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Are you a Victim of Fraud Online Jobs? Write a Scam Review Today !


Are you a Victim of Fraud Online Jobs? I am So Sorry that I can’t save your money on time!! May be you missed to read my scam Review! May be I can’t reach you due to thousands of online work from home jobs provider website!

But now you can write your won Scam review in scam2fake.com. Your review will help innocent people to avoid scam website.

Why Should I need to write a online jobs scam review?

  1. If you recently lost your money on online jobs scam then you can punish them by naked there scam story to the world. Let know the world that they are running a scam jobs website.
  2. You 300 word articles can save 10 people to join a scam website. Congratulation you are going save Rs- 25,000 each day to be scam. How awesome is this??
  3. You will see yourself proud when someone thanks you after reading your article. Thanks Man You just save my heard earned money to be lost. Thanks Again !
  4. Final we have a very small gift for your – We will proved 2 Do follow backlink to your website or blog. That good for your traffic and SEO.


Will you pay me anything for my writing?

Finally if you need any payment for your article we will ready to pay you. Discuss about your charges Conact scamdesk.com or send email to info@scamdesk.com

I am very interested!  How to start a Guest posting on scam2fake.com??

Rules to Write a Guest post or scam Review in scm2fake.com?
  1. The Article must 300 to 500 Word.
  2. We only accept Good article without sapling and grammar mistake.
  3. You have to send at least 1 image also for your guest post article.
  4. After completing writing you have to send it to info@scam2fake.com
  5. Always use Microsoft office to for text formatting.

That’s it, so let get stared to play fair game!!

Below we have add some topic that you can use to write as your article niche:

  • Any website having scam online jobs.
  • Fraud work from home jobs provider website.
  • Scam Review of any website
  • Online Jobs Scam
  • Cyber Crime
  • MLM scam
  • Dating scam
  • Money scam
  • Credit Card fraud

A am Waiting for your email Hurry up 🙂 !! 

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  1. I got through many fake emails and SMS like your number has won 5000000 USB ,many job offers requiring to pay thousands of refundable fees.mails from HP,Facebook,and form foreign companies.SMS from online jobs like nrsoftech and many more.

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