat kro syad kuch Ho ske or nhi b ho paya to koi na at least website to ban Ho hi jayegi inn sbke baat .

  2. Is is genuine ??
    Actually they says on their website that they don’t provide any kind of phone ,sim card ,laptop and u their is only 349rs. for the plan charges and then u can send SMS directly from their website and their is no hidden fees u need to pay. after that and also they says they don’t provide 5-10rs./SMS like fraud companies does and that 349rs is for 6 months after that u need to take the plan again . They also provide payment proof on their website and how to work tutorial . I logged in on their website and create an account just to check how its look and how I’ll send SMS ? So after login when I went on start work portal it’s show I need to send their own add like “work from home and earn up-to 7k/m so I just send the SMS to check if it’s work ,the number already shows below the ad. I just need to type the number and send it . I don’t pay any amount to them yet but they get my number from my account and asked me why I didn’t pay the plan money and tryna work from my account.
    So from some sides it’s seems OK but it’s seems something is fishy ? So can u just check this website and give ur review about it because if it’s fake then I’ll complain on every complain portal on Google and also report the website . So plz check it deeply .
    Thank you !!

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